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Toomey Calls on Republicans Not to Nominate Trump in 2024

Sen. Pat Toomey cited former President Donald Trump’s behavior following the 2020 presidential election as the reason the party should nominate a different candidate in 2024. Trump fired back in a statement on Monday afternoon blasting the outgoing GOP Senator, while boosting Sean Parnell’s candidacy.

September 8th, 2021 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Presidential, Senate, Top Stories | 9 Comments

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Poll: Fetterman Leads Dem Senate Race, GOP Field Split

In the latest Franklin & Marshall College poll, 30% of registered Democrats polled said that they would vote for Lt. Gov. Fetterman as either their first or second choice in the 2022 primary, while Sean Parnell, Kathy Barnette, and Jeff Bartos are within a few points of each other in the GOP race to succeed outgoing Sen. Pat Toomey.

August 23rd, 2021 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Poll, Senate, Top Stories | 26 Comments

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Casey, Toomey Split on Infrastructure Bill

Sen. Bob Casey Casey voted in favor of the $1 trillion bill and lauded its passage as a “vital… investment in American communities” that is “long overdue,” while Sen. Pat Toomey voted against the bill and said it is “‘too expensive, too expansive, and too unpaid for.”

August 10th, 2021 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Senate, Top Stories | 4 Comments

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