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20 Democratic County Chairs Back McCord for Guv

McCord County Chairs Oct 2013State Treasurer Rob McCord has spent years building relationships with local party leaders across Pa. It paid off Thursday.

20 county party chairmen and women endorsed McCord for Governor.

“I’m proud to add my name to the list of Rob McCord supporters,” said Chester County Chair Michele Vaughn. “Right now this state needs a leader who understands what families are going through, a leader with the intelligence and expertise to find innovative solutions to our toughest challenges, and a leader who has the experience to deliver real results. Rob McCord is that leader.”

It’s highly unlikely any of the Democrats running for Governor will win the endorsement of the statewide party. That requires a 2/3rds vote by state committee members – a tough threshold even in a two-way race.

But unlike the GOP, which maintains stricter control over county party activities from the top down, individual Democratic county committees are free to endorse.

The county party circuit is McCord’s strong suit. He first courted local leaders and state committee members – aggressively – in 2008 when he ran in the competitive Treasurer primary against former state Rep. John Cordisco.

Cordisco, now the chairman of the Bucks County Democratic Committee, is on the list McCord supporters.

Since then McCord regularly has traveled the state, keynoting breakfasts and party functions throughout all 67 Pa. counties.

“The Democratic County Chairs are on the front lines when it comes to standing up to Tom Corbett’s agenda — an agenda that has significantly reduced the investments we make in Pennsylvania’s working families,” McCord said. “As someone who has made it a priority to say ‘no’ to this governor when he tries to take us off track, I am honored to receive these valuable endorsements from fellow Democratic leaders.”

The key question: can these chairmen and women deliver their county endorsements?

Here is the full list of endorsers:

Adams County Chairman Roger Lund
Bedford County Chairman Kevin Miller
Berks County Chairman Tom Herman
Blair County Chairman Frank Rosenhoover
Bucks County Chairman John Cordisco
Cambria County Chairman Heath Long
Cameron County Chairman HB Von Hause
Carbon County Chairman Billy O’Gurek
Centre County Chairman Greg Stewart
Chester County Chairwoman Michele Vaughn
Crawford County Chairwoman Diane Adsit
Cumberland County Chairman Michael Fedor
Fulton County Chairman Rheon Gelvin
Indiana County Chairman Ron Fairman
Lancaster County Chairwoman Sally Lyall
Lawrence County Chairman Richard Christopher
Lebanon County Chairman Christopher Tarsa
Lycoming County Chairman John Mussare
Lycoming County Chairwoman Jessie Bloom (Former)
Somerset County Chairwoman Shelley Glessner
Union County Chairman Rick Thomas

18 Responses

  1. I liked Allyson Schwartz, I still like her and I’ll vote for her.

    It’s as simple as that !

  2. Our county chair announced she was supporting McCord last Jan. So this is no surprise to us. The real surprise is our county chair was elected by 88 votes and there are 100000 Dems in the county that have their own opinion about who is suited to be Governor. We all saw this coming for awhile now. Leadership again, is going to try to be the tail that wags the dog. Little do they know there are other leaders in the party that plan on vetting the candidates and will be asking them to take positions on the issue’s that concern the electorate. We will have little time for dodgers and candidates that run away from Dems and to Quasi Republican platforms or candidates that take no position at all!

  3. I wonder how many state taxpayer bond contracts McCord promised his former challenger Cordisco from Bucks in order to get his endorsement?

    Shark and Shark Time. Stark and Stark employ’s both the Democratic Chair of Bucks County-John Cordisco; and the Republican Vice Chair: Joe Cullen. Along with Republican Chair Pat Poprik’s First American Municipals Bond Company that sucks up the affirmative action women owned business portion of Bond Contracts, they’ve bene running the county together. Now it looks like the Cordisco/Poprik Bond team has an in in the Governor’s mansion if McCord wins.

  4. McCord made money for the State despite the Great Recession. He has been a very good administrator in difficult times. I believe he would be a Governor like Bob Casey Senior.

    Schwartz is going to get clobered in the rural counties because of her administrating Planned Parenthood before being elected to Congress.

    McCord administers with a steady hand. He is the right man for Pennsylvania in these times of uncertainty.

  5. I’m very disappointed in the rush decision by my county chair who is on this list. McCord has barely started campaigning, and hasn’t even BEEN to my county yet, but my county chair has endorsed him! So much for majority rule. The county executive committee is thoroughly split or undecided, yet he has chosen to make it appear our county is for McCord, well, I’m sorry to say, we are not in uniform agreement!

    As for McCord and Schwartz: McCord is another Harrisburg do-nothing insider and Schwartz has a record which the Republicans will use to demolish her if she is the nominee. Additionally, they are from SEPA, and I hope will so thoroughly split the vote that a “black-horse” candidate comes from behind and wins, and if you’ve seen my posts in the past you can probably guess who I hope that black-horse candidate is: Hanger!

  6. Allyson Schwartz Trojan Horse for Jihadists

    Rob McCord is Liberal but not scary

    House Democrats Solicit Campaign Funding from Radical Islamists

    Allyson Schwartz, along with then Speaker Nancy Pelosi, solicited campaign cash for House Democrats from Radical Islamists, Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood fronts, as reported by the highly reliable Investigative Project at a DC event 16 May 2012..
    READ MORE Investigative Project 1 November 2012 Dems Tap Radical Islamists for Cash “Speaking to the attendees in her 10-minute address, she said the Democratic Party should become the natural home of Muslim-Americans, because Republicans fan the flames of “Islamophobia.” She focused exclusively on Islamophobia, a term devised by radical Islamists and their apologists to silence critics, while avoiding any mention of terrorism carried out by Islamists in the United States.
    Also speaking were Israel, Ellison, Carson, and Reps Allyson Schwartz, D-Pa., and Chris Murphy, D-Conn. Israel and Murphy were said to have been the most vehement among the members of Congress in attendance in terms of their incendiary accusations of Republican-incited Islamophobia. One observer said that it was striking that “there was not a scintilla of comments in defense of U.S. national security.” However, they welcomed each of the Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood front groups represented at the event into the “Democratic community” without any mention of their well-documented terror links.”
    Allyson Schwartz connected herself to Islamists; Allyson Schwartz has compromised herself irretrievably in my view.
    Allyson Schwartz is very, very Left and very, very scary and has some very, very scary links to Radical Islam. “Governor” Schwartz scares me…a lot.
    Republicans who have known McCord for years like him and think he is very smart, and that he really wants to be Governor. Rob McCord is financially very secure and good at fundraising, particularly, from those who do business with Treasurer’s office.
    McCord is far less radical and ideological than Schwartz. He is stereotypical southeast Penna. Liberal. I doubt he will do anything to reform pensions or spending and will, likely, have to attack Marcellus Shale but, in my view, Rendell-like, he will make his deals because he knows the value of natural gas production to Pennsylvania’s growth.

    McCord is far less scary choice because he is less ideological and less radical. McCord doesn’t scare people; Schwartz does.

    Rob McCord is not that much different than Tom Corbett whose career had been as a lobbyist with political connections.

    I think the low key, less strident, businesslike Rob McCord can beat the “vague” Tom Corbett.

  7. As a Chester County Democrat, I’d rather have Vaughn’s backing than Dinniman’s. At least Vaughn is an asset for Chester County Democrats, actually works to get Democrats elected and contributes to their campaigns substantially. Dinniman is too busy taking tens of thousands of dollars from Republican interests like Students First and sabotaging other Democrats. The low dollar contributions that Dinniman gives to local candidates while beefing up his $200K campaign funds during a year he isn’t running for office just illustrates what a self-serving Republicrat he is. If the Chester County Democrats had a real Democratic elected leader, not one in the pockets of Chester County Republicans for years, there could be other Democrats elected in this county besides Dinniman.

  8. Can someone explain to me why we as Democrats would want to nominate someone who has ZERO legislative experience? That’s what we have now, why would Rob McCord be any better than Corbett?
    Rep. Allyson Schwartz knows how to pass bipartisan legislation and get things done. She’s served not only in the US House but also in the State Senate. We need a Governor who can work with the legislature to get their agenda done!
    McCord = Corbett 2.0

  9. Alison Swartz is the one Dem candidate that will sink our chances and allow Corbett to win in November. Anyone but Swartz!!!

  10. Rob McCord is an amazing person. He will lead pa out of this Corbett mess. He will build a working state. He will protect the working class put education back as the top 5. We need a man with a business mind not a sell out Corbett who is moving as soon as he destroys pa. Democrats keep your eye on the prize. Beat Corbett!!!!

  11. How many of those counties has McCord actually visited? He pays attention to the larger counties but seems to neglect the smaller ones. Also, how influential is the endorsement of a county chair from some small county in the “Republican T” ? The PA Dem voters are in Philly and its suburbs and Pitt. I think those two areas make up like 45% of PA Dems.

    Schwartz sees to have peaked. She had a ton of momentum but lost it. It seems McGinty has capture some of the woman vote. Schwartz HAS TO abandon the do-nothing Congress and campaign her mind out!

  12. The way I see it, feel free to tell me I’m wrong, but because geographically most of the candidates are from SEPA, the votes from SEPA won’t be fought over as hard due to the candidates being known well enough and opinions of them being made up early. Therefore, the rest of the state will be more of a battle ground for the primary, since the candidates need to become more well known in the parts of the state where they currently aren’t. That would be why these endorsements are important, because McCord has local support in the part of the state that will decide the nomination.

  13. There is widespread talk in Dem circles that Allyson Schwartz peaked too early. This support for McCord may be another sign of that.

  14. Look folks – if your candidate came out with 20 County Chair endorsements, you would be praising the astute political calculations of each Chair.

    Does this mean McCord wins – of course not. But it’s certainly adds to his recent momentum.

  15. While obviously endorsements are nice and get a little press, do they really count for anything in the modern age? Do any chair and/or county endorsements really count for much, outside of Philadelphia County?


    I still like Allyson Schwartz better because 1) she is more liberal than McCord and 2) its time for PA to have a woman governor.

    With that said, McCord appears to be running the stronger campaign at least in recent weeks.

  17. Bad news for McCord. Michelle Vaughan only backs losers. She tried to knock off Chester County’s lone legislator State Senator Andy Dinimann in 2011. Vaughan’s lack of leadership has lost every election and disappoints Democrat faithful time after time. The idiot can’t even find her car keys let alone run a campaign

  18. Why would we want another Governor with ZERO legislative experience???
    McCord = Corbett 2.0
    Allyson Schwartz knows how to get legislation passed in a bipartisan way. She served in the State Senate, she gets it.

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