5/14 Morning Buzz

Good morning politicos, here’s the Buzz. The presidential campaign is heating up in PA, where the Obama campaign has started its second week of TV time.

Obama Camp Launches New Positive TV Spot (Watch Video): President Barack Obama’s campaign released a new advertisement in Pennsylvania Monday, touting the President’s support of the middle class through his endorsement of the 2008 auto bailout just a few days after an interview in which Mitt Romney claimed responsibility for the bailout. Watch it here.

5/11 Ups & Downs: The general election is on the distant horizon, but the budget battle is now. From DC to Harrisburg, see who had a good week and who wishes they had a redo.

Online Voter Registration Coming to PA? In the wake of the Pa. Voter ID debate and given technology’s prevalence in peoples’ everyday lives, state Sen. Lloyd Smucker (R-Lancaster) has introduced a bill that would implement an online voter registration system within 90 days.

Gay Rights in the Senate Race: The national political discourse turned sharply toward gay marriage and other LGBT rights issues this week on President Obama’s announcement that he supports gay marriage. The contrast is slightly less stark in the U.S. Senate contest.

GOP Drills Obama on Coal: Republicans are arguing Barack Obama’s performance in West Virginia, where the President lost 42 percent of the Democratic primary vote to a felon who didn’t actually run a campaign, is a result of his stance on coal.

Legislative Elections Updates

SD-11: Freshman Sen. Judy Schwank (D-Berks) won’t be unopposed for her first re-elect after all. Republican Karen L. Mogel earned enough GOP write-in votes to make the ballot in the heavily Democratic district.

Real Clear Politics: The Average White Guy Vote (Written by the Tribune-Review’s Salena Zito)
Wall Street Journal (Paywall): Trouble In Coal Country for Obama
Wall Street Journal: Gay Marriage: Wedge Issue In Wealthy Suburbs
Politico: Specter To Utah: Don’t Ditch Hatch
Five Thirty Eight: Moderate Republicans Fall Away In The Senate (i.e. Arlen Specter)
USA Today: When It Comes To Mentions of Their Mother, Rick Santorum Leads The Way

Capitol Ideas: Corbett taps retired USAF general for Harrisburg receiver post
Sound Bites: Despite Obama same-sex marriage affirmation, Gov. and Leg. unlikely to do any such “evolving”
PA Independent: PA rescues refinery town, gives $30M to Delta
State Impact: PSATS’ annual conference draws gas-drilling impact fee use questions
State Impact: EPA Releases Final Set of Dimock Water Results
State Impact: WSJ Finds More Than $1 Billion In Previously-Unreported Chesapeake Liabilities

Inquirer: A closer look at Bob Mellow’s plea deal
Inquirer: ‘About time,’ Butkovitz says of Masch’s leaving Philly schools
Inquirer: ‘Mitt might have done that,’ says Phila. schoolmate
PhillyClout: City Council Talks Trash
PhillyClout: Ed Rendell and a nation of wusses?
PhillyNow: Pennsylvania Officially Opposes ‘Real ID Act’
Phillynow.com: UPenn Tangled Up In Massachusetts Senate Race
Phillynow.com: DAILY GRINDER: Northeast Philly Woman Threatens Sen. Casey
AP: Schools Chief: Philly Needs Property Tax Reform
KYW Newsradio: Amid Contract Faceoff, Neshaminy Teachers Vote To Authorize Another Strike
WHYY Newsworks: Blackwell wants to help people who owe Philadelphia taxes get city jobs
City Paper: Councilman Goode makes mayor’s case for AVI, schools

Post-Gazette: Officials differ on Pa. effect of Obama gay marriage endorsement
Post-Gazette: State Board of Education favors reducing graduate requirement tests
Post-Gazette: From shotguns to cigars, state leaders report range of gifts
Post-Gazette: Assault charges withdrawn against Rep. Wheatley and fiancée
Post-Gazette: Protesters denounce Gov. Corbett’s Pittsburgh Opera lifetime achievement award
Post-Gazette: Is Pennsylvania ignoring health issues on shale drilling?
Tribune-Review: Election will be all about economy, House speaker says
Tribune Review: Highmark asks state approval to hike rates for direct consumer plans
Tribune Review: Protesters pan opera’s black-tie affair to honor Corbett
Early Returns: Shuster eyes dad’s old chair
AP: DeWeese loses bid to delay jail term, ordered to report Monday
State Impact: Frack pump company to build new plant in Blair County

Commonwealth Foundation: UnAPPetizing Waste Poured by PLCB…Again
Jon Geeting: Is Economic Development Really Better Off Under Government Control
Jon Geeting: Why is Bethlehem Still Using Used-Based Zoning?
Jon Geeting: Toward an Eastern Craft Beer Economy
NEPArtisan: Obama Will Win the “War on Marriage”
2 Political Junkies: Voter Fraud and “Voter Fraud”
2 Political Junkies: Tracking The Crazie at World Net Daily
The Lu Lac Political Letter: The LuLac Edition #2052
The Lu Lac Political Letter: The LuLac Edition #2053
The Pennsylvania Progressive: News and Notes May 13, 2012
Above Average Jane: Stamp Out Hunger
Above Average Jane: Buddy Roemer on Being a “Spoiler”
Penn Patriot: Reason for Pessimism
Keystone Politics: Marriage Equality Can’t Wait on PA State Politics
Keystone Politics: What’s the Case for Studying City and School District Governance
Keystone Politics: PA Public Defenders are Underfunded
Keystone Politics: Take Water Rate-Setting Power Away from City Pols
Keystone Politics: Tom Smith Wants to Keep Letting Employers Fire Gay People
Keystone Politics: PA Should Stop Licensing Barbers
Citizens’ Call: Cheltenham Corners the Market on Primary Election Write-Ins

Daily News: Editorial: Obama says same-sex marriage is only fair
Inquirer: Editorial: Political or not, the right decision
Philly Tribune: Editorial: Voters reject failed austerity measures
Post-Gazette: Op-ed: Dump Slow Joe: Biden isn’t helping Obama’s shaky campaign
Post-Gazette: Op-ed: Conservatives’ idea of a good time: 1700s
Post-Gazette:Op-ed: Bullying Story Cuts into Romney’s Image
DelcoTimes: School-funding cut; outrage felt in Harrisburg
Post-Gazette: Rewriting history: Romney Tries to have it both ways on the car bailout
Post-Gazette: Sour note: The opera makes an ill-timed bow to the governor

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