A Month After FBI Raid, Henon Still Won’t Comment

bobby-henonOn August 5th, Philadelphia Councilman Bobby Henon’s office was raided by the FBI.

For weeks, the Councilman refused to comment on this occurrence.

After staying quiet for a month Henon was finally confronted by the press yesterday, his first day back from the summer break.

“My work in government hasn’t stopped, and my work in government I’m proud of, and my work in government will continue. My office has been serving the Sixth District and the city of Philadelphia,” Henon said. “I have no other comments.”

According to Tricia L. Nadolny of the Inquirer, investigators were looking for connections between Henon and Joe Ralston, an agent at the AG’s office. Both Henon and Ralston have ties to John Dougherty and the IBEW 98, who were the main targets of the raid.

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  1. O,

    Whichever unit it was, the ADA has since left the office. Probably the unit the doubles as both sex crimes and “public integrity,” also known as the donor services unit.

    Meanwhile, everybody connected to Levant seems to have joined the office. I wonder if they passed the departing ADA on their way in.

  2. @whistleblower You make a good point about the “reach” of this criminal organization. I think the feds are going for RICO. I think they are going to be successful. I remember hearing a rumor that Kevin Dougherty never finished law school or passed a bar exam. Your theory seems far fetched. Then again who would of ever thought public officials would be sharing porn while investigating child sex abuse at Penn State. I guess in PA any things possible. You can’t make this shit up.

  3. Can someone please check whistleblower’s meds. This guy is way out there. Kevin Dougherty was already a sitting Suoreme Court justice. Why meet to decide what his “issues” will be? And how is the homeless problem an issue in a Supreme Court race. Sounds like this guy has a serious axe to grind and is getting squirrelly. As for Henon, what is he going to say? I did something wrong? I have no clue what the FBI has been lookin for during the past 10 years? Come on. This story is ridiculous. Get back to me when the Feds have something to say. Otherwise this is nothing more than click bait for Nutjob conspiracy theorists.

  4. With all due respect PatUnger I don’t think your grasping what Johnny Doc and Henon and their corrupt organization of thugs is capable of. No one really can unless of course you’ve been one of their victims. As a person involved in PhillyWard politics I could tell you stories and schemes that go back 15 years. I have friends that work at Local98. It’s a fact that Johnny Doc wanted the homeless people out of the convention center. It’s a fact he has a think tank of computers geeks doing background checks and people’s head shots in the bunker of Local 98. When they target a canidate , a ward, a store etc. the geeks go to work ruining reputations calling people’s wives jobs; slashing tires pouring acid on cars. This isn’t folklore it’s Real!!!! It’s violence. Knowing what we know now about A King JoshMorrow( doc hacks going back to 1996 when Mariano was threatening to jump off city hall) Henons childhood friend working organized crime in the AG office. Read original story that broke. First Kevin was having dinner with his family. Then no family wasn’t there he was coming out of city hall from a meeting. No wait then they catch the guy hour later. Here’s the thing that whole area is 24 /7 surveillance. Since 911 that whole area is. So where’s the video ????
    When Johnny Doc aggravated assaulted Josh Keesee that day and cops came from 22 division why does a police report disappear then later show up redacted and way up in NE detectives. ?!
    Back to Kevin: there was a planning meeting where John decided one of Kevins issues would be homelessness. 2 weeks later he’s attacked. I’m skeptical. I’ll never know the truth I only know what they’re capable of ALOTTTTT!!!!!!!! It makes sense that if we have to build housing for homeless Doc would control that. Is it a coincidence the attacker was a committeewoman son in a Doc owned ward. Is it a coincidence the case got blown out and the attacker now sits in SelfHelp owned by Bobby Dellavella another Ward Leader owned by Doc and receives funding from one of Doc pac that’s now being investigated by the FBI. Yeah I’m crazy lol.

  5. Seems to me but Henon is in trouble for the water slide fiasco, and the unnamed official committing extortion was probably Courtney Voss. If his office was “selling” permits, that’s about all they need. Doesn’t explain the Dougherty raid though.

    Anyone concur?

  6. Hey Whistleblower / Now you are sounding crazy. You think Kevin Dioughrerty faked getting attacked? Why would he do such a thing? And, if he did, why would he say his family was there? Why not say he was alone? And it would be more than just a DN reporter in on it. The DA’s Office prosecuted someone for the crime. WTF, dude?

  7. @G they’re all going to prison. They all deserve prison. Shakedowns Threats of intimidation Mail Fraud obstruction racketeering bribery illegal wiretaps using a drone to spy illegal campaign donations fixing cases slashed tires paying and threatening committee people L&I. Election fraud Did I miss anything ???? Oh does anyone know if it’s a crime for a Supreme Court justice to pretend he was attacked by a phoney homeless person. Is it a conspiracy when the purpose of it is to improve Johnny Docs Google stock. Is it also a crime if a daily news reporter is in on it? PASS THE POPCORN!

  8. “We got a rat!
    We got a rat!
    We got a rat!”
    -Johnny Doc

    Gee. Who could it be? As a rat, I would say it is my cousin, Stevie Zappala.

  9. …why *would* he comment on it? Why put himself in the news cycle?

    I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be suspicious. But seriously. Why would he comment? What good could it *possibly* do him?

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