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AG Update: Kane Presses RSLC Case; Freed Gets FOP Backing

Freed, left, and Kane

Kathleen Kane, the Democratic candidate for Attorney General, has kept on the attack over an ad from a national Republican group.

The spot, from the Republican State Leadership Committee, inaccurately accused Kane of going soft on a sexual offender during her tenure as Assistant District Attorney in Lackawanna County.

“These ads are not about truth, they are about politics and I’m tired of typical politicians like Dave Freed and Tom Corbett, who’s helping fund the group behind these ads, using innocent victims of sexual abuse – children who have already suffered – as pawns in their political game,” blasted Kane.

Kane, along with a number of current and former Democratic prosecutors from eastern Pa., held a press conference in Philadelphia to try and tie the ad to her opponent, Republican Dave Freed.

“But Dave, don’t mistake my civility for weakness. I will never stop advocating for children and the truth.  If elected by the people of the Commonwealth, I will serve as their Attorney General with honor and integrity because the people of Pennsylvania deserve a tough prosecutor, not politics as usual.”

She’s been pushing her counter-attack to the RSLC ads for weeks. To wit: this segment from WNEP news which is less than flattering to the RSLC – and Freed.

Later that night, Kane had an event with former President Bill Clinton.

FOP for Freed

Meanwhile, David Freed was recently awarded an endorsement from the PA Fraternal Order of Police.  PA FOP President, Les Neri, stated “We wish you success in the upcoming general election. Again, on behalf of all of our members of the Fraternal Order of Police in the State of Pennsylvania, we proudly endorse you, District Attorney David Freed for Attorney General for the State of Pennsylvania.”

Within his speech, which occurred during the endorsement, Freed stressed  “As District Attorney in Cumberland County I’ve had the pleasure to work closely with law enforcement. I greatly admire their work and the sacrifices they bear. If elected Attorney General, I look forward to strong working relationships with our men and women in blue.”

Here’s the Kane campaign’s list of those who attended the press conference on Monday:

Governor Ed Rendell- former Philadelphia DA and Philadelphia Mayor
District Attorney Seth Williams – Philadelphia (could not attend do to officials duties, but sent a statement of support)
District Attorney John Morganelli – Northampton County
James Eisenhower – former Pennsylvania Attorney General candidate and federal prosecutor
Christopher Casey – former Assistant U.S. Attorney
Lynne Abraham – former Philadelphia District Attorney
Elois Howard – former Philadelphia Deputy District Attorney
George Shotzbarzer – former Philadelphia Chief Assistant District Attorney
Karen Ricca – former Montgomery County Chief Assistant District Attorney
Caitlin Quinn – former Delaware County Assistant District Attorney
Daniel D. McCafferty – former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney
M.K. Feeney – former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney
Fortunato Perri – former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney
Brian J. McMonagle – former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney
Julia Morrow – former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney
Trevan Borum – former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney
Anthony Voci – former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney
David M. Laigaie –  former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney

10 Responses

  1. Though a Republican my vote is for Kane, my distrust of the party backing their “boys” and their personal self interest (Sam Rohrer was my guy) makes me gag. Also Corbett mis-handling of the PSU scandal (was also on the board?!!?) needs to be addressed, at whatever the cost. Time to hold idiots accountable.

  2. David Freed’s record vs. Kathleen Kane’s record.

    David Freed’s political activity and motivation vs. Kathleen Kane’s political activity and motivation.

    Kathleen had the jump coming out of the blocks by having a primary. That primary had the most interest of any on the ticket for PA Democrats. She had more experience than her opponent.

    Kane’s support is based on a get Corbett over PSU mindset. How much of the offices resources and time will be spent on a political witch hunt vs. doing the job of Attorney General for the people of the Commonwealth?

    Freed has much more experience and is proven in his position as both a prosecutor and an executive.

  3. I watched local news ABC 27 Harrisburg last night and Dennis Owens asked Dave Freed whether he would denounce the ad and Dave Freed stuttered a bit and said no, he can’t denounce the ad. I understand he supposedly can’t stop the ad, but to refuse to denounce the false attacks is cowardly on his part.

  4. I would expect any person in law enforcement would endorse the Party that demands they honor their oaths of office and the law vs the Party that mandates they violate the law. Nutter and Ramsey in PHL are two people who are most entrusted to uphold and enforce our laws; they are the same two most guilty of violating our laws (sanctuary city). This corruption extends up to and including Eric Holder, Thomas Perez, and Janet Napolitano – all Democrats.

  5. So Freed gets the FOP and Kane gets a bunch of sleazy criminal defense lawyers. Maybe Kathy Bookvar and her the Mumia loving husband Jordan Yeager will publicly announce their support for rich housewife Kathleen soon.

  6. Dave Freed = Corbett Cover-up

    The expected consequences of 32 Years of One Party Rule have become unavoidably and obviously evident.

    Leroy Zimmerman/Hershey investigation
    Senate Bonusgate
    Harrisburg Bond Holder Bailout
    Jerry Sandusky’s Three Years

  7. Corbett will do whatever he has to, to block Kane. He needs a lap dog as AG who won’t investigate his PSU Sandusky actions.

  8. You would think Freed would have the good sense to disavow this ad campaign, after it has been proven deomnstrably false, over and over. I mean, the victim’s father called them out on it! Does Freed want ANY of the undecided vote? His inaction demonstrates that he is just Corbett’s puppet, a cog in the right-wing machine. The AG is supposed to show independent judgment, and Freed is showing no judgment at all. Once again, the GOP has put up a weak candidate in a winnable race. What are they thinking?

  9. This FOP is in reality a split endorsement between Freed and Kane. Local lodges have already supported Kane & will be supporting her this Fall.

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