Americans For Prosperity Ad: One-Term Obama (Watch Video)

Americans for Prosperity announced Tuesday that they will be releasing a new ad as part of a major nationwide buy.

The ad, titled “President Obama: A One Term Proposition,” is airing in 12 states, including Pennsylvania. The buy is estimated at $6.7 million.

The ad targets Obama for the national debt, with a ticker in the background continuing to push the figure higher and higher. The ad then proceeds to use Obama’s own words, with him saying that “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one term proposition. I will be held accountable.”

The ad features a national debt counter as the dollars tick up, as well as each family's share.

This ad by Americans for Prosperity is a rare move of express advocacy for the interest group. The group has never before taken a stance with any candidate. But AFP President Tim Phillips said that unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

“We did not make this decision lightly.” said Phillips. “We have never taken an express advocacy position with regard to any candidate anywhere, we just haven’t done that. We’ve felt more comfortable remaining removed from that and simply talking about issues and urging grassroots action. But again, the disastrous economic policies of this administration are having such a terrible effect on the economy of this nation, with regard to job creation and economic freedom.”

Obama spokesperson Danny Kanner said that while the President has signed $2 trillion worth of deficit reduction into law, Mitt Romney’s recovery plan would burden an already struggling middle class by refusing to ask the wealthiest Americans to contribute “even one dollar to help reduce the deficit, even if every dollar in revenue would be matched with $10 in spending cuts.”

“What’s worse is that Romney has proposed $5 trillion in new tax cuts geared toward multimillionaires like himself that would either add to the deficit or raise taxes on middle class families with children by an average of more than $2,000,” Kanner said.

“It’s no wonder independent economists have said Romney’s economic plans would do nothing to create jobs or reduce the deficit, and could push us back into recession.”

Whereas other PACs and campaigns have scaled back on ads in Pennsylvania, Americans for Prosperity continues to be a consistent presence on state broadcast waves.

6 Responses

  1. THAT’S why you don’t like Obama and do like Romney? You LIKE how Romeny took Obama’s words out of context TWICE in his own ads? You LIKE how Romney told everyone how he “saved” the Olympics…by using taxpayer dollars? Heck, I could have done that. And no one said he avoided taxes for 10 years. You don’t mind that he refuses to release them, even after he criticized Ted Kennedy for the SAME THING? Geez. You guys are weird.

  2. Both parties suck, and while Mitt Romney is no jewel, he’s not Obama. Obama is a horrible president, and not just going by how he’s governed; but what I’ve studied of him from his own book. He’s so far showing me why I did not vote for him in 08; and with the nasty campaign he’s running, running ads that accuse Romney of causing the death of a woman, or pieces of garbage like Harry Reid saying he didn’t pay taxes in 10 years, which if he didn’t he’d be sitting in prison, so anyone who believes that is an idiot to the core; he’s definitely not getting my vote.

    Anyone who votes for Obama is foolish beyond hell.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. The QUICKLY growing national debt will enslave us all including and especially our children. Obama must be held accountable.

  4. americans for plutocracy doesn’t care if it breaks the law-they won’t be stopped before the election and can accept any fines as a cost of doing their business” of wrecking our democracy

  5. Americans For Prosperity – A great organization if your are a rich white male. This shady Koch Brothers created group, funded with secret corporate contributions, is supposed to be an issues advocacy group, has now crossed the line into advocating for specific candidates. It is now unloading at such a furious pace because its secret backers are desperate that Mittens is tanking. I hope the authorities get this group and make it disclose its donors and pay the taxes they are dodging by calling themselves a foundation.

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