Americans For Prosperity Plan Obamacare Attack (Watch Video)

Americans For Prosperity has released a new ad entitled “Not a Tax,” which is the first step in a massive plan of action against yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

The ad is airing in 12 states, including Pennsylvania — the first time the group has aired an ad in the Keystone State. It highlights the continued chatter amongst Republicans that Pennsylvania is indeed up for grabs this November.

The ad zeroes in on President Obama’s promise that the healthcare bill is not a tax increase.

The new ad focuses on the Supreme Court's ruling that the individual mandate is constitutional, as it falls within Congress' power to tax.

“Now we know that’s not true,” says the female narrator. “Obama’s health care law is actually one of the largest tax increases in history.”

The ad goes on to state that Obama reordered his priorities to favor a “health care takeover” tax instead of creating jobs and curtailing spending.

In closing, the ad appeals to the fact that Americans are “already struggling” and cannot afford another tax.

This $9 million ad buy, however, is only the beginning of a massive effort against the legislation and the Supreme Court Ruling.

“The President clearly does not want to talk about this issue, saying we need to move on,” said AFP President Tim Phillips. “But we do. We want to continue the debate and continue the push to get this legislation repealed.”

In addition to the ad, AFP is planning a substantial cable effort with more television ads to come, as well as large social media effort on websites such as Pandora and YouTube, etc. and multiple grassroots efforts including rallies, bus tours and petitions.

State Obama spokesperson Jennifer Austen was unavailable for comment.

5 Responses

  1. The fact that “ANTI OBAMA AD” is at the top of online charts is evidence of how much money is being spent by right wing Super Pacs to propagate and populate fact free non-informational propaganda pieces. In the past hour, I’ve discovered many new websites that appear to be proxies for these ads. They’ve popped up over night, I’d even say. Most of these ads are desperate and impotent attempts to create uncertainty about the future and unfocused fear. This is done mostly through emotionally-manipulative innuendo. Several draw parallels that only extreme and insane people actually see or believe. This clearly is the product of minds that will stoop to anything to win. Facts don’t have a place in your world, “ANTI OBAMA ADS”. Greed and paranoia do. Good Luck with that , Koch & Co.!

  2. Don’t you find it funny that when Obamacare was being sold as anything but a tax, there were 30 million+ who needed insurance (or ~10% of the population), and now it’s only 1%–according to David’s talking points–who will be paying the tax?

    What happened to the other 9%? They’re compelled by the tax to spend their money on insurance they never would have otherwise bought. Money they now don’t have for food or gas or mortgage payments…

  3. My family owns a small buisness, and the increase in co-pays on doctors visits has hurt us significantly. We can’t even afford to go on vacation! If we pay so much for health insurance, we should be able to go to the doctor however much we need without it costing a fortune. Obamacare has not helped middle-class small buisness owners, and I know because I am one.

  4. It’s the Republicans who are lying.

    The penalty applies only to the 1 percent of the population who can afford coverage, and refuse to get it. 4 of the 5 SCOTUS justices explained why it is covered under BOTH the commerce clause and the taxing authority. Robert’s error is failing to sign onto the commerce clause argument, because he is too ideologically opposed to congressional power to understand that it applies here.

    Romney championed individual mandate. The uninsured (who can afford it) get paid for by the insured, and are freeloaders. As long as the policy is that no one is turned away, then everyone must pay (if they can afford it).

  5. Joe Wilson’s comment “You Lie” on the house floor was right then and it’s ever so right now. Where are all the Republicans proving just how true this comment was and is. November is closer than one thinks. Speak up GOP before it’s too late.

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