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Auditor General Jack Wagner and Pa. Young Democrats Endorse Tim Holden

Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner visited Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties on Tuesday in support of incumbent Rep. Tim Holden who faces Matt Cartwright in the Democratic primary.

The event, a formal endorsement for Holden in his campaign against challenger Matt Cartwright, consisted of two media stops. The pair first stopped at the Lackawanna County Courthouse Square in Scranton at noon and then proceeded to the Wilkes-Barre Public Square.

“I am thrilled to have the endorsement of my good friend, Jack Wagner,” said Congressman Holden in a press release April 9. “His career in public service is one of great distinction, and I am honored that he is supporting me in this election.”

In an interview with The Scranton Times-Tribune, Wagner discussed Holden’s character.

“This guy’s a great member of Congress,” he said. “In so many different ways. First and foremost, in the quality of the person, and his integrity and the fact that he is in touch with people, real people, all the time.”

Wagner also said that both Democrats and Republicans in Washington respect Holden.

“So that’s I think a very unique quality in the polarizing world of politics that we’re in today,” Wagner said.

Wagner and Holden have a history of endorsements; in 2010, Holden backed Wagner in his campaign to become Pennsylvania’s governor ―a contest he would eventually place second in a four-person Democratic primary field.

According to an article from, Wagner said that political endorsements are not something he takes lightly.

“He is the most tenured member of Congress from Pennsylvania,” Wagner is quoted as saying.

Wagner also said that Holden “brings integrity and honesty to government” and that he “represents fiscal accountability.”

The Democratic race between Holden and Cartwright continues to heat up as the April 24 primary deadline approaches.

Thus far, Cartwright has won the support of several national progressive groups, including Cartwright’s Democracy For America, a progressive “people-powered” PAC, according to their website. He also secured the endorsement of American Association for Justice, the trial lawyers group.

Holden also received an endorsement from the Pennsylvania Young Democrats on Tuesday April 10. On hand for the endorsement in Bethlehem, Pa., was Pennsylvania Young Democrats President Anthony Youngblood.

“We are lucky to have Tim Holden as one of our Representatives in Congress, especially as the Dean of the Pennsylvania delegation,” he said. “His seniority and experience are invaluable assets in the House of Representatives.”

The organization’s national president, Rod Snyder, echoed Youngblood’s sentiments.

“Tim Holden’s role is vital to promoting the agenda of President Barack Obama,” he said. “Congressman Holden will continue to stand up to Republicans and fight for middle class priorities that the Democratic Party is built on.”

Congressman Holden said that it is an honor to receive an endorsement from the Pennsylvania Young Democrats.

“I have maintained a strong relationship with the Young Democrats’ organization throughout my career,” Holden said.

7 Responses

  1. Becca-
    Well said. If we had more people like Anthony in the party (and running the party), the Pennsylvania Dems (old and young) would be much better shape and we’d be controlling the state.

  2. Anthony Youngblood was duly elected as the president of the Pennsylvania Young Democrats. He absolutely speaks for the organization. He elected with no opposition. I have had the pleasure of serving with Anthony for three of my five years on the Board, and he is bright, articulate and hard working. The fact that he works in DC is an asset and certainly not a liability. Oh, and “Young Dem,” You’re not fooling anyone with your clever name little name. Everyone who matters knows exactly who you are. I hope that whatever you think you are gaining by throwing good people under the bus is worth it.

    And I have the proverbial balls to sign my real name.

    Becca Sammon
    Executive Vice President
    Pennsylvania Young Democrats

  3. Vi, I believe that you ascribed to General Wagner a quote about President Obama made by the YD national leader. You are also incorrect in saying that Mr. Holden is the least partisan or most rightward of Pa. Dem Congressmen. Both Congressman Critz and Altmire are proudly laying claim to that designation.

  4. Holden refused to repeal Obamacare, and is famous for spending money like a drunk sailor. He voted for all the TARP, bailouts, and stimulus, which resulted in 5 Trillion dollars in new debt since 2008. Way to go Holden. We will be paying for that insane spending for a long time.

  5. Holy Crap! Is Jack Wagner living in a parallel universe where Holden supports President Obama’s agenda? He must be delusional! There are no Democrats to the right of Holden, only Republicans. With friends like Holden, who needs enemies? When you can’t run a campaign standing on your 20-year congressional record, you’ve got a serious problem…or a seriously stupid campaign staff.

  6. Doesn’t Anthony Youngblood live in DC? Seems like a great person to decide who should represent Pennsylvanians.

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