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Bernstine Under Fire for ‘I Will Not Stop’ Tweet

State Rep. Aaron Bernstine (R-Lawrence) has come under fire after his Twitter response to the protests in St. Louis.  

Bernstine tweeted that he “will not stop” if anyone “tries to stop my car on a highway with negative intentions.”

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party jumped on the tweet, calling for an immediate apology from Bernstine.

“Representative Bernstine should not have to be reminded that the right to peaceably assemble is so fundamental to our democracy that it is enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution. His statement is not fit for a state representative — let alone any decent person — and he must apologize immediately,” Pa. Dems spokesman Brandon Cwalina said in a statement.  

Keystone Progress responded to the tweet by quoting Bernstine’s tweet and including his office phone number for people to call and respond to it.  

Bernstine responded to Keystone Progress on Twitter, defending his comments.

Bernstine is serving his first term in the state House.

13 Responses

  1. Wow! Guess the cooky Democrats want him to stop his car, while Antifa members attempt to murder him, so it’s easier for said radical Hillary Lovers to kill him? Is it really so bad to protect yourself?

  2. No, it would not be murder. If yelling, screaming, fist-waving protesters try to stop my car, I can reasonably be in fear that they will pull me out and beat me, or kill me. That authorizes deadly force in Castle Doctrine states. No duty to retreat. Now, if someone is standing sideways to me, yelling at someone else on the sidewalk, that’s a different thing. But you stand in front of my car, a half-dozen or more of you, yelling and screaming at me and advancing toward me, I’ll drive right through or over you and probably have my handgun in my hand at the time. No, I won’t run over protesters. Yes, I will run over those whose actions cause me to reasonably fear for my safety and life. The law allows me to use a weapon, including the weapon I am driving.

    1. P.S. So I disagree with this guy. I will stop under some circumstances, and I will kill under some circumstances. Depending on the threat posed to me by the people blocking me.

  3. Wow, a Republican managed state website is sharing the actions of this disgusting piece of scum. I’m pleasantly surprised. Not that this is new for any GOP legislator anywhere. Passing or trying to pass bills that make it legal to run over peaceful protesters without consequences is a new theme for GOP controlled legislatures across the country. Scums.

  4. He’s looking to be a one-term legislator with that kind of BS tough talk. You would think – or hope – than an elected official would know better. Guess not.

  5. Bill Hicks had a great bit about stopping your vehicle during a protest. Dems, this is a waste of your time and energy.

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