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Berringer Exits LG Race, Blames Money in Politics

Democratic Lieutenant Governor Candidate Aryanna Berringer is exiting the race, blaming money the amount of money required to run for office.

“I saw I was not going to be able to compete against candidates who are being bankrolled by their mega-wealthy families.  All this money, they’re going to dump that into TV ads and people like me are going to get drowned out,” Berringer told the Inquirer.  

In exiting the race, Berringer took the chance to take some final shots at her former primary opponents.  

Berringer first took aim at Braddock Mayor John Fetterman.

“Mayor Fetterman is literally bankrolled by his family.  Of course he can run around the state, because he doesn’t have a job,” Berringer said.  

According to the Inquirer Fetterman and his wife “got a $54,000 gift from his parents – which the candidate was not required to disclose. He also claimed two trust accounts for the couple’s children, valued then at $115,000 to $250,000 each” based off financial disclosures from his 2016 run for U.S. Senate.

Berringer also took a shot at incumbent Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack accepting a donation from former state Sen. Vince Fumo saying “Are these the kinds of people we want to represent us?”  Fumo was convicted on federal corruption charges.

Berringer took a final chance to hit former Philadelphia Deputy Mayor Nina Ahmad who switched from running for Congress to the Lieutenant Governor’s race after the Congressional maps were redrawn.  

“Probably her consultants saw a million dollar payday going away” and convinced Ahmad to switch Berringer said.  

While she took shots at her former opponents, Berringer is not leaving politics.  She says she is working to launch a new PAC, Fight the Power PAC.

55 Responses

    1. I would say “afraid” is the wrong word, and in context, the wrong phrase.

      Disgusted by him and his supporters? Yes.

      So, disgusted by Fetterman is the correct word and phrase.

    2. so I guess we should add “afraid” to the other phrases Fetterman sycophants use, like ‘sad’, ‘take your meds’ and ‘desperate’ to describe anyone that doesn’t see Fetterman as the mesiah.

      Get a grip. He is unqualified for this job. He should not be running for this position. As mayor of 1,259 people, his ability to scale is impossible, and will result in complete failure.

      Don’t you know that position is “work”, something Fetterman knows nothing about?

      Think about Pennsylvanians. They need someone far better than Fetterman for this position. Lt. Governor just isn’t the position for him.

      1. Don’t hire Fetterman-

        The Wolf likes to control everything and shut out Lt Gov position. If elected, Fetterman would have less work to do than he does now as Mayor.

      2. Whatever…All I see are a bunch of one-use-name trolls bad mouthing a strong candidate. Smells like fear to me.

        1. Bad mouthing? LOL! A strong candidate? Possibly. However, the best way to make this ‘strong candidate’ a very weak candidate is to expose his very real, truthful negatives. Sorry tommyD, Fetterman ain’t the mesiah! If you like him, well, that is for you to figure out. But Fetterman’s negatives are very real.

          As for the fear – we’ll add ‘afraid’ to the list of juvenile name-calling Fetterman and his supporters resort to so they can feel better. Fear, though, is the completely wrong word. Truthful? ABSOLUTELY spot on!


    1. Fetterman and his supporters can’t help themselves…

      MAGNANIMOUS – very generous or forgiving, especially toward a rival or someone less powerful than oneself.

      You probably are a Trump supporter, too.

      1. You’re gonna have to make up your mind – am I a Fetterman supporter or a Trump supporter?

        1. There is a fine line – an imperceptable line, n fact – between Fetterman and his supporters and Trump and his supporters.

          1. Neither display magnanimity
          2. All deny the truth, and espouse BS
          3. Neither care about the working man – neither worked a day in their lives, but put out BS to get their vote
          4. Both keep belittling the efforts of women
          5. Both are funded by Republicans
          6. Both believe in fracking
          7. Both believe in limiting choice for women

          Soooo….you tell me…what are you?

          1. Me? I’m just an enigma. I’m all in your mind. I am whatever you want me to be to satisfy whatever political argument you’re making.

  1. Berringer may be the whiniest most delusional self absorbed hypocritical individual to ever run for office.

    Her most touted accomplishment that qualifies her for office is growing up poor. Congrats Aryanna, most of us did. I had no idea this qualified one to run for statewide office! “Hey everybody, I grew up poor, so I deserve to be Lieutenant Governor!”

    Even worse, she complains about how unfair family money in politics is, yet accepts tens of thousands of dollars in support from her seasoned political consultant husband. This was a huge advantage over the others that she was perfectly happy to exploit. Then when her “Vote for me because I was poor” message landed with a thud it’s a horrible unfair world.

    Aryanna, may I suggest that you actually try a bit of public service before seeking such a large office. School board, City Council, the PTA… *anything* that would demonstrate that you’re not simply an egomaniacal adulterer.

    1. Fetterman and his ass-wipe supporters should learn the word ‘magnanimous’ – “very generous or forgiving, especially toward a rival or someone less powerful than oneself”. Aryanna is no longer in the race. Let it be.

      This is why Fetterman is unqualified for this position.

      Aside from the fact that Fetterman and his supporters can’t understand the ‘human condition’ that Aryanna personally wears and espouses because of its intrinsic understanding of life – and exactly why Fetterman and his supporters are a big FRAUD.

      1. Katie, this your last warning. Trolling PoliticsPA is not a good look for you, You backed a total whiner. Please, move on and work. Furthermore, your Chef Boyardee really stunk up the cafeteria on Friday. That’s not what I meant when I said “bring your own lunch next time instead of stealing one”.

        CC: Dan Strader

        1. Is “Katie Harrison” Brad Klopinsky in disguise? Or do they BOTH steal lunches??


  2. “Berringer is not leaving politics. She says she is working to launch a new PAC…”

    If I had a dollar every time I saw someone quoted as saying something similar.

  3. Lehman caved. Wonder who got to him and ‘blew sweet nothings’ in his ear?

    Ahmad now needs to get out – she is the last one in the race without any chance of winning.

    1. Why should Ahmad get out when the Executive Director of the Democratic Party asked her to run for Lt. Governor? S

      1. She should get out before her political ‘consultants’ take all her money, when she has ZERO – repeat ZERO – chance of winning.

        Those consultants have 450,000 reasons to stroke your ego!

        $450,000 to ZERO in 53 days – You go Nina! (third place finish at best = a bad investment)

        1. Every single dollar Ahmad spends is a waste of money.

          There is simply no possible combination or permutation that would allow her to win. Zero. Zilch.

          1. Says the scared Cozzone or Stack supporters. The state needs more women of color in office, Go Nina!

          2. Not scared. Girlfriend has 0% name ID and only couple 100K. Office shopping. Splitting philly with Stack. Last place on ballot, with a last name like Ahmad in PA. Good luck with that. ????

          3. Ahmad is in it to help Fetterman. All that education didn’t make her stupid. She knows she has no chance of winning, she just wants to take votes away from Cozzone to help Fetterman.

            Funny thing is she claims to be a huge supporter of women! If that were true, she would have supported the other women in the race

  4. I followed her in the beginning but when I heard her repeatedly blame her campaign chairwoman for not being able to fundraise, instead of accepting the responsibility, it spoke volumes.

  5. Katie, get back to work. I’m not paying you to goldbrick and post on PoliticsPA. You’re already on probation for stealing lunches out of the employee refrigerator.


  6. Why didn’t she attack Ray Sosa? Because he’s the man and he’s going to win!

  7. Fetterman and his creepy supporters can’t leave Aryanna alone – even as she exits the campaign.

    Fetterman and his supporters, to use their own words, are “sad”, “need to take their meds”, and are “showing their desperation”.

    Why else would you pick on someone who is not in the fight anymore? This is the equivalent of kicking someone while they are down.

    Fetterman and his creepy supporters are sickening.

  8. Unbought.
    I bet those T-shirt’s are gonna be collectors items!

  9. I don’t get it. Her own campaign finance report shows more family $ contributions than Fetterman’s.

    1. In-kind isn’t actually money. It means someone did something for free and because they show integrity and ethics her campaign reported it. Not doing so would be more like Fetterman, Nina, and Stack. So no. No family money.

      1. So she had a huge advantage over Sosa, Leahman, and Cozzone who have to pay for a campaign manger out of their funds.

        The value she got for her campaign from family sources far exceeded the value Fetterman and Stack got which gave her a big advantage over the others all the while decrying how unfair it all is.

        The lack of self awareness on Berringer’s part is telling.

        1. I agree. There is no self-awareness there. Why would you jump in knowing that you can’t raise money… then cry when you get out because you can’t raise money… I think she was a lazy candidate and thought the money would come to her. Like it or not, if you run for office and want to win – you have to raise money. Refusing to do it then bowing out when your “story” doesn’t catch on shows she never really had a true passion for the race to begin with.

  10. Can’t raise any money. Quits the campaign to go raise money for her PAC. Lulz. Enjoy your obscurity.

  11. “While she took shots at her former opponents, Berringer is not leaving politics. She says she is working to launch a new PAC, Fight the Power PAC.”
    Good luck in politics after these kind of comments.

    1. Or Wolf actually EARNED his money while Fetterman lives off his wealthy dad. I mean come on if you were 48 years old and daddy and mommy sent you a 50k check every year tax free you could do anything.

  12. This is embarrassing. Plenty of candidates who are not personally wealthy find a way to run for office. Maybe she should have started by seeking a lower office and building connections and a network before going statewide, which is expensive. Start small people.

  13. I question either her desire to make the race or her political acumen. Money does not win races for Lt. Governor. This stupid office is all about geography, gender, and ballot position. so though it might be nice to go out in a blaze of glory, it is a somewhat dubious exit

  14. Aryanna is unqualified for elected office. Come back when you’ve done something other than be a homewrecker.

    1. At least use another name than ‘anonymous’ if you are going to call a former military veteran such a vile thing.

      1. Oh please, she was in the rear with the gear peeling potatoes. Stop stealing valor of actual combat veterans, please.

        1. I imagine folks on the front lines would get awfully hungry without people peeling potatoes. Maybe don’t knock people for serving their country?

          1. The military is not “Service”. It’s a job and it certainly doesn’t make a person a hero

        2. If you can eat a cold C-rats can of ham and mother-f#ckers, you can claim military valor higher than John Kerry. It’s tough to explain how he got 9 silver stars while sleeping on sheets and eating at the officer’s mess. Yo Aryanna! Just show me your can and I’ll call you a vet.

  15. Aryanna forgot to mention that Fetterman was endorsed by the steelworkers, which is a complete joke. Why would ANY labor union support someone who has never worked a day in their life???

    What does Fetterman know about the working man, and their plight? NOTHING.

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