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Biden to Visit Delco June 17

Former Vice President Joe Biden will be in Pennsylvania on Wednesday. 

For the third time in as many weeks, Biden will be delivering an address in the Keystone State. The speech on June 17 will be in Darby on “making sure the country’s reopening is effective, safe, and gets Americans back to work,” according to a release from his campaign. 

Biden’s most recent trip to Pennsylvania was on June 11, when he laid out his “8-Point Plan” to safely reopen the economy during a visit to West Philadelphia. The week before he was also in Philadelphia to deliver an address at City Hall on June 2, where he criticized President Donald Trump over the president’s response to the nationwide protests after the killing of George Floyd

Although Biden’s visit will not be in Philadelphia on Wednesday, the trip to Delaware County will be his third trip to southeastern Pennsylvania in June.

Trump Victory responded to Biden’s upcoming visit to Delaware County by saying that Trump has “already started the Great American Comeback,” and touts Trump’s poll numbers on the economy.

“While hidin’ Joe Biden finally emerges from his basement to play Monday morning quarterback on how to reopen the economy, President Trump has already started the Great American Comeback,” said Trump Victory Spokesperson Melissa Reed. “President Trump continues to Renew, Restore and Rebuild America, and poll after poll shows Americans trust President Trump over Joe Biden to bring our economy back to greatness.”

While traditional campaigning has been limited due to COVID-19, the Trump administration has also made an effort to visit the state in recent months. 

Vice President Mike Pence met with community and faith leaders in western Pennsylvania on June 12 for the “Great American Comeback Tour,” which is aimed at “promoting policies that will drive America’s economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Trump’s most recent appearance in the state was when he spoke for 30 minutes at a medical equipment distribution center in the Lehigh Valley in mid-May.

The most recent polling show a tight race between the former VP and Trump in the Keystone State, although Biden currently has a narrow edge. 

The Real Clear Politics average shows Biden besting Trump by 3.3 points in Pennsylvania.

This story was updated with a comment from Trump Victory.

5 Responses

  1. Biden made several trips into PA back in 2008, even hitting the T areas several times. Imagine in Hillary would have at least put some effort into the rural areas of PA, Michigan and Wisconsin, things would be mighty different now. I’m sure Republicans would have held impeachment hearing for something, but I also expect we would still have a strong foreign policy, respect from our longtime NATO allies and a functioning executive branch.

    1. Going to the jerkwater towns in the “T” is a would be a wasted of time for Biden. No changing their minds on the orange pile of crap. Concentrate on urban/suburban areas and GOTV.

  2. Biden clearly see’s Pennsylvania as a major part of his life in terms of framing an identity and why should it not? I’ve not been in high school in many years and yet I see it’s role in my life. So, I think Joe Biden is being consistent in his respect for his Pennsylvania roots. It’s authentic. Should Biden get elected President it seems obvious Pa will greatly benefit in terms of infrastructure projects and other items. Plus, one would suspect that Biden will help get other candidates across the finish line and help Dems win races such as the Congressional seat held by Fitzpatrick.

    1. PA is Biden’s to lose. I would say to look at the mid-term election of 18. However, that is not always indicative of what is to come in a general. Instead, look at the off year elections which focus on municipalities. The D’s have made historic gains in some of the large counties. Chester county not only has more registered D’s than R’s for the first time in history but they now have all the row offices. I would have bet anything against that just 4 years ago. A similar story has played out in Delco. While it will be close (rural turnout for Trump will be very high again), turnout will be even higher in the burbs and Trump has lost enough of the female vote to make a difference. I also expect Philly to have higher turnout. Trump pretty much maxed out in the ex-burb and rural areas last time. He will do so again. Not a blowout but I see a 2-4 point Biden win. The Trump campaign seems intent on running with the exact same playbook as in 16. I don’t see him winning on that again. Of course, anything is possible.

  3. Bunker Trump is the one hiding. I guess the route to the bunker is not a ramp.

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