Boockvar Brings in $520K in Q3

We have our first 3rd quarter fundraising announcement. Kathy Boockvar, the Democrat challenging Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, raised $520,000 in the third quarter.

“Our momentum continues because the people of Bucks and Montgomery counties are tired of politics as usual and a Congress that serves special interests rather than the peoples’ interests,” said Boockvar.  “While Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick focuses on petty distractions and personal attacks, we continue to focus on the things that really matter, like creating jobs, reducing our deficit in the right way, and protecting Medicare and Social Security for seniors and future generations.”

The 3rd quarter includes contributions from July, August and September. It’s an improvement from Boockvar’s 2nd quarter haul of $330K. She had $421K on hand then; her campaign didn’t announce her COH at the end of this cycle.

Her campaign boasted that she’s raised $1.18 million so far this cycle and that 12,134 individuals comprised 99.7 percent of her donors.

Fitzpatrick has not yet announced his Q3 numbers. He raised $395,000 in the 2nd quarter and had over $1.2 million on hand.

Boockvar is Dems’ top challenger in Pa. this cycle, but it looks she’ll need every penny. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Wednesday canceled plans to air about $585,000 worth of television ads to boost her, and other outside groups have not shown signs of getting into the race.

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  1. The DCCC pulled their ad money, and then, seeing the Democrats had conceded the race, the NRCC followed.

    It’s adorable that one or two of you still won’t admit it’s over for Kathy Abu-Jamal.

  2. I find it hysterical how Dem’s are raining in $$ and the only reaction is to denounce them, challenge the authenticity of figures and bloat at the fact DCCC has pulled their ads. Know why?! Maybe the fact that Dem’s, middle class workers, teachers, parents, public service workers, labor, seniors, veterans and all the so many others really, truly see that the current congress isn’t working and lets make it work! That called what used to be soft $$. I am pleased and shocked by the dollars being brought in and the amount of donors contributing! Keep in up candidates.

  3. Republicans also canceled their ads — in response, the GOP said — showing that both sides feel they are better off putting their money into other campaigns.
    The NRCC canceled roughly $700,000 worth of ads for the same time frame. That means neither campaign arm feels they need to spend money on television here in a crucial week leading up to Election Day, Nov. 6
    Boockvar is doing quite well with citizen donations.

  4. No cash on hand? Tax and spend liberal, blow it as fast as it comes in.

    Why was this posted almost immediately after announcing the DCCC is pulling their funding?

  5. Looks like another Election Day loss for this loon. Since she likes losing elections and then running for a higher office the next time around, Boockvar for US Senate in 2016 or whenever Toomey’s term is up. Fitz by 10.

  6. The only thing I like better than watching liberal waste their donations on failed candidates is watching liberals waste their donations on candidates WE ALREADY KNOW HAVE FAILED IN OCTOBER. DCCC bailed on y’all.

    Nice family budget management there, chumps.

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