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Boockvar Releases First Campaign Ad (Watch Video)

Kathy Boockvar released a $38k cable ad buy today highlighting the changes she plans to bring to Washington.

The Democratic candidate for PA-8’s message and tone was positive, with clips of her family, workplace and community.

Narrating the 32-second ad, she explains what sort of change she would bring if elected to Congress.

A clip from Boockvar's positive ad spot shows her talking about the issues with voters.

“It’s just common sense – work together, make smart decisions and improve our bottom line,” Boockvar says in the ad.

“That’s what I’ve done at work, as a mediator, and at home, as a wife and mother. And it’s what I’ll do in Washington. I’ll fight to balance our budget and tackle the debt by cutting waste and closing loopholes for corporations that outsource jobs. I’ll use smart incentives to encourage job growth and work to make college more affordable.”

In a statement, Fitzpatrick Campaign Manager Faith Bender said the Congressman will continue to fight for more jobs and less spending, as well as strengthen Social Security and Medicare.

Bender also knocked Boockvar as “radical,” saying the true nature of her policies would be revealed in her ads.

“What Kathy Boockvar should be explaining in her ads is why she and radicals in Washington are supporting a government takeover of healthcare that will cut Medicare by over $700 billion. Kathy and Nancy Pelosi’s plan also contains $1 trillion in job destroying tax hikes. Kathy Boockvar needs to explain in her ads why she wants to harm small businesses, job creators and hurt our seniors,” said Bender.

Fitzpatrick has plans for a $1 million ad buy for network and cable beginning in mid-September, also.

Boockvar’s ad stands in contrast to the NRCC negative initiative against her, as well as the recent CREDO super PAC ad released against her opponent Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks).

It’s the first positive campaign ad we’ve seen in the race for PA-8.

16 Responses

  1. So should we now comment on how Jordan Yeager is the number one opponent of High Paying Energy Jobs in PA?

  2. Don’t forget to turn off the lights and adjust your thermostat because the cost of energy is not going down if Obama and Bookvar get elected.

  3. She can’t win an election, but she sure can turn off the light switch. Turn off the lights at HQ, Kookvar. It’s over.

    Is that poor little red haired girl being held hostage?

  4. @Ryan and why is that so important? It seems now your just illustrating your odd view of male-female relations and how women should subjugate themselves completely to their male counterparts. Sexist

  5. Boockvar may have a slight chance of winning in Seattle or New York. However, someone with her background and political leaning has zero chance of winning in Bucks County.

  6. Alex… Most women take their husband’s name. From what I understand there has been an increase in the practice among married couples.

  7. @ Alex.

    I think Boockvar is stuck in the 1970s. Jimmy Carter called, he wants her to put a sweater on.

  8. @seanryan. you again prove that Republicans are stuck in a 1950’s mentality where women have to subject themselvse to their male counterpoints. Why SHOULD she take her husbands last name? How does that lessen her readiness for office? Along with redefining rape, now you have to be accountable for why women should be loyal dogs to their male counterparts

  9. While the Democratic bench is not the Republican bench in Bucks County, Boochvar is not even in the top tier of Democrats. Fitzpatrick has an advantage being from Levitttown. He can overperform in Lower Bucks compared to an average Republican. Boochvar is just not the candidate who can mitigate that issue.

  10. The most telling action that Kathy Boockvar has done that would turn off most of the moderate voters in Bucks County, maybe she should explain why she has not chosen to take her husband’s name?
    Maybe she could explain that in her next ad buy.

  11. Might have a shot at Fitzpatrick in 2014 with the right kind of Dem. Steve Santarsiero would be a strong candidate. Patrick Murphy might run again but its hard to win after losing 2 races in a row. Need someone who will do better with working class white males. I don’t think she will break 48%

  12. Way to go Kathy! Don’t stoop to the bottom feeding level of Fitzpatrick and his internet trolls

  13. Dear Jack…
    The little girl could easily be thinking “when I grow up I want to be just like you”….

  14. That little red-headed girl looks skeptical. She must be wondering what Boockvar is going to run for next.

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