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Breaking: Gerber Won’t Seek Reelection

State Rep. Mike Gerber (D-Montgomery) will resign his seat at the end of this term, the lawmaker said Thursday. He has served since his election in 2004 and last cycle chaired the House Democratic Campaign Committee.

In a statement, Gerber said that he has accepted a position at Philadelphia-based alternative investment firm Franklin Square Capital Partners as its Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Strategy, and Product Administration. He will begin on August 20, 2012 but said he will serve through this term.

“I know some friends, colleagues, supporters and party enthusiasts might be disappointed with my decision, and its timing,” said Gerber, 40. “I hope they respect the opportunity this presents for my family and appreciate the effort I have given to serving the Commonwealth and my district over the past eight years.”

He is also leaving his position with the firm Drinker, Biddle and Reath.

A vociferous Rep. and prolific fundraiser whose family roots to the Democratic party are thick, Gerber emerged as a rising star in the party soon after his election. However, Gerber’s tenure at HDCC was a difficult one; though the committee found fundraising success, the Republican tide of 2010 contributed to the greatest loss of Democratic seats in a generation.

He acknowledged that the timing of the announcement was less than ideal, but said at least voters would be spared the expense of a special election next year.

“I do not view staying on the ballot and resigning after Election Day an ethical alternative, because I do not want to ask my constituents for their votes knowing I would not complete the next term. Accordingly, I will soon withdraw my candidacy for re-election with the Pennsylvania Department of State. This timing assures there can be both a Democrat and a Republican on the ballot this fall, and the seat will have representation at all times.”

His withdrawal necessitates the selection of a new Democratic candidate for the 148th district by local party leaders.

Republican Mike Ludwig won the write-in vote in the primary after his name was removed from the ballot due to invalidated signatures revealed by petition challenges. Ludwig is also a two-time operation Iraqi freedom veteran.

Gerber won his seat in 2004, when he defeated incumbent Rep. Melissa Murphy Weber in one of the closest and most expensive PA House races of the cycle.

As of the latest report, gerber’s campaign account had roughly $60,000.

17 Responses

  1. Hey, bobguzzardi , it sure is easy to be a venture capitalist when all your capital comes from daddy, no?

  2. As a side note, too much weight is given to the HRCC and HDCC for their success and failure rates.

    Some trip into success and some do everything right and are caught in the wrong cycle.

  3. He grew too big for his britches and got smacked down. Very difficult for him to recover. Young family, long commute, not much fun. Mike is a good guy who charged too hard too soon. Smart move to get out now.

  4. Mr. Gerber realizes what Dems all over the Country are about to face and he’s getting out while the getting is good…

  5. Apparently, the HDCC isn’t nearly so effective when they don’t have millions of dollars in bonuses to hand out…….

  6. I don’t care whether Gerber would’ve run again or not. I was simply making a statement about the inaccuracies of your post. I was also making a casual observation about the worst Dem Leader and Whip in the history of our caucus.

  7. You have the feeling that last post was written by someone named “M. Gerber”? Yeah, me too.
    Gerber wanted to be in leadership so badly. But he lost twice and had he run again he wouldve been 0 for 3. So he quit.

  8. Alice, you are obviously unaware of the actual vote count between Hanna and Gerber. In hindsight, losing that race was the best thing that happened to him because he wouldn’t be stuck with the current inept leader. Watching the Dem Leader and Whip underperform in spectacular fashion this session has been a wake up call to the members and a majority of them are clamoring for a replacement.

  9. Gerber ran for House leadership twice and lost both times – badly. He had no shot to ascend into leadership because so many colleagues don’t like him. He was a great self promoter, but bad at everything else. 2010 was a bad year, but the Democrats should have never lost that many seats. Gerber did a bad job. With nowhere to go in the House, this was his only option.

  10. That’s one serious step for Rep. Mike Gerber, and one giant loss for the SE PA delegation and the Philadelphia region. Godspeed, Mike Gerber. God help us, PA Democrats.

  11. Maybe Dwight Evans will get the hint that it is time to go too. There are a lot more that should take the same route, but of course, they would have to have the talent to get a great job like Gerber. But i do not see that happening.

  12. A sad day for the Democratic Party. Mike is one of the best minds in the PA legislature. Good luck, Mike.

  13. Sorry to see Rep. Gerber retire. He was a fine public servant and I wish him luck in his future career.

  14. After Gerber’s disgraceful vote in favor of the abysmal Congressional Redistricting, I’m not sorry to see him go.
    I had hoped for him having a Democratic party challenger to knock him out, but this will do.

  15. there is a republican candidate his name is mike ludwig he won as a write-in in the primary

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