Christie Enlists Help From Pennsylvania GOPers

Chris-ChristieNew Jersey Gov. and Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie is reaching across state lines for help.

PoliticsPA has learned some influential Pennsylvania Republicans and donors are teaming up to host a reception for the Leadership Matters for America PAC, of which Christie is honorary chairman.

The reception, which will take place at the Union League in Philadelphia on March 25, features four powerhouse PA Republican hosts: Congressman Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania’s 7th District, Montgomery County’s Robert Asher, who serves as the state’s committeeman on the Republican National Committee, as well as Pennsylvania businessmen Frank Giordano and John Silvi.

Silvi, co-owner of New Jersey- and Pennsylvania-based Silvi Concrete, has been a frequent donor to the Republican Party, as well as individual congressional campaigns (including Meehan). Giordano serves as the president and CEO of Philly POPS, the largest stand-alone POPS orchestra in the country.

This reception comes at a time when Christie’s PAC is attracting significant donors and staffing up for 2016. Its recent hires include several staffers from former President George W. Bush’s Administration and campaign team.

According to Bloomberg News, Leadership Matters has attracted 41 donors, but fellow Republican contender, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, maintains a fundraising lead.

Christie is certainly hoping to lure in some more donors at his Philly reception, at which he will be the special guest. The invitation offers a minimum donation of $1,000 per person and a maximum of $5,000 per person.

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4 thoughts on “Christie Enlists Help From Pennsylvania GOPers”

  1. jim says:

    So Asher is supporting another fiscally irresponsible Republican who (like Tom Corbett) cannot balance a state budget. NJ pension funds are in shambles, taxes are high, people and business are leaving. Scott Walker is a far superior choice to this incompetent blow hard.

  2. Denny Bonavita says:

    Read “The Soprano State.” Then ask why anyone in Pennsylvania (outside of Philadelphia, which might as well be New Jersey in terms of corruption) would vote for anyone who does political business in New Jersey for any federal office. The state is a political corruption sewer. Even though Christie is a good guy in the book, that is by New Jersey standards. Sad but true.

  3. Jack Sprat says:

    Convicted Felon Bob Asher is at it again . How does the Republican Party have a Convicted Felon on Political Corruption Charges as a Republican National Committeeman Google R Bud Dwyer’s Video of Bud Blowing his Brains out on TV over what Felon Bob Asher did .

  4. Ed K says:

    This a real petition wrote by me, Edward Kuchinsky and I am the one who is posting this message to the media and to anyone who shares my belief. Please read my petition and allow yourself to gain a voice. If you don’t wish to sign I don’t force anyone to or will persuade anyone to do so. Please just give it your consideration.

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