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Cognetti Wins Scranton Mayoral Race

Scranton has elected a new Mayor. 

Paige Cognetti, former Scranton School Director who also served in the Treasury Department in the Obama administration, won the seven-candidate race to succeed Bill Courtright. Cognetti launched an Independent bid for the office and received support from Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, who she served as an adviser to, and former Lt. Gov. William Scranton. 

Cognetti will serve the rest of the term of previous Mayor Bill Courtwrigh, who resigned from office in July after entering a plea agreement on three federal charges, which include bribery, conspiracy, and “attempt to obstruct commerce by extortion.”

Cognetti becomes the first woman elected Mayor of Scranton.

5 Responses

  1. Good for her. NEPA politics have been corrupted and damaged by the lies of Fox News for 25 years now. Too many NEPA voters vote for Republicans because they don’t realize Republican billionaires are lying to them to get them to vote for tax cuts for billionaires. (That’s all Rupert Murdoch cares about when he hires the liars at Fox. Fox lies about minorities and immigrants and liberals to get votes for billionaires’ tax cuts)

    Cognetti is a reality-based politician who will be good for everyone, not just Republican billionaires.

  2. She has already declared Scranton to be a Sanctuary City. This should guarantee Trump’s win in all of Northeast Pa.

    In financial distress she “welcomes” illegals. Well, Mayor, who is going to pay for all their free benefits?

    She is a one-termer, voters will be ousting her fast. Maybe even impeach her lol

    1. Undocumented immigrants come to this country for work that is not available in their original countries. They do a lot of work that we won’t do, so they contribute to us a lot more than we spend on them. How can we forget that it was our immigrant ancestors who built this country? And the reason they came here was that the country welcomed them instead of building walls to keep them out.

      1. What about the violation of existing federal law that was not in effect the time of our “ancestors”. What about taking care of our homeless, our veterans, our other citizens who need help? Why should we who live in Scranton have to pay education, housing, food and other benefits to people who violate our laws? Wanna be a citizen? Do it the legal way. Build the wall.

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