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Corbett Named Most Vulnerable Gov

Tom-Corbett-upsetGovernor Tom Corbett finds himself in the midst of a streak about as sad as that faced by the Philadelphia 76ers. For the ninth straight month, the Washington Post rated Gov. Corbett the number one most vulnerable governor in the 2014 midterm elections.

The Post’s political blog The Fix published the following entry:

1. Pennsylvania (R): Gov. Tom Corbett (R) is still the most vulnerable governor in the country. A recent Quinnipiac poll showed voters said he doesn’t deserve reelection by 55-34 percent. Former state revenue secretary Tom Wolf has emerged as the Democratic frontrunner, and he led the incumbent 52-33 in the same poll. Ouch. (Previous ranking: 1)

The state Democratic party was quick to pounce on Gov. Corbett.

“It’s not a surprise. In fact, Tom Corbett doesn’t even seem to be shocked by his own grim reelection chances,” said PA Democratic Party Deputy Press Secretary Beth Melena. “That’s probably why he went up with a new ad today, which makes a total of 9 Corbett radio or television ads that have been aired. That’s some pretty hefty air time for an incumbent governor eight months out from a general election. But desperate times do call for desperate measures…”

Democratic candidates for Governor include former Department of Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf, State Treasurer Rob McCord, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty.

17 Responses

  1. To say Corbett has not acted like a leader is typically Democrat. To take a delegation to Rome to convince The Pope to come to Philadelphia in 2015 is leadership at its finest. The Pope’s visitation will bring millions of tourists to Pennsylvania, where they will spend millions of dollars.

    Sale of Pennsylvania state stores has been an issue in Harrisburg as long as I’ve been alive, and that’s a lot of years; so to assign that issue as a failure under Corbett is really grabbing at straws.

    Since the Federal Government is not willing to spend on highways and transit, we must do this ourselves in Pennsylvania if we wish to outshine other states and win competitions of corporate locations.

    As far as the Sandusky situation, and for that matter, other prisoners; I applaud the leadership of the Corbett administration for trying to rehabilitate those who have wronged, rather than building more and more prisons at taxpayer expense. This is one place where money is being saved.

  2. @ Sean

    Guzzardi DID file the Ethics Statement; he was unaware [and the instructions to candidates failed to state a deadline-date] of the need to transport the identical document, also, to the Ethics Commission.

    @ Silverliner

    Without parsing your posting line-by-line, let’s just say that the polling undermines your glowing portrayal of Corbett; there is plenty “they can nail on Corbett” both regarding policy [not having tackled Pensions, and not having sold the State Stores] and procedure [Sandusky, and violating a pledge not to raise taxes/fees].

    He may claim to be “honest, has no skeletons in the closet, no secret affairs, no corruption. He’s one of the best governors Pennsylvania has ever had.” But he hardly has acted as a “leader” and, remember, four years ago @ the PLC, he referred to the U.S. Constitution as a “living document” [a line libs employ when petitioning it to alter established-law].

    The perennial claim that so-and-so “inherited a giant mess from [the opposition party]; but yet, dove in there and worked ha[r]d to get the job done.” is trite and not particularly meaningful; he must defend his record of increased taxation [even of gasoline, which the PA-Supremes disallowed, thereby having the potential to ameliorate], for these actions are tethered to increasing the overall costs.

    You claim Corbett team “is bringing jobs and corporations into Pennsylvania, our roads, bridges and transit is being improved,” but he shouldn’t place America in tax-receivership by emulating how BHO engages in corporate-welfare.

    Absent data, it is difficult to concur that Corbett has been “man enough to step up to the plate and negotiate with unions.” He appears to be paying government employees generously. This set of circumstances may also explain why he hasn’t sold the State Stores.

    {I also have a personal issue with his having reversed the posture of his anti-Trust division when announcing approval of the creation of Highmark; when queried, he didn’t remember the particulars.}

    So, let’s all recognize that Guzzardi should be admired for having done what few others envision: he puts his resources [time/money] into “walking the talk.” And let’s all recognize that Corbett has not lived-up to baseline positions/promises….as he increasingly buys into the Dem-postures on many issues [such as Medicaid Expansion without the work-requirement, precisely what BHO advocates].

    @ Sean & Silverliner

    Either document your assertions, or consider rescinding them.

  3. The left is really, really trying to find something they can nail on Corbett….but they can’t. He’s honest, has no skeletons in the closet, no secret affairs, no corruption. He’s one of the best governors Pennsylvania has ever had. He inherited a giant mess from former Democrats; but yet, dove in there and worked had to get the job done. And hey, look around, the Corbett team is bringing jobs and corporations into Pennsylvania, our roads, bridges and transit is being improved and he’s man enough to step up to the plate and negotiate with unions. Corbett has my vote in November.

  4. Having Bob Guzzardi removed from the ballot will be a PHYRRIC victory of massive proportions for the Corbett/Acting Governor Brabender team. The Grass Roots cannot be silenced! Bob Guzzardi will not be silenced. Bob Guzzardi will be turned into a folk hero. THE GRASSROOTS WILL NOT BE SILENCED BY THE PAGOP CONSULTING CLASS!

  5. You will hear much from theTom Corbett/Acting Governor John Brabender Fund Raising Team about critical March deadlines. Funding TeaParty Tom Corbett right now is about as dumb as making donations to Uncle Sam. The Brabender finance team is good at “keeping donors on the Ferris Wheel-in the game.” They won’t let you keep your money at home. But here’s the cold hard facts Corbett donors: what are you going to get for hard-earned cash? Will you get a front row seat at the funeral wake on election night after Corbett has been driven to the political morgue? Will you get to be in the receiving line when Tom and Susy board the plane for their South Carolina retirement home? Don’t fall for the fairy dust that the Corbett fund-raisers have used over the decades to take your cash.

  6. That can’t be right: Guzzardi may be something of a crank, but if only because he is at least vaguely a lawyer and certainly rich enough to hire a real one, he cannot have failed to file an Ethics Act Statement, which even local candidates are required to do everywhere in Pennsylvania.

  7. This is indeed a source of worriment:

    Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge disqualified a candidate from appearing on the Republican primary election ballot because he violated state election law, having filed his financial disclosure forms with the State Ethics Commission after the March 11 deadline.


  8. A week or so ago I stated that I believed Bob Guzzardi would survive the petition challenge. A recent decision passed down on a State Representative candidacy has caused me to reverse that prediction.

    While the Guzz will not be kicked off the ballot because of insufficient signatures, he will be removed because of failing to file a Statement of Financial Interest with the State Ethics commission on time.

    Judge Kevin Brobson removed Joe Eisenhauer from the ballot in the 102nd State House district for the same reason.

  9. Election eve will be A Night To Remember!

    The weight of corruption in the bow is going to pull her down by the head. It is a mathematical certainty. With that amount of underwater cronyism and self-dealing, she cannot stay afloat.

  10. It is doubtful he survives the signature challenge, but even if he does, Guzzardi failed to file a statement of financial interests with the State Ethics Commission. He’s done.

  11. @ Lariat:

    Although I agree with your concern with AG-Kane, Guzzardi is withholding final judgment until all the facts have been elucidated; his posture has nothing to do with the social issues.

    @ Jim:

    A decision will be rendered on Wednesday regarding his ballot position; as I have documented, he should prevail…unless there is something you know that i don’t know?


    There was a mediated settlement-conference held last week and, unlike Paterno, Guzzardi felt no compulsion to withdraw thereafter.

    I might add that the experience of Brendan Boyle may be instructive, for the notarizing process he employed was sustained, despite the fact that the notarizer was one of his employees; the individual functioned after-hours. In Guzzardi’s case, if memory serves [because I didn’t scrutinize DelCo in-detail], the challenge is against the fact that the circulator wrote the county in which she lives instead of the county of the signers [on page 2]; the bulk of signatures [30 and 14] are therefore challenge [among the ~93 total], with Guzzardi only having to reverse 10.

    So I really think you should divulge what guilty-knowledge you may have, unless you’re just trying to be provocative.

  12. Guzzardi endorsed and still supports pro abortion and pro gay marriage Kathleen kane. Enough said. He’s no conservative.

  13. Dear Dr. Sklaroff: You are correct. Four years of rule by an unelected Virginia horse country consultant John Brabender and his dark minions like the Nutts and Bakers is more than enough. Dear Doctor: Would you pay for Bob’s campaign to do a helicopter fly-over of the Dark Prince’s Virginia Horse Farm to highlight the largesse of the GOP consulting class, that Rush has so often warned us? The time for Scott Wagner and Bob Guzzardi has arrived, even if Establishment Harrsiburg Republicans ignore the Tsunami coming at them from the grass roots!

  14. Acting Governor Brabender’s subliminal advertising has not yet caused me to forget the Second Mile and their board’s love of Tom Corbett: I think anyone in Harrisburg needs to do some serious thinking about letting the Kane issues in Philadelphia drown out and be confused with serious issues that remain unanswered in the Corbett Sandusky matter. If you read, Victim #1′s book, SILENT NO MORE, he and his family certainly believe that Aaron’s case was “slow-rolled” by Corbett. Also why was never any action taken against the Second Mile staff or board? Because the Board of the Second Mile were loyal Corbett donors? I am quite sure the victims of Sandusky really don’t care that much about Mr. Fina’s unfinished investigations in Philadelphia, and should they really? Tom Corbett can run from the unanswered questions surrounding Sandusky , the Second MIle and Gricar, but he cannot hide from the voters, and they will be the ultimate Grand Jury.
    Aided by state child welfare officials, the Second Mile charity Pennsylvania child welfare agencies close to Sandusky and Second Mile have yet to be thoroughly investigated Among the lingering questions in the Jerry Sandusky case is whether Sandusky founded the Second Mile charity with an eye toward using the organization to lure and abuse young boys. Tantalizing insights into this subject were raised during Sandusky’s 2012 trial, but were never considered by the jury, nor directly recorded in t…

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