Corbett Spox Harley Leaves Administration

Kevin Harley
Kevin Harley

There’s been another shakeup in Governor Tom Corbett’s administration.

Communications Director Kevin Harley is leaving his post, Corbett announced in a Monday press release.

Harley will take a position with Quantum Communications, a Republican PR firm in Harrisburg led by well-known consultant Charlie Gerow.

“Kevin has been one of my closest and trusted advisors for many years,” Corbett said. “I value his counsel and friendship. I look forward to continuing to work with him in a new role.”

Harley was one of the Governor’s longest-serving top aides. He was Press Secretary for Corbett’s Attorney General bid, the Attorney General’s office under Corbett, his gubernatorial campaign, and for Corbett’s transition and administration as governor.

The announcement comes near the end of a tough summer for Corbett, including the failure to achieve major budget priorities and poor poll numbers ahead of next year’s gubernatorial election.

Republicans have long grumbled about Corbett’s seeming inability to communicate effectively with the public, resulting in consistently poor poll numbers. Though more of the GOP political class blamed Corbett for the shortcoming than Harley, many had expected a shakeup as election season approaches.

To address this problem, Leslie Gromis-Baker, a well-respected GOP operative, joined the administration in July.

The release said Corbett would name Harley’s replacement soon.

12 Responses

  1. Privatize the Governor’s office! Rotate private citizens in for one-year term, great benefits, no lobbyists/trade trips/kayaking/fundraisers needed.

  2. Dear Mr. Lafferty: The problem with the Corbett Camelot is they are filled with Takers, who have digested the TEAPARTY agenda without truly believing in it. So there is a balanced budget, what’s next?. There is absolutely no vision of moving the State forward. TEAPARTY TOM DOESN’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING BUT BALANCE THE BUDGET and quietly let his gang of TAKERS take. PAGOP campaigns are run now almost 100% on Fear. Fear of the Black Man. This is the only card this gang of Takers has to play. If the Republican legislature really wanted to do something effective, it would ban our Dark Prince Brabender from ever making fees again from a Pennsylvania Campaign.

  3. Harley wasn’t terrible but his political team is literally is the worst in the United States. Call one of their regional offices and find out yourself, staffed by the inept hangers on and comares of donors. They are literally making history because of how bad they are.

  4. Dear COS Gromis-Baker: I have a free idea for you, a rare commodity in Harrsiburg. Have THE MAN go on a COMMONWEALTH OPPORTUNITY TOUR, like his favorite governor Bob McDonnell, another AG who’s done well. THE MAN, can even have Rob Gleason open for him on the tour, reminding White Folk how much he loves them and is doing to protect WHITE FOLK from those Black parasites in Philadelphia.

  5. Kevin Harley is not the problem in the Corbett Administration. Corbett is the problem in the Corbett Administration. Harley just failed to give the right advice, like all Corbett’s inner circle, preferring to tell the boss what the boss wanted to hear, not what he needed to hear. This is emblematic of the entire Republican Party that refuses to get out of its own way, stuck in the 1985 way of doing things.

  6. Do you think COS Gromis-Baker (Our Joan of ARC) has visions from God about what Corbett Knights should die and who shall stay? Or does she just take direction from the Dark Prince Brabender? YET DO I FEAR THY NATURE; IT IS TOO FULL ‘O THE MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS TO CATCH THE NEAREST WAY.

  7. I didn’t realize Charlie actually had any clients. I always figured his “firm” was just an illusion that allowed him to attend events without saying he is unemployed.

  8. @bobguzzardi Come on. The title for consultant with the most expensive GOP losses has to go to Mark Harris at ColdSpark. Allegedly, his company motto is “who cares if they can win as long as they are rich.”

  9. Maybe we are entrering a new form of Government in PA, the rule of lobbyists. Maybe the state can be divided among warring lobbyists like Afghani War Lords: Stan Rapp, Greenlee and Associates, Long and Nyquist, and Gromis can just divide up territories. Save on paying for a Governor, sell the mansions. Why not? A TEAPARTY idea if there ever was one. In the meantime: While Corbett’s Camelot still exists can someone please get me my interview with Dark Prince, Brabender. As I’ve said before I am a certified TAKER that knows how to dress for funerals. I will serve in any capacity but really have eyes on Carol’s Ministry, VOTER SUPPRESSION. I would make such beautiful music with Rob Gleason, PA’s #1 RACE Hustler. Good work our Joan of Arc, Gromis-Baker. Nothing is more fascinating than a good blood letting. “What’s done is done.”

  10. Kevin Harley and Charlie Gerow together mean failed phonies are partnered to tank Tom Corbett. The level of incompetence is now on full display for all to see.

    A close look at Charlie GID Gerow will tell us that he has not won an election or even been campaign manager in two years but his greatest success was as campaign consultant for Linda Thompson in 2009 Democratic Primary.

    Does anyone in media even research Charlie Gerow and his record? Very expensive failures are a feature of his campaign consultancy.

    The Democrats are pleased.

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