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CREDO PAC: “Take Down Mike Fitzpatrick” (Watch Video)

CREDO Super PAC released a new web video as part of a campaign called “Take Down Mike Fitzpatrick” Friday, decrying the GOP Congressman for being a “Tea Party Extremist.”

The PAC wasted no time on subtlety in the video, which begins with a screen shot of the words, “When it comes to governing Pennsylvania, Mike Fitzpatrick is clueless.”

The video basically amounts to a piecemeal composition of criticism and insults, set in a slideshow like manner to Neil Young’s “Hawks and Doves.”

The PAC presents a list of infractions that are meant to cast Rep. Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) as unsuitable to serve. Among them:

“He illegally skipped his own swearing in ceremony to fundraise.”

“He said Obama would ‘trade away’ America’s secrets if elected.”

“He voted to defund Planned Parenthood.”

Fitzpatrick’s Campaign Manager Faith Bender said that the ad and any Boockvar affiliation with it paints a plain picture for voters: that Boockvar is too liberal for the district.

“After Boockvar visits San Francisco to raise money with Nancy Pelosi and Michael Dukakis’ daughter, why would we be surprised that a San Francisco-based group launches a bogus ad,” Bender said.

“Boockvar is so out-of-touch with Bucks County, the only folks willing to support her are outsiders from San Francisco with names like MudCat. Adding insult to injury, do these CREDO extremists even have permission to use copyrighted music, or, did they just steal it since Neil Young ‘really didn’t build that’ song. ”

After calling Fitzpatrick an embarrassment, the ad ends with a direct call to action —“Take him down.”

PoliticsPA looked into whether the group is using the song without permission, but Warner Bros./Reprise Records representatives declined to comment.

As of 10:30 a.m. Tuesday YouTube has not taken down the ad.

52 Responses

  1. @Alex you’re an idiot. If the case is so strong against Fitzpatrick why make up BS like that. “…voted to redefine rape.” Oh Please.

    You’re right about one thing, we don’t need those crazy Tea Party ideas like less power in Washington DC and lower taxes for everyone. That’s just nuts.

  2. @capdot. If it wasn’t a fundraiser, then why did he charge 30$ to attend? Where did that money go? Into his campaign coffers of course!

  3. The entire Medicare law including the establishment of the Independent Payment Advisory Commission in 1997 which has been making recommendations to congress that congress has been ignoring for year. As fiduciaries of Medicare congress has been very negligent. This is why we now have a payment advisory board that was created by 6 US senators, 3 republicans and 3 democrats, not the president.

  4. Reply to CaptDot….

    It is your opinion that Fitz broke no ethical rules re his swearing in…you are not the final arbiter on that .
    The congressmans town halls on the ACA were scripted from the playbook..talking points…he will not answer questions he has had in his possession since May.
    The call is for a fact finding truthful discussion on the ACA and Medicare with no canned format.
    I suggest you read the law. The Medicare law mandates cost containment since 1997, and the Medicare Law prohibits any cut in Medical care and I find it hard to believe doctors will leave the program especially since the recommendations call for an increase in the reimbursements to the primary physician.
    And the president, did not threaten to withhold social security checks, the president does not control the issue of social security checks. Not Obama…not any president. That is controlled by written law, written by congress, the congress is in control, and today congress has an approval rating of 12%.

  5. My comment, another person’s comments and my replies on youtube:
    My original comment:
    “Skipped swearing-in to fundraiser – lie! He was with our group that helped him during the campaign at a thank you gathering. NO Fund raising occurred. Yes, the man is pro-life. It’s more of an embarrassment that the left needs to recruit and get folks in from the other coast to do their dirty work. I assume this comment will not be posted, as dissent is not permitted by the liberal-progressive machine”.
    Comment from ethelmaymertz268E68s
    “Fitzpatrick only represents his supporters, not all of his constituents, he has refused to honor a request to have a civil honest discourse on Medicare and the ACA at a dedicated town hall.
    People are getting the message…he went too far right and the politics of fear he participates in is scaring senior citizens.
    And dissent is allowed by the liberals”.
    My reply: “Sorry you missed the town hall meeting dedicated to the ACA at Washington Crossing. Ask your buddies at Penn Action. They were there. Scaring seniors – Last year Obama threatened to not send Social Security checks. The ACA should scare seniors. “Savings” to Medicare are reduced payments to physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Reductions that likely will eventually lead to providers refusing to accept Medicare and Medicaid patients. This will hurt the most vulnerable. Read the law & regulations.

  6. Boockvar has a failed record of running for elective office. She has been a consistent candidate that loses,every time. Bucks County won’t elect a far-Left extremist like Boockvar. Never going to happen. She clearly is delusional. Where is her campaign, other than the 12 folks at CREDO? What is her plan to reform Social Security and Medicare which are set to run out of money very soon? What is her plan to reduce the deficit and the national debt? what is her plan to secure our borders? What is her plan to create, promote and incentivize the private sector in creating meaningful, permanent jobs? What is her plan regarding Iran’s quest to anihiliate Israel? Kathy…where are you?

  7. Wow, you “ladies” get mean quick when people disagree with you. You can’t possibly be using all of the brains that God gave you in these responses…

  8. Cherylann – if you want equality, why do you fall back to your age and your gender as an argument against taking you on. Why should I talk to you any differently than I would talk to anyone else just because you’re old and a woman?

  9. @Steven Your are certainly loosely connected and NOT looking for a DEBATE. Do you always talk to mother’s & seniors like that? I’m a 62 year old mother and senior, you moron. It looks like your mother didn’t raise you to be a nice gentleman, but then again, I’m talking to a dumb conservative ignorant species. This is our future generation? God Bless Us All!

    About BucksRight
    My name is Steven, and I am a proud conservative situated in a purple county in a blue state. it’s time to focus on the actions that need to be taken to allow conservative candidates to start winning local, state and national election and save our country from the wild spending spree our statist Congress and President are on.

    This is going to be a fast-paced hard hitting site where no holds are barred and nothing is off limits. If a topic needs to be called bullshit, it will be called bullshit. No stars.

    All are welcome to visit or comment. Hateful, threatening or obscene comments (as well as spam) will be deleted.

    We want liberals here. We are not afraid of healthy debate.

    I write for no one but myself and in my own interest. I am not affiliated with any campaign or candidate. I am only loosely connected to a political party (registered Republican with no position or standing in the party). I am, however, closely affiliated with my own conservative roots and values.

  10. @Steven Let’s look at your mothers twinkies. God I hate conservative males, real hicks, real d**k b@&I*n’s, real slobs. LMAO!

  11. If you want to support females in your life, support Kathy Boockvar. Freedom = no restrictions, human rights.

  12. I’ve been volunteering with CREDO from Bucks County and have suffered with Fitzpatrick’s tea party propaganda, while obstructing our POTUS. He makes me violently sick.

  13. Boochvar is a 3rd rate candidate at best. She has went 0-2 in Bucks County. She performed the worst of any county Democrat in 2007 even when she was running against a corrupt old hag.

  14. If Fitz wants to take down the women, I’m taking him down. He does NOT represent the 99er’s. Loser, loser!

  15. Women will castrate Fitz at the polls. He’s a male communist dictating to women. Excuse me, who do you think you are? How dare you!

  16. Fitzpatrick will be destroyed. He tea party and right extremism against women. Women Against Fitzpatrick! He is dangerous to women’s freedom, hurts seniors and sucks up to the Koch Bros ignoring the middle class. His other constituents that he ignores in Bucks County are paying him a visit in Tampa in protest at the RNC.

    Kathy Boockvar for women, seniors and the middle class.

  17. I wonder how long it would be after a group threatened to “take down” the President before the Secret Service would be at their door with an investigation.

    “Take Down” is a hunting term, and the threat is clear.

  18. @Kathleen. Where do you see George Soros funding CREDO? Look at or opensecrets and you can see who funds CREDO. Its all grassroots patriots unlike yourself. @sean ryan: you trying to differentiate whats good rape and bad rape is the reason your gonna lose the female vote by a landslide

  19. Facts about CREDO …It clearly is a company that gives back. From Wikipedia
    CREDO (formerly Working Assets Wireless) is an American for-profit[1] company that offers mobile and long distance phone service. Based in San Francisco, California, Working Assets has raised over $65 million for nonprofit organizations.
    In November 2007, Working Assets announced that it was changing its name to CREDO to better reflect the company’s values: a belief that people, through donations to nonprofits and political activism, can effect progressive change.[2]
    In 2009, CREDO was recognized by the nonprofit Planning and Conservation League as the Environmental Business of the Year.
    CREDO Action is the action group for the company and it has 1,904,281 supporters across the country who support the cause with donations. The goal for this election is to take down the top ten tea party congressmen. It falls to the local community to activate.

  20. Additionally dear Kathy…
    The Take Down Fitzpatrick group is all local.
    The Take Down Fitzpatrick Super Pac is not based in San Francisco. It is based in Doylestown. No one on staff is from San Francisco, and all are unpaid volunteers, they are Bucks County residents who are fed up with Fitzpatrick and the tea party.
    CREDO is a for profit business headquartered in SF with an action group that functions locally across the country. Americans For Prosperity that is funded by the Koch Brothers has been supporting the tea hat nut cases in Bucks County and is headquartered in Virginia and the PA state coordinator is from Bucks County. No one from SF is here unlike Dick Armey of the AFP who came to Bucks County to rally the nut cases.

  21. Mike is not a Tea Party extremist, like SE Pa
    Tea Party Groups, he is a pretender….not a real Tea Party believer….but merely a co-opted Republican ‘good old boy’, just as Kathy is aDemocrat co-opted ‘good old gal’. I’m not saying that is good or bad, just stating an informed observable fact.
    Do your own deciding – but don’t be deceived.
    This is, as usual, an election with the choice being the,’lesser of evils’….as are most elections having contrived choices. Still, it is wise to be objectively knowledgeable…..

    Tom Lingenfelter 215-230-5330

  22. There is nothing more UN American than throwing up roadblocks to keep the citizens from voting, and bragging about it. My grandson served a year in Iraq to help people he did not know to gain the right to vote, and in his own country he is under attack.

  23. Dear Kathy..

    Do you approve of the tactics of the republicans who have created a phony face book page and are sliming the opposing candidate?
    It is equally repugnant, and probably cause for a lawsuit but the victim is taking the high road.
    And Kathy dear, you do not speak for the “state” of Pennsylvania. BTW…its a Commonwealth, not a state.

  24. Radical, anti-American groups such as CREDO, funded by the despicable George Soros, have no place in our state and are considered repugnant by residents of Bucks County.

    These people may be welcomed in Seattle, NYC, or LA; however, here in PA we find them offensive and consider their tactics reprehensible.

  25. FD72

    Once again you presume to tell me what I think. And once again you are wrong.
    You have no place in the discussion about rape, unless perhaps you get raped, but at least you cannot get pregnant.
    I asked you to provide my words to prove your accusation, and you cannot, you continue to play the game and now its over.

  26. Susan, statutory rape is a crime with consent. A far cry from the violent act of forcing a woman to have sex against her will.

    Again, you have no problem with Abortion on demand as a means of birth control but when convenient you will claim that a 15 year old is a rape victim when she has consentual sex.

    Stop being a hypocrite.

  27. When you refer to felons do not leave out the white guy in the Armani suit.

    Voting Rights of Ex-Felons in Pennsylvania

    There are many myths about who has lost the right to vote. In many counties, election and prison officials are confused about the voting rights of felons and may even be giving out bad information. Too many felons think that they can never vote again, or that they must wait five years.

    Here are the facts:

    Under Pennsylvania law, felons who have been released from prison, or who will be freed by the time of the election, are eligible to vote. This is true even if they are on parole or probation. Only those felons who are incarcerated are not allowed to vote. Voting rights are automatically restored upon release from prison.
    Who is eligible to register and vote?

    Incarcerated individuals convicted of misdemeanors (must vote with an absentee ballot)
    Individuals who are under house arrest (must vote with an absentee ballot)
    Individuals who are on probation or released on parole
    Individuals being held while awaiting trial (must vote with an absentee ballot)
    Individuals in a halfway house NOT on pre-release status can vote (NOTE: Individuals in halfway houses cannot use the halfway house as their official address for voting purposes.)

    Who is not eligible to register and vote?

    Individuals who are incarcerated (in a penal institution or halfway house) on felony charges and who won’t be released before the election
    Individuals in a halfway house on pre-release status
    Individuals who have been convicted of violating the PA election laws within the past four years

    The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania is committed to making sure that everyone’s right to vote is protected. If you know of an eligible voter who has been in prison and is having trouble registering to vote or being allowed to vote, please have him or her contact the ACLU of Pennsylvania at one of our three offices:

    Philadelphia Office toll-free: 1-877-PHL-ACLU
    Harrisburg Office toll-free 1-877-HBG-ACLU
    Pittsburgh Office toll-free 1-877-PGH-ACLU

    For more information about voting, go to

    The above information only applies to individuals living in Pennsylvania.

  28. to Sean..
    Your response is full of crap and again another nut case telling me what I support. Who is any man to parse the crime of have any say in the consequences and how women must deal with it? A rape victim can be helped medically immediately, and should be.
    As for aiding mothers to be reunited with children….it is about mothers who are rehabbed…and that is always the goal…to help families heal. The republican faux concern for children is a joke.
    She defended the restoration of voting rights for convicted felons…and Pennsylvania does restore the rights. Hey… never know when one one of your friends will be one.

  29. The comment regarding “legitimate rape” is regarding statutory rape versus a forced rape. Statutory rape is a crime of age and consent whereas forced rape is a violent act against women. When discussing abortion and whether or not a rape victim should be eligible for federal subsidies there is a huge difference, except when you have to campaign on sound bites because you have no real platform.
    Ironically you are okay with underage girls having abortions but not having sex with someone just 3 years older than they are.
    Now, the event that Fitzpatrick missed the swearing in for was not a fundraiser and after Congressional review it was proven. But let’s look at Kathy Boockvar’s record. She has spent the bulk of her career endorsing and then supporting the most radical ideas of the Democratic Party. They oppose the very industries that organized labor works in that are not “Environmentally” green.
    She wrote essays and argued for crack addicted mothers to retain parental rights despite a clear fact that children would be placed in seriously unsafe positions. She also has spent years arguing for more benefits for criminals which include rapist and child molesters. Not accused rapist and child molesters, but convicted rapist and child molesters some of which were admitted rapist and child molesters.

    Who is waging a war on women again?

  30. Yet he signed the oath of office the night before and the votes were invalidated because of a mistake, only for him to be sworn in.

    Where is the outrage when Obama messed up his oath of office? Oh that’s right, he took it again and everything was AOK.

    This debate has been had before and if anything illegal was done we would of actually heard about it. The ramblings of an outside special interest group mean nothing.

  31. Fitzpatrick violated the constitution by voting without ever being sworn in. For someone who says he loves the constitution, doesn’t seem like he’s ever read the thing

  32. When it comes to messaging, CREDO is clueless.

    1. Mike Fitzpatrick doesn’t “Govern” Pennsylvania.

    2. There was nothing “illegal” about him missing his swearing in ceremony…is this all you got?

    3. Pennsylvania doesn’t elect Mike Fitzpatrick, Bucks County does and has consistently done so for over 15 years.

    4. Got organized? You’r Obama for America’s rejects.

    5. Go back to San Francisco with your subsidized cell phones.

  33. The elderly republican did not misspeak….what he said was what he believed. Shameful.
    The elderly Democrat did not misspeak, he spoke truth to power and power always gets pissy.
    Democrats did not want the republican out, he would have been trashed in the election.
    As for felons…some of them are your friends…if Scooter LIbby lived in PA…he could vote or run for office. PA restored felon voting rights long ago.

  34. An elderly Republican misspeaks and you want him and everyone he knows to step out of their elections. An elderly Democrat misspeaks (all the time) and you want him second in line to run the country. You Democrats are picky, one might not know that you have a felon on the ticket in this state…

  35. Being born in Levittown does not create a birthright to political office in the 8th district.
    Boockvar is a resident of Doylestown, and eligible to run for office.
    I am a resident of the 8th for 41 years and want the opportunity to vote for her. I also came from NY. Most everyone came from somewhere else.

  36. Fitzpatrick only represents his supporters, not all of his constituents, he has refused to honor a request to have a civil honest discourse on Medicare and the ACA at a dedicated town hall.

    People are getting the message…he went too far right.

    As for extreme environmentalism…there is nothing more extreme than getting the water quality report from my local supplier and learning I am at risk of harm if I drink the tap water. Extreme environmentalism…not fast enough.

  37. Kathy is from Doylestown. Not a carpetbagger. There, helped you with that one. And when voters like yourself get to know Fitzpatrick’s support of Todd Akin and redefining rape, destroying medicare for hundreds of thousands of Bucks County seniors and violating the constitution to attend fundraisers, they’ll know Fitz is completely unfit to serve in Congress

  38. Kathy Boockvar will lose by a greater margin than Patrick Murphy. Why, because she is a typical carpetbagger who is affiliated with the most extreme elements of the Democratic party.
    Hell, she touts support of Labor when she opposes the very job they do. Her and her husbands extreme enviromentalism will turn most middle class families away from her. She lost all support from the FOP, the volunteer fire companies, and the EMT’s in Bucks County with her and her husbands past affiliations and when the average working family finds out about her role as a lead attorney promoting amnesty they will sour on her in a hurry.
    Demographics are a real pain in the butt.

  39. Thankfully with the help of organizations like CREDO and the ignorance of Fitzpatrick trolls like yourself, Kathy Boockvar will be victorious on Nov. 6

  40. Yes, justice will be served in behalf of his other constituents that he ignores.

  41. Fitzpatrick will be re-elected by a very large margin. Nobody in Bucks County knows who CREDO is and they have no real support outside of Kathy Boockvar volunteers. The same 12 supporters show up at every event and they think they have a movement.
    Boockvar is going to get destroyed because she is the radical far left liberal who cannot win in moderate Bucks County

  42. So glad to see an organization stand up to Fitzpatrick’s extreme positions. What kind of man who vote to redefine rape? Men like Todd Akin and Mike Fitzpatrick, both Tea Party buddies

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