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Cruz Releases PA Delegate Slate

CruzThe real battle on the GOP side in the April 26th primary will be at the bottom of the ballot.

That’s because of the unique way Pennsylvania allocates its 71 delegates in the Republican primary.

The statewide winner of the popular vote gets only 17 of these delegates, while the other 54 are elected by congressional district (three delegates for all eighteen seats). Importantly, though, PA is one of the only states where delegates are directly elected and don’t have to state a preference beforehand.

As a result, a down-ballot race that most voters don’t understand or notice will yield 54 delegates to the Republican National Convention that can vote for anybody. Since the question right now is whether GOP front-runner Donald Trump will reach the 1,237 threshold before the convention these delegates could prove vital.

Therefore, the Ted Cruz campaign is doing their best to assemble their own slate of delegates and let their supporters know who to vote for. The list of Cruz delegates is presented below:

Aldridk Gessa – 2nd Congressional District

Marilyn S Gillispie – 4th Congressional District

Richard J Chura Jr. – 5th Congressional District

Barry K Kroeker 5th Congressional District

Lyle Stewart – 5th Congressional District

Mary Elizabeth Wert – 6th Congressional District

Robert A Wert – 6th Congressional District

Deborah A Evangelou – 8th Congressional District

Lois M Kaneshiki – 9th Congressional District

Clayton David Show – 9th Congressional District

Elizabeth Greenaway – 10th Congressional District

Carol H Drewniak – 11th Congressional District

Jeffrey TT Haste – 11th Congressional District

Lowman S Henry – 11th Congressional District

J Daniel Mosel – 11th Congressional District

Thomas James Pyne – 11th Congressional District

Lawrence M Borland – 12th Congressional District

Bruce Keeler – 12th Congressional District

George F Steigerwalt – 12th Congressional District

Michael J McMonagle – 13th Congressional District

Dean N Browning – 15th Congressional District

Malcolm C Cole II – 15th Congressional District

Mark S Hoffman – 15th Congressional District

Christian Y Leinbach – 15th Congressional District

Douglas W Brubaker – 16th Congressional District

Ronald L Boltz – 17th Congressional District

James R. Means Jr. – 18th Congressional District

Sue Ann Means – 18th Congressional District

It’s worth pointing that the Cruz campaign has been by far the most skilled campaign when it comes to delegate selection (to the point that Trump has openly complained). So if the most organized team has just 28 candidates in fourteen districts, and only a full slate in three districts, it suggests that many of these delegates will remain up for grabs.

53 Responses

  1. Ms. Greenaway, are you running as a delegate, alternate delegate, or both? Also, if anyone would like to see another Cruz supporter elected as delegate or alternate delegate, I offer myself as a write-in-candidate. My full legal name is Charles Boritz III if you choose to write it in. Thanks! Good luck to Senator Cruz and his supporters tomorrow!

  2. Cruz delegates for the 10th District are Elizabeth Greenaway(need to write her name in the ballot) & Josh Linder. Go Cruz!

  3. The reason why Pennsylvania has this type of system is that if it was just a popular vote, only two cities would matter, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh would decide all of the national elections for the entire state. The rest of the cities/towns/counties/districts in this state would have no voice in the election. This is why we have delegates and this is why we have an electoral college. I wish schools would teach and people would educate themselves on how our political elections work. If you don’t have the time to read and figure out how elections work in Pennsylvania and the greater United States how can you claim to be educated on who to vote for?

  4. So, if there are no Cruz delegates for district 3, how do you vote? Just leave those votes blank? I certainly do NOT want to mistakenly vote for a Trump delegate!

  5. There are two articles i have found that list each district and their delegates along with whom they each support. One by dom giordano and one by sean hannity…just google them

  6. Ronald Entz of Lycoming County. I looked up your district and you are in District #10. Your Ted Cruz delegate is: Elizabeth Greenaway.BUT SHE maybe a WRITE IN VOTE. In that case you may have to write her name in. This is according to this site’s list as well as, Elizabeth’s personal post here. Good Luck voting!! I support Cruz as well.

  7. A lot of trump trolls on here can’t bear the thought of a constitutional conservative

  8. Cruz will lose pa Indiana and California no more chances to steal nom GET ON BOARD THE TRUMP TRAIN AND VOTE FIR THE NEXT POTUS

  9. Ppl say they won’t vote fir Trump because of the bathroom thing REALLY U will base the future if the country in that statement most states already do this its no big deal SORTY LOT

  10. All delegates should represent before the election so we know whom to vt for if not I won’t vote any delegates. Certainly not CRUZ DELEGATES.

  11. In order to be unbias this web site and the people administering the web site SHOULD LIST ALL OF THE CANDIDATES as well as all of the Delegates names NOT just Cruz and his delegates. If the Delegate has not committed yet then leave th candidates name blank.
    If not then maybe the domain name should read
    Guess a lot of delegates may not want to commit so as not to damage their own poliical carriers.

  12. Hello! I’m a write-in candidate, so I’m not on the ballot – you’d have to write me in. I decided to run when I saw that no other delegate candidates were committed to Cruz.

  13. The Republican primary process in Pennsylvania is a farce. It really fosters corruption in government when the party bosses can override the people’s choice. What happened to one person, one vote?

  14. I can’t believe my home state uses this system, instead of having delicates bound to how the PEOPLE vote! Disgraceful!

  15. Elizabeth Greenaway is listed as a delegate for the 10th congressional District; however, I do not see her listed on our ballot.

  16. Hew is a map that shows the congressional districts.

    I see there is no one for Cruz from the 3rd.

  17. Rule 8.4 of the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania’s Rules states that all delegates elected by Congressional District “…shall run at large within the Districts and shall not be officially committed to any particular candidate on the ballot.”

  18. Thanks for posting this. We need to do everything possible to prevent another liberal like Trump messing up the country more than it already is. I still can’t believe a Republican who wants “Gender Neutral bathrooms” can be ahead in the polls!

  19. We live in Jersey shore PA I am voting Cruz and so is my family. But I don’t know what district we are can someone tell me who Cruz delegates are forlycoming couny or my district

  20. I was actually with Trump until just this morning when he came out for PC rest rooms. I always did have concerns about Trump actually being PC, like most New Yorkers. Now we know, and the words came straight out of his own mouth! I’m voting for Cruz.

  21. Do your research of these listed. Some are Trump supporters. Very few Cruz. Choose wisely. You may vote Cruz but pick Trump delegate.

  22. Throughout the awesome scheme of things you’ll get an A+ with regard to effort and hard work. Exactly where you actually confused us was on the particulars. You know, as the maxim goes, details make or break the argument.. And that could not be more true here. Having said that, permit me say to you precisely what did work. The writing is pretty powerful and this is possibly why I am making an effort in order to comment. I do not really make it a regular habit of doing that. Secondly, whilst I can certainly see a jumps in logic you come up with, I am not really certain of just how you seem to unite the details which make your final result. For right now I will subscribe to your issue but hope in the foreseeable future you link the facts much better.

  23. No representatives are shown for Disttict 1. For the sake of the few who are confused and do not understand how the election process has worked for the last 200+ years, go back to the Civics class you probably slept through in high school. We have always elected representatives from the Electoral College.

  24. This is very instructive. Thanks. There will be 3 per district; I am in District 2, so I will only vote for Gessa and not the other two delegates listed for my district (unless they come around before next Tues.) Very helpful! Too many people don’t understand that we are a democratic Republic and not a direct democracy!

  25. Thank you for this list! It is sad that the Republican candidate, Ted Cruz, must defeat a New York liberal, and then go on to defeat another New York Liberal. In essence, win 2 elections. But we can do it!!!

  26. THANK YOU FOR THIS LIST!!! NOW I finally know which delegates NOT to vote for!! TRUMP 2016!! Please publish a list of delegates who are for Trump and Kasich so that we can each choose delegates who would likely vote for our personal preferences in candidates — whomever they might be. That would be FAIR for all voters!! Otherwise, it’s a crap shoot!

  27. Cruz is foreign born and has his records sealed, sounds like Obama. Wake up people, the man is an establishment shill.

  28. Are there are delegates listed for congressional district 14 since the printing of this list? I would like to know, be informed, before the vote next Tuesday.

  29. P:B: THANKS, now I know who to vote for!! As for the uninformed, go ahead and pull your popular vote.
    We are informed…17 bounded delegates by state popular vote and 3 per district. However, most people will vote for the delegates who will vote for their district winner. It looks like you are the uneducated one.

  30. THANKS, now I know who to vote for!! As for the uninformed, go ahead and pull your popular vote.

  31. I am glad people want Ted Cruz. Trump will destroy this country and I applaud our deligates for going after Cruz for president. Cruz is the only conservative in this race and I hope he is elected as president.

  32. Good… I will not vote for (Deborah A Evangelou – Cruz delegate) in 8th district. I already informed about 100+ people searching for this information. I really appreciate the good work of Cruz’ organization! Mr. Cruz, you have to win with votes (people)…just saying.

  33. Who is the delegates for Franklin County ,Waynesboro, Pa. For Cruz. Is there more than one and who are they. I don’t know the district.Bill Shuster is one of our rep.

  34. Beverly Knapp –

    In the event that you cannot read at a grade level sufficient to understand my post immediately preceding yours, please research the difference between “plurality” and “majority.” Then report back with your findings.

  35. The delegates should vote the will of the Pennsylvania voters! These hard working taxpayers should have the say so as to who they want for their President. If the majority of the voters want Trump, the delegates should cast their votes for Trump. If Cruz wins the majority of the votes, the delegates should cast their vote for Cruz. That is the reason we elected these delegates…to represent the will of hard working tax paying Pennsylvania voters. Otherwise, it’s just a dog and pony show. Our votes don’t count! Joe 6 pack is just a hard working slave for the government with NO Rights!

  36. From my experience, “DC” is one of Trump’s useful idiots.

    PA delegates should vote at the convention for he who was chosen by “the majority,” you say? That’s a brilliant proposal if you ignore the fact that Trump has not won a “majority” (i.e. 50% + 1) in 40 of the 41 states/territories that have held primaries/caucuses/conventions so far. That’s right – excluding the Northern Mariana Islands – in every election “the majority” has NOT voted for Trump.

    The cries of “Corruption!” and “Establishment!” coming from Trump and his angry mob of followers ring hollow. “The system” that they decry has afforded Trump 46% of the delegates awarded so far despite him having only won 37% of the vote. This is not surprising, since “the system” is designed to stack the deck in favor of the front runner, jumpstart the coalescing around him and avoid a contested convention.

    In short, Trump blew it. Rather reign in the tweets and insults and allow for the said coalescing to occur, he managed to turn Ted Cruz of all people – the man perhaps hated most by DC insiders – into the white knight anointed to save the Republican Party from unmitigated disaster.

    Trump has backed himself into a situation where 70% of the general electorate disapproves of him and a majority of Republican primary voters are consistently rejecting him. The consequence will be a contested convention, where the majority of delegates – while initially bound to vote for a number of candidates on the first ballot – will band together on a subsequent ballot and nominate somebody other than Trump (probably Cruz).

    Of course, Trump never admits defeat or mistakes. He will predictably try to save face by blaming the “corrupt” primary process, take his ball and go home. This line will be parrotted by his useful idiots. But anyone who has an elementary grasp of reality will know the truth – Trump lost fair and square. And it was completely by his own doing.

  37. Delegates are elected by popular/majority vote within their precinct or district. So the will of the people is NOT being thwarted, but fulfilled. Choose your delegates wisely…

  38. Everyone is saying that the delegate should vote for the candidate who won the district. I absolutely disagree. I want to vote for Cruz. I do NOT want to vote for a delegate who will vote the majority. I don’t want my delegate to vote for anyone but Cruz. If a delegate is unpledged BEFORE the primary, I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM!

  39. After seeing the corruption by the Republican party, if delegates do not choose the candidate who the majority of people vote for, I pledge to NEVER vote again for ANY republican for ANY office. I know of MANY others who have made this pledge. The GOP is DONE. Your behavior trying to go against the people’s will is shameful.

  40. These delegates should be ashamed of yourselves. How about voting for who the majority of the people choose? I would never vote for any of those on this list regardless of who I wanted as president, because they are an offense to democratic ethics.

  41. Shouldn’t the delegates vote for who their Congressional District votes for? These people who are already supporting someone are jokers.

  42. My compliments, Andrew. If all of the information on your site is accurate, that is quite a resource. Well done.

  43. I am running as delegate in the 11th Congressional District, and have amassed a complete listing of all the candidates and who they support. My team of 15 people has called each, checked social media and news media, and scoured historical data to verify this is who they support. I have put up a non-partisan, unbiased website with this information, and also have a document on how the process works. It is updated daily. Please visit and share it, and pass along any errors or additions!

  • Understanding that basic education funding should/will be first, what should be the next highest priority for the General Assembly?

    • Raising The Minimum Wage (25%)
    • Legalizing Adult-Use Marijuana (24%)
    • None of the above. Something Else. (20%)
    • Economic Development (14%)
    • Higher Education (8%)
    • Public Transportation (8%)
    • Workforce Opportunities and Innovation (2%)

    Total Voters: 51

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