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2/17 Morning Buzz

Good numbers for Obama, Casey and Corbett. The budget debate continues, with Toomey speaking at Heritage. Vouchers on the agenda in Harrisburg. And Tom Knox considers a primary challenge to Nutter.. because Philly is famous for supporting losers?

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2/16 Morning Buzz

In a show of bipartisanship, State Sen. Solobay also partook of the lobbyist perk-fest Super Bowl trip. Sam Rohrer is back, vouchers are coming, and the Post-Gazette’s Daniel Malloy is just absolutely on a role.

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Obama’s 2012 Budget: Does it cut too much or not enough?

President Obama’s 2012 proposed fiscal budget may be a good starting place for figuring out just how to help turn around the national debt, but only so much can be done in one year and if Republicans and Democrats hope to see change to the deficit, they are going to have to establish some middle ground when confronting the issue. Some say the budget doesn’t cut enough, others warn not to cut too much.

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He’s Back! Rohrer to Head Americans for Prosperity’s PA Chapter

No political figure in PA better reflects the Tea Party outlook more than former State Rep. and GOP gubernatorial candidate Sam Rohrer. Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a conservative group aligned with the Tea Party movement, announced today that Rohrer is taking over as state director of the PA chapter. Republican patrons of pork had better watch out.

February 15th, 2011 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Harrisburg | 11 Comments