Poll Shows Good News Overall for Corbett; Most Doubt His No Tax Pledge

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

A new Quinnipiac poll shows a mixed bag for Tom Corbett, with half of voters not sure how he’s doing. However, the deeper one looks at the poll, the better the numbers appear for the Governor.

The poll showed that most Pennsylvanians don’t yet have an opinion on Governor Corbett’s job performance. A full 50 percent weren’t sure whether to give him an up or a down. However, those who did respond approve of Corbett’s job thus far by a 39 -11 percent margin.

Not surprisingly, Corbett’s strongest support is among Republicans who approve of his performance 57 – 4 percent, while independent voters approve 40 – 13 percent. Although 57 percent of Democrats don’t have an opinion about him, he has a 27 – 16 percent approval rating among those who do. Corbett has a small gender gap as men approve 41 – 11 percent while women approve 37 – 12 percent.

Voters are optimistic about the next four years with Corbett as governor by a margin of 65 – 23 percent, including 51 – 32 percent among Democrats. A total of 47 percent of Pennsylvania voters are “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with the way things are going in the state, up from a 37 percent “satisfaction” December 15.

The one caveat: by a relatively strong 53 – 33 percent margin, voters don’t believe Gov. Corbett can keep his promise no to increase taxes or fees and still balance the budget.

Voters agree overwhelmingly, 69 – 26 percent, with former Gov. Ed Rendell that the Commonwealth is better off that gambling addicts spend their money in Pennsylvania rather than elsewhere. By a narrow 51 – 46 percent margin, voters support increasing legalized gambling in the state to help meet the budget deficit.

The one idea they strongly favor is selling state liquor stores, an idea they support 65 – 26 percent; voters oppose 51 – 36 percent selling or leasing the Pennsylvania turnpike to raise cash; they oppose raising taxes 63 – 33 percent; and they support 52 – 40 percent laying off state workers.

The liquor store question read: “To help balance the state budget do you support or oppose – selling off the state liquor stores?”

From February 8 – 14, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,366 registered voters with a margin of error of +/- 2.7 percentage points. Live interviewers call land lines and cell phones.

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2 thoughts on “Poll Shows Good News Overall for Corbett; Most Doubt His No Tax Pledge”

  1. Don Reitmeyer says:

    Gov. Corbett adamantly opposes Taxing Gas Companies in PA and has appointed a Gas Industry big-wig to take over local governments and oust elected officials who attempt to block any Gas Co. projects. It’s telling that the majority of his campaign money came from the Gas and Oil Industry. While we suffer from a deficit, he has no intentions of Taxing these companies for drilling in PA to raise money to reduce the deficit. He took away health care and a week later announced he was giving Corporations $833 Million in Tax Cuts. So, the Health care system wasn’t bankrupt as he suggested , rather it prevented his give away to PA Corporations at the expense, and health of PA Citizens so he could give his Corporate donors the handouts they paid for in getting this Creep elected.

  2. Don Reitmeyer says:

    Tom Corbett’s radical agenda has not yet been seen by PA voters. The Shale/Gas Industry is going to turn our State into Arizona, complete with Toxic water and barren land where forests once stood. The Republicans control All 3 Branches of PA government. They prefer to help the wealthy and Corporations who fund their Election campaigns. They have little use for middle class families or their concerns and vote against their interests with every opportunity.

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