DCCC Launches Google Ads and Websites Against Fitzpatrick and Meehan

DCCC Town Hall AdsThe Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is launching microsites against Congressmen Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) and Pat Meehan (R-Delaware) on town hall meetings, and launching a Google search ad campaign directing to the sites.  

The ads are part of a national campaign targeting Republicans in 18 states.  

“This digital ad campaign exposes Representatives Meehan and Fitzpatrick while they’re home on recess and empowers people to hold their representatives accountable,” DCCC spokesman Evan Lukaske said in a release.  

The websites have a counter that counts up the time since the Congressmen’s last town hall meeting, links to articles about the people calling for town halls, and the Congressmen’s local office asking people to call and demand an in-person town hall. The websites are fitzpatricktownhallwatch.com and meehantownhallwatch.com.  

These sorts of websites are used as a way to drop some opposition research in an entertaining way to supporters and engage with them.  

The websites are being pushed through paid Google search ads, which display the ads when certain terms are put into Google.  The ads will display when users search the Congressman, town halls, health care, the district, or a wide variety of terms related to them.  

The push for town halls and tying it to the health care debate continues the DCCC’s messaging for most of the year and will likely be a part of its strategy for 2018.  

“If House Republicans are heartless enough to take away healthcare from their constituents but too scared to face them at public town halls, they don’t deserve to be in Congress,” Lukaske said.  

The National Republican Congressional Committee responded by pointing to the four special elections that Republicans won in 2017, and pointed to Fitzpatrick and Meehan’s community outreach.  

“This is the type of baseless political stunt that lost national Democrats four high profile special elections in 2017. Congressmen Fitzpatrick and Meehan have held dozens of community events and listening sessions – and voters won’t be fooled by desperate attacks from a broken and divided Democratic Party,” NRCC spokesman Chris Martin told PoliticsPA.

8 Responses

  1. More Lunacy (from the party that put up HILLARY in 2016) in order to trick people into thinking that Guns are Evil, while Abortion is Good.

    The Democrats forget Catholics are voters. They have a fraud of a Catholic in the form of the Brothers Boyle (who take money from Planned Parenthood, a very Anti-Catholic organization).

    Pathetic frauds upon the Voters in Pa.

    The Brothers Boyle are all-about power; thus, they will go down in time. Especially for the support they give Planned Parenthood!

    It is a total FRAUD that they claim to be CATHOLIC!

  2. Pathetic waste of money by a pathetic fundraising operation.

    Quick question for everyone here: When is the last time anyone has read, let alone clicked on, a Google text ad?

  3. A rising stock market finances both government and private pension plans;good for retirees.

  4. The Democrats are trying to convince their donors that they can flip districts that HRC won or that President Trump won by less than three points. Let us see Democratic leadership can, once again, fool some donors. In my view, Immigration Reform, Job and Economic Growth are vote movers, not Trump -Russian Collusion Hoax.

  5. Yea! Take out those moderates! Those reasonable pragmatic moderates need to be replaced with staunch ideological wingnuts! That will get Congress moving.

  6. GOP are afraid to hold town halls after failing to repeal Obamacare. 75% hate them for trying and the other 24% hate them for failing. The other 1% are dead, but have not been purged from voter rolls yet.

    1. 90% of statistics are made up by people who just want to make a point.

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