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DelRosso: Parental Rights, ‘Mama Bears” Could Determine Governor’s Race

Carrie DelRosso

Carrie DelRosso, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, told a group of Montgomery County activists that the GOP is counting on ‘mama bears’ to help the ticket across the line on Election Day.

The Scranton native knows full well that her running mate, Doug Mastriano, is getting outspent by a huge margin. But that has not swayed the 47-year-old’s optimism.

“Shapiro has a $16 million TV buy,” she stated. “What else can he say about a 30-year colonel in the Army, who knows strategy, who’s brilliant, he’s got his doctorate in history?”

DelRosso met with Moms For Liberty on Monday night, sharing her personal story and making her pitch for grassroots support throughout Montgomery County and the Commonwealth.

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, DelRosso remained in the area, raising three children, serving on the Oakmont Borough Council and running a public relations business before becoming alarmed at what was happening in her local school district.

She ran against longtime incumbent Frank Dermody in 2020 and defeated house minority leader by three points. DelRosso hopes to recapture that 33rd District magic with the GOP gubernatorial ticket in 2022.

In her mind, there was also payback for taking out Dermody, as redistricting most likely would cost her that seat this fall. How could she continue “to serve the people”? Run for higher office.

“The Democratic old boys’ regime tried to sideline me,” she said. “I was the last person in the (lieutenant governor’s) race and I ended up winning by 120,000 votes.”

The Monday event was slated to be a discussion of the Mastriano education plan that has blasted by the Pennsylvania State Education Association. It became a wide-open conversation on numerous issues, including election integrity.

Mastriano deputy campaign manager Josh Herman was also in attendance after hearing about the Moms For Liberty group and its involvement in a North Penn School district flap.

“A lot of other politicians would have said, ‘It’s not our district, it’s another senator or representative’s issue,’” said Herman. “That’s not the kind of guy Doug Mastriano is.”

“It’s time to rethink education here in Pennsylvania,” he continued. “Josh Shapiro stood with Tom Wolf in supporting the mask mandates, he supported the school closures, all the horrible things the pandemic brought in 2020, the school shutdowns, the escalation of these woke ideologies, whether it was CRT, gender theory, all kinds of this nonsense that has crept into our schools across Pennsylvania. One of the most encouraging things we saw was a grassroots movement that rose up. It was led by angry mama bears.”

3 Responses

  1. This article states that Carrie DelRosso graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. This has been a controversial topic, as many people in her current state rep district have had concerns about the legitimacy of the claim that she is a college graduate. If you notice, when her education is brought up in writing, there is never reference to what her degree is in. Additionally, she often says she “went to Pitt” in writing but in conversation she often says she’s a Pitt graduate. I hope the author of this article will look into this and edit this article as needed. Voters deserve to know her actual qualifications. We also deserve to know if someone is being disingenuous about their education, especially when discussing issues of education policy.

  2. I would never call into question someone else’s educational achievements but after the reporting in multiple sources discussing Mastriano’s graduate work it is probably best for the R Lt Gov candidate leave that topic unmentioned.

  3. Once again, Carrie is making her own facts. Shapiro, in a late August interview with The Associated Press, said while he was required to defend the state in court battles against Wolf’s coronavirus mandates, he believes some of Wolf’s policies went too far. She’s not running in a house district anymore.


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