Dem Super PAC Fighting Election Misinformation Targets PA

Attention GOP Secretaries of State, Attorneys General, Governors, county boards of supervisors and boards of canvassers, judicial candidates, and state legislators across 12 states.

American Bridge 21st Century has a message for you. A $10 million message.

The national Democratic super PAC unveiled its “Bridge to Democracy” – an eight-figure effort to safeguard elections. Its plan – “to build a comprehensive opposition research program that can investigate local and state-level Republicans who seek power over the election system, and use the information to win key elections.”

“Anti-democracy activists rely on a level of anonymity to receive the benefit of the doubt from voters, and are especially vulnerable to investigation into their public stances, beliefs, and actions,” the plan continued.”

American Bridge is targeting Pennsylvania among 12 states, and called out York County, “a red county (that) surrounds the city of York, which is more Democratic and contains a significant minority population, at particular risk for disenfranchisement through bad-faith election administration.” The group already has assigned 22 researchers to begin examining the records and backgrounds of candidates in a dozen states.

“Depending on the state, elections are run and sort of administered in different ways, and so the down-ballot races that we’re looking at – in a place like Pennsylvania – the governor’s race is crucial because they’re going to nominate the secretary of state,” Jess Floyd, the president of American Bridge said. 

Other targeted states include Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin.

“For Republicans, the end game is simple: they want to be able to overturn elections if they don’t like the results,” said Gov. Steve Bullock. “At American Bridge, we have the resources to fight back. In 2022 and 2024 we are going to make sure Americans know where their federal elected officials and those who hold statewide office stand on Trump’s big lie. We’re going to expose the folks who want to administer elections locally, but buy into the grotesque and undemocratic conspiracy theories that are a centerpiece of the GOP’s strategy. It is critical that we not only protect the right to vote, but protect the institutions and elected offices that determine the outcome of elections.” 

2 Responses

  1. Steve Bullock is straight forward. Tells it like it is. The fact is there is no evidence of massive vote fraud in PA and it is a mystery why R’s have let Trump convince them voting by mail is only for D’s. If folks are excluded from voting democracy falters because it needs participation. We all know in an electronic age vote fraud is easily detected and evidence abounds over such misdeeds.

  2. Bullock would be a great pick to be nominee in 2024. Impressive as Montana Governor and unfortunate he just came up short in his senate race. Hope he comes to PA.

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