Dent Goes Nuclear on Simmons; Reveals Private Text Messages

Congressman Charlie Dent (R-Lehigh) went with the nuclear option in a release attacking state Representative Justin Simmons (R-Lehigh) after Simmons announced he was considering a primary challenge.  

The release, titled “Dent: ‘Simmons is a Phony,’” details Dent’s issues with Simmons’ recent actions, and reveals private text messages between the two.  

“Justin says one thing in private, then turns around and says the exact opposite to the potential voters he’s trying to mislead. This is a politician at his absolute worst,” Dent said in the release.  

One of the text messages show Simmons asking for Dent’s endorsement during the 2016 primary election, when Simmons was facing a primary challenger.  

Another one shows Simmons asking Dent “do you think there is any chance the party can replace Trump on top of the ticket?”

The hit by Dent is a clear effort to toxify Simmons to Trump supporters, who Simmons has been actively courting while considering his bid.  

In a Facebook post cited in the release, Simmons says it is “time to completely drain the swamp in Washington D.C.”  evoking Trump’s campaign mantra of “draining the swamp.”  

Update: Simmons responded to Dent’s comments in kind.  

“This may be the lamest attempt of a hit piece I’ve ever seen,” Simmons wrote in an email.  

“Like many Republicans, I once supported Charlie and he supported me. I asked for his endorsement before President Trump became our nominee and before Charlie went off the rails against President Trump. After Charlie decided that he would do everything in his power to make Hillary Clinton President, I no longer have supported him. Like I said the other day, he crossed a red line.”

Simmons did not deny the texts were real, but instead argued Dent was taking his comments out of context.

“My text to him about removing Donald Trump from the ticket was when the Access Hollywood Video tape hit and I was simply asking a question about what he thought the party would do since a nominee had never been in that position before. He is beyond sleazy to take a portion of a conversation out of context to make it look like something other than it was, a question,” Simmons wrote.

According to Dent’s screenshot, the text was sent August 16th. The Access Hollywood story first broke October 8th.

Simmons closed calling Dent “WORST type of politician” and a “political fraud.”

You can view the texts below.

Simmons Dent Endorsement text Simmons Dent Trump Text

128 Responses

    1. This is the pivotal concern, and not only in this
      Congressional District; will support from True-Conservatives emerge?

      1. True Conservatives need to form their own political party, so only bona fide Conservatives can be members and candidates. It’s time.

  1. Dent is going to have a tough reelection fight if the Democrats come up with a decent candidate. The Lehigh Valley has a history of tossing out incumbents after they have been there 5 terms. Remember old Fred Rooney. The last thing Dent needs is a primary challenge from a more conservative Republican.It weakens him for the general election and there is a distinct chance that he could lose the primary.This is why he went nuclear and is trying to smother the Simmons challenge before it gets off the ground.

    1. People had asked Simmons to run for the fourth term. As there was no other viable candidate and that he has done such a great job.

  2. In my opinion, so will Justin Simmons who is no dope and is appropriately ambitious.

    Lou Barletta will rise or fall with Trump in Pennsylvania Senate race
    by Al Weaver | Aug 31, 2017, 12:01 AM
    Whether it is Barletta or some other Republican on the ballot, Democrats will be running against Trump. They don’t plan on letting Barletta carve out his own identity.

  3. The Lehigh Valley 15th District voted Romney 51-48 (3 points) and voted Trump 52-44 (8 points).

  4. Justin, please, you’re embarrassing yourself. Step out of the race while you can and save your House seat. I’m curious to know why anyone in their right mind would consider voting for Justin Simmons to represent the 15th congressional district. He is a 4 term PA state House representative who’s only passed two pieces of legislation and has recently/will recently be introducing legislation to allow DOGS in restaurants. I’m sorry, but this is what my taxpayer dollars are going to? What about the more important issues facing the state of PA? Where has he been during budget talks? He’s proven himself to be just a pretty boy, who barely even shows up to votes and RARELY even shows up to events in his district. The reason why Charlie Dent had been in office as long as he has, is because he has introduced important legislation to us, maintains himself as a critical voice on the Appropriations Committee, and a strong advocate for the veteran community. Charlie Dent works HARD. We see him in the district. Hell, we see him at the local Wegmans. He is not afraid of his constituents and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. I’d rather have a congressman with a spine, than someone who follows the party. That’s easy. Being a follower doesn’t require any effort. Being a leader is difficult, especially in Congress, especially now. Dent has taken hard stances on immigration and health care reform. So what if he questions the President? Wouldn’t we tell our kids to ask questions too, if they’re being asked to support something they disagree with? The fact that Simmons has to degrade himself to this level and disrespect a sitting Elected Official, when the texts clearly show that at one point they were good friends, raises questions about the type of person Simmons actually is. Do we want an opportunist, backstabbing follower as our Congressman? Or do we want someone who will stand up and protect their constituents. If you are offended by Dent releasing the texts- then you’re misinterpreting his actions. He is protecting US, his constituents, from the snake that Simmons is.

    1. He also got ‘beat down’ by Karen Beyer (his opponent’s mommy) during the last election. He hasn’t had a ‘real’ job since he graduated college (playing aide to Wonderling while in college doesn’t count)….he wants to keep running as he has no ‘other options’ other than being a political hack.

    2. Sounds like you’re a Dent staffer there with all those moderate establishment talking points. You see, government doesn’t exist to bring home bacon. It exists for constitutionally delegates purposes, and Charlie Dent loves to stretch that old elastic to allow creeping government to ever expand. Dent’s in the wrong party. Let’s replace the snake.

    3. “Do we want an opportunist, backstabbing follower as our Congressman?” We already have one. His name is Charlie Dent.

  5. Simmons is a “career politician” in the worst sense of the term. He’ll look out for his own kind, and double talk himself as far as he can. Worked for Trump, so why not, right? Southern Lehigh mansions will be partying when he wins.

    1. OMG! Dent is the career politician. Maybe, you should have your eyes examined Votervotervoter.

  6. Charlie had a plan for replace. That’s why he voted for repeal. However he knew the repeal votes would not pass while Obama was in office. He was doing so as a protest basically. Now, when there was a chance to actually repeal AND replace, he did not like what the looney’s in the House were going to replace the ACA with and therefore had to vote against it. What is wrong with you people? Your thinking is so simplistic. It’s as if you didn’t get past Kindergarten. On the other hand, this Simmons guy is obviously devoid of any scruples, just like Trump. Why in the hell would you want to replace Dent with him. He is the very epitome of a swamp-like being.

    1. Only in a mind as corrupted with power as Dent’s would that argument be persuasive or coherent. Dent repeatedly ran on repealing Obamacare. When he had a chance, to see it actually done though, he tipped his hand, and showed that he isn’t really about anything except himself and his power in DC. He surely isn’t interested in returning that power to the people of Pa.

  7. Dent has been masquerading around as a Republican long enough and people have noticed. It’s time to vote him out of office and have a true representative of the Republican party that supports our President. That’s right Dent! You have exposed yourself, as the most Liberal Democratic Politician out there. Time to go! We need someone that will repeal the Affordable care act, fix immigration problems, the tax code and that is willing to work for the American people. That means working with Trump and not against.So, I am voting for Simmons.

    1. Republican is a team. Conservative is a set of principles. By calling yourself “A true Republican, you expose yourself as a partisan hack”. The conservative position on Obamacare is #fullrepeal. And Congressman like Justin Amash and Senators like Rand Paul still support that position. I agree. Obamacare should be fully repealed and remanded to the states. The federal government has no business meddling in healthcare markets.

      Donald Trump who is a populist schemer above all else – single handedly moved the goalpost on full repeal by introducing the “replace” campaign slogan. Which in his case ended up being supporting the team Republican “let’s get a win at all costs and pass something no one understands” series of patchworks and bandaids while retaining the existing Obamacare framework. He introduces empty slogans and would support any replacement plan that offered him a political win. He is responsible for the framework remaining in place. By moving the goalpost during his campaign he cemented a new entitlement.

      Conservatives try to solve problems with a set of principles we believe offer better outcomes. Team sports Republicans just seek political “wins” to remain in power. It’s identity politics no better than that we see from the progressive left.

      I don’t agree with Dent always but when it boils down to it he puts principle over party. He will cast votes based on his conscience instead of political calculations. Simmons is your basic schemer. Always calculating. Always scheming.

      1. If, you think that way then you are showing your true colors as a Dent campaign worker.

  8. Dent is one of the biggest Political “insiders” i have ever seen. He is the Elite of soceity and knows nothing about the “average” persons problems. Time to send him packing.

  9. Justin Simmons is a career politician. Or more appropriately at this point a career wannabe. The guy has been living on taxpayer salary and benefits his entire adult life. He has NEVER held any job as an adult in the private sector. Beginning as a toomey intern while studying polticial science in college he accrued insider contacts to slide right into a string of staff positions for state senators before running his first state rep campaign largely on the broken term limit promise.

    He’s spent the last 4 years on the taxpayer dime constantly fundraising on the insider circuit with an eye on that next position up the ladder.

    And that ambition basically always amounted to whatever position or opportunity offers the next taxpayer gravy train the soonest. A complete chameleon he will adopt whatever persona he thinks will benefit whatever campaign he’s contemplating next.

    Charlie Dent may have been a congressman for a long time now but he’s always been an honest one. One of the few. Even if you think it is time to replace him you do NOT replace one career pol with another career pol.

    1. Dent is everything that is wrong with Washington. The guy is the biggest “insider” i have ever seen.

      1. Again, they are both career politicians. I do not always agree with Charlie Dent but he is without question honest and a man of integrity. When it boils down to it he will vote his conscience. Country over party and politics. Justin Simmons is your basic schemer. When it boils down to it he will vote his own self interest above all else. Politics above all else.

        1. Justin listens to his constituents and has voted accordingly. He is a true fiscal conservative. Whereas, Dent is the cold calculating politician that is self serving.

  10. So knowing Dent has the texts, and the date of the texts, Simmons decides to outright lie about the context of the texts, knowing he can be proven to be a liar. Maybe he’s a Trump protege after all.

    1. So Dent votes to repeal Obamacare numerous times when he knows it doesn’t count and thinks he can sell his bs to the voter is ok. Then when he can actually repeal it with a vote that counts, he doesn’t. So sad that you only care about a stupid text. Sounds like Charlie is more upset that someone actually called him out for his lies to the voters who sent him to D.C. to do what he promised. Talk about a liar!

  11. It’s very sad that a sitting congressman is embarrassing himself like this. Instead of debating issues he puts up a smokescreen to try and distract voters. Talk about issues Charlie and get something done in Washington instead of always talking out of both sides of your mouth. You are an embarrassment.

    1. So, the other guy in this story gets caught making a bold-faced lie and you attack Dent? No wonder people think some of the GOP is insane.

      1. I think policy is much more important in a congressional race. What someone texts a year ago and is supposed to remember is childish nonsense. Healthcare and rewriting the tax code is much more important.

        If the congressman would spend more time working on healthcare (he had seven years) and quit worrying about silly texts maybe he would be worth the salary he is paid. Unfortunately even you are being pulled into the childish nonsense by someone who likes to play these games.

        Our country is in trouble and spending time trying to destroy your opponent instead of doing the job you were sent to D.C. for is a disgrace. The congressman ran on a promise over and over again to repeal Obamacare. He had the so called “guts” to vote for the repeal when he knew that vote meant nothing. When push came to shove it was time to actually vote for an honest repeal, he let us down.

        My insurance costs are more than I can afford since the passage of Obamacare. It’s my income and way of life that has changed because of it. Not some text message that has absolutely nothing to do with the issues.

        1. Charlie had a plan for replace. That’s why he voted for repeal. However he knew the repeal votes would not pass while Obama was in office. He was doing so as a protest basically. Now, when there was a chance to actually repeal AND replace, he did not like what the looney’s in the House were going to replace the ACA with and therefore had to vote against it. What is wrong with you people? Your thinking is so simplistic. It’s as if you didn’t get past Kindergarten. On the other hand, this Simmons guy is obviously devoid of any scruples, just like Trump. Why in the hell would you want to replace Dent with him. He is the very epitome of a swamp-like being.

        2. The ACHA plan was a TERRIBLE “patch and bandaid” scheme. It retained the same basic FAILED Obamacare framework and addressed none of the core issues.

          #1 the conservative position is FULL REPEAL. But since Trump single handedly moved the goal post on that the replace component needs to actually address issues. ACHA aka Trump/Ryancare did NOT. Charlie voted his conscience.

          #2 The swamp play was be voting for Trumpcare just to get a political “win”. Eventhough it was a terrible bill that created more uncertainty than answers. And it was rammed through with little public vetting, again retained the same failed framework and didn’t address any of the issues that cause premiums to rise year after year.

          Now, because we didn’t rush through Trumpcare and people like Dent voted principle not party we have a chance to get behind a better proposal. IMO that’s the bi-partisan Governors proposal being floated now. It’s a much more transparent and effective reform. Not a bandaid. But since it’s bi-partisan no teams stands to gain. .

          Again, the conservative position is the one held by people like Sen. Rand Paul and Congressman Justin Amash. They are principled leaders. But, unfortunately Trump all but assured Obamacare framework will stay with his populist campaign and presidency. He single handedly created a new federal entitlement by moving the repeal goalpost. With that being the case let’s get it right.

          All that being said, Justin Simmons would be the kind of person who would vote with the “win” for the “team” and his own self interest in mind. Not getting it right.

      2. That is because Justin Simmons is on here changing his name every 5 minutes to make himself look like more than just 125 people in Allentown want him elected.

        1. It’s Simmons supporters that are posting. He has a lot of real supporters and not, paid employees posting.

          1. LOL yeah, people love liars. So far simmons has lied on term limits, his support of the president and when the texts happened. I’m sure the people are really rallying someone whose knows is probably growing.

  12. Hi guys, just poking my head in to see if my baby boy Joe can run for the 15th simultaneously with running in the 7th? I just want to point out that Joe Gale (he is the leader of the Montco GOP, btw) was the first ineffective politician to come out and endorse Pres. Trump so stay in your lane Justin. You’ve been trying to copy Joe’s moves since the day he was elected Montco Commissioner (and thus, the leader of the Montco GOP)

    Pennsylvania only has room for one useless, whiny, career politician like myself who is committed to being a TrumpBot. So stop copying Joe Gale, Justin. Though you both are stunningly short and share a striking resemblance, you’ll never be a pure enough republican to out Trump him.

    Montco Gale Force OUT.

    1. Justin is an independent thinker and doesn’t emulate anyone. So, Montco Gale Force Out get it together, get a life and keep your political hack opinions to yourself.

      1. I can see the ad now: “Justin Simmons…. no role models, no values, no chance of winning”

          1. First of all, being a Commissioner in Montco does not make you the leader of the GOP there? Very interesting comment. Justin, or I mean..Bye-Bye Dent; How does it feel to not even officially be running yet, but you already have no chance? You’re a liar and a scumbag. Ryan MacKenzie is twice the man you’ll ever be.

  13. Justin is what Donald grabs. He just lied about the text and the timeline proves that. The last thing this country needs is another Trump cultist.

  14. Justin Simmons is a hack. Didn’t this guy run for office while he was living in his mom’s basement? He was a state rep before he ever even paid a tax bill. Pathetic.

    Trust me, Justin doesn’t want his secret Harrisburg life becoming public. Probably best he just ends this stupid endeavor now before he ruins his life. He could always run for another term… it’s not like he ever planned to honor that term limit pledge anyway.

    1. He didn’t live in his mom’s basement. That would be the girlfriend beating opponent from the previous election.

      1. I heard he still lives in his mom’s basement. He looks like the kind of guy who still plays Call of Duty with the headset on and who yells at his mom for opening the door to his bedroom. I wonder if he is able to grow facial hair yet. They’re so dumb when they’re young.

  15. “My text to him about removing Donald Trump from the ticket was when the Access Hollywood Video tape hit…” ” The text was sent August 16th. The Access Hollywood story first broke October 8th.” I mean come on Justin, try just a tiny bit not to completely embarrass yourself.

      1. It’s really pathetic that a Congressmen saves text messages and then uses them to exploit the public perception. Your optics are really distorting the facts. Like copy and paste or photo shopping a text to do character assassination. Please, it’s the oldest trick in the book.

        1. My text messages are automatically saved. I think that’s a thing our phones do on their own genius. I’d use them too to show EVERYONE that someone is lying if I needed to.

        2. Justin, I guess if you didn’t want the truth out there then you shouldn’t have said it in the first place huh?

  16. We all like context Rep. Simmons. The famous Trump tape was “leaked” in October 2016. These texts are from August 2016. So, they somehow are in reference to an event that hasn’t occurred yet?

    Very honest, indeed.

    1. Who cares about a text. How about Dent doing his job of repealing Obamacare. Oh wait! Dent didn’t do his job. He is just an unscrupulous, lying politician that runs on the Republican ticket but, is really a Democrat. So, he is really the deceptive one.

      1. Right, who cares about the truth. It’s just the truth, it doesn’t mean anything. Let’s all just lie to each other all the time, forget what the Bible says and what the law says about perjury and etc. I think the world will be a much better place if we do that, don’t you?

        1. Maybe, Dent needs to be reminded of being a good person and start having some integrity.

      2. Justin. Stop doing this. You’re just going to waste good people’s money. You can’t lie constantly and then expect people to trust you and you can’t run as a pro-Trump candidate less than a year from wanting him off the top of the ticket. You’re done now, eh?

      3. Dent is a wannabe who never will be who patterns himself after John McCain. If the sky is blue Dent will run to the first open mic and camera to declare it is gray. He craves attention and understands the only way he will get it is to oppose any and everything his Party favors.

  17. Why did Dent save the text from 2016? Who does that unless it was intentional for future torpedoes. Only releasing part of the text? Why? Where’s Dent’s response? What a cheap shot. You just showed you are part of the swamp that needs to be drained. He was asking your opinion about Trump, so what was your answer? Swamp rat, that’s what you are.

    1. So drain the swamp with someone who asked if we could replace POTUS in August of 2016?? Simmons is a two-faced phony worm who will say whatever he needs to get ahead. Absolutely disgusting.

    2. Simmons even lied in his weak response! Blaming the text on an event that wouldn’t happen for 2 more months! He’s a low-life who doesn’t even deserve the job he has now. Complete disgrace to PA.

      1. I’d vote for Hillery Clinton, before I voted for Dent again. He’s done nothing in Washington, except line his own pockets and disregard the majority of the electorate who put him there. Gravy train is over, Charlie…

      2. Yeah this guy is a joke. I disagree with Dent on a lot of his issues, but he is a genuine person and always tries to make the best decision. Justin Simmons is a douchebag. Everyone person who follows politics in the Lehigh Valley knows that. Simmons has always wanted to be the “next man up”, but he is far too selfish, self-serving and demented of a soul to ever succeed. He will lose the primary because of his childish backstabbing ways, and eventually, he will get passed over by other emerging political talent in the Lehigh Valley. Goodbye Justin. You’re going to wish you didn’t give up that House seat.

        1. Aren’t all you establishment and state committee hacks proving Justin’s campaign theme here? You’re all saying you guys don’t like him and he wasn’t part of your club so he had no chance to move up the traditional way.

          That Justin’s point. He never was part of your club and isn’t establishment.

          I know a lot of voters, including myself, are looking for that exact message.

          1. “he is far too selfish, self-serving and demented of a soul” and your response was “you guys are proving his campaign theme.” Lol. If his campaign theme is that he’s a self centered, egotistical, back stabbing, childish prick, then yes, we are all proving his campaign theme. Not sure it’s a winnng theme though, champ.

          2. Keep it classy Mark. That’s the reason people are disappointed in Dent. Dent and his followers are deceptive liars.

        1. Justin, you dont actually have to save the texts, just not delete them. I is 2017, where have you been?

    3. Who goes to the trouble of deleting text messages? This isn’t 2010; it’s not like you’re going to get a “memory full” message. I’m sure a Congressman has better things to do than sit down and purge his text messages every week.

  18. It’s normal to ask questions of your candidates and see where they stand on relevant issues on any seat. Dent’s commentary on Simmons reflects a bigger problem and his behavior and attitude. If he didn’t see a risk here, there’d be no commentary. I’m not sure how I feel about Simmons as a candidate and will figure this out on my own. Frankly, I worry with any blind support of a canidate b/c he is not someone else or support a person I like. Look more at substance and actually policy then just name and faces -most politicans have a few issues esp a local and county levels where things get a bit more complex than left vs right. but this whole email is Dent behavior 101 and unfortunately behavior I’ve heard consistent among many politicians including Dent himself, it a pretty easy he said that he said argument.

      1. THIS is the best letter on this page, thus far.

        What he “said” is that Dent “went low” inappropriately but that he will assess which person to support after they have discussed the issues.

        The Culture-War must be fought aggressively, and Dent hasn’t attempted to engage; it is hoped that Simmons will demonstrate that he “gets it” and remains NOT ONLY “aboard the Trump Train” BUT ALSO a potential LEADER who has been inspired by its existence.

  19. Remember, Simmons ran on the promise that he was two terms and done. He is a self-serving liar. Nothing more, nothing less.

    1. And Dent lied about his opposition to Obamacare. Guess which one affected me and millions of other people personally. Not Simmons 4th term.

    2. Common Sense: Check your facts! It was his constituents that asked Simmons to run, again. As he has done a fantastic job and he is the only, one fit for the job. He didn’t break any promise! He listened to his constituents.

      1. Thank you, Mrs. Simmons. A lie is a lie no matter how hard you spin it. The kid got a taste of life as a politician and now wants more.

        1. Common Sense: I know who you are just by your comments and writing style. And no, I am not Mrs. Simmons. I am just a Simmons supporter for Congress, district15.

          1. Common sense, I agree a lie is a lie. Like where justin obviously lies about the trump tape ( October) and this text message (August)

          2. Well, it’s really Dent that is deceptive. He was originally, against Obamacare and now, he is for it. Dent is flip flopping and my healthcare costs are skyrocketing. So, it’s my wallet that matters to me and not, some stupid text that a paranoid politician saved.

          3. It’s deceptive that Dent goes to press and releases a text. That text has areas that are blocked out. It doesn’t show the whole text. That just proves that Dent is a liar.

  20. Each of the messages from Simmons can be explained-away by recognizing how events evolve; first, he would always wish to have an endorsement from a Congressman and, second, many people were initially skeptical of The Donald [myself included, for I initially liked Ted Cruz].

    Dent is showing he is apprehensive.

    Just as occurred when Bartos attacked Barletta, the intent to intimidate backfired; this should embolden Simmons.

    1. Well that was a terrible attempt to explain it away. You’re saying Simmons is no better than any other politician for wanting an endorsement. And you seemingly failed to look at the date of the text when Simmons both thanked Dent for his endorsement and asked if Trump could be booted from the ticket:

      August 16 2016….2 1/2 months before the election!

      1. Pete, no one cares about a stupid text. We don’t even know if, it’s real or taken out of context. But, I do know that I am voting for Justin. He is a proven fiscal conservative. Whereas, Dent is a proven liberal opportunist.

        1. Most people care about the truth. You obviously do not. Lies are ok with you. Why should anyone trust your judgement?

          1. People care about what is happening in D.C., and the letters on another page…

            htt p://ww m/capitol-notebook/2017/08/ ml

            …are reflective of those on this page, to wit, that a primary-challenge is indicated so that the ISSUES can be aired.

    2. Have you forgotten how to read/gone senile…? Check the dates on text messages. Try “explaining away” the fact that Justin wanted to replace trump 3 months before the general election, and 2 months before his excuse, the access Hollywood tapes, even broke!

  21. On what basis did Dent commit to “supporting Hillary Clinton”? Look, if you don’t like the guy that’s one thing, but let’s keep the hyperbole in due bounds, friend.

    1. key-difference is that, post-election, he has opposed each/every initiative generated by The Donald

      1. Key difference is that Dent never lied/mislead people about support for the president. Better the devil you know, than the one you don’t.

  22. Like his positions or not, Congressman Dent sticks to his guns and stands up for what he believes in. What he believes in also happens to be how the MAJORITY of his constituents feel. He was anti-Trump, yes. But he still won by 20%??? This makes Simmons look foolish. Nothing worse than a fake-Trumper. He is a slimy opportunist.

        1. Dent’s reaction to Simmons suggests that HE THINKS he DOES have a “real” opponent this cycle

          1. Dent’s reaction is the reason why he won’t have a primary challenger, genius. How can Simmons try to run as the pro-trump candidate when he was texting Charlie to try to get someone else on the top of the ticket??? Dirtball.

  23. Looks like Dent is running scared. Back in August the establishment republicans were looking to replace Trump and everyone on both sides of the party were wondering if there was a chance to replace him.

    Over the past year Dent has shown his true character by supporting Hillary Clinton who would have destroyed the Supreme Court by replacing Scalia with a liberal justice. Let’s also not forget his support of Obamacare.

    Dent needs to go!

    1. 1) Dent has never supported Hillary. Unless you know him personally or know something the rest of us don’t, he has absolutely never publicly backed her.

      2) Messing with Simmons doesn’t means he’s running scared. It just means he, like the rest of us, think it’s funny

      1. suggesting that a potential primary-challenger is a source of mirth is a rationalization for political behavior that suggests “methinks he doth protest too much”

  24. This is “nice guy” Charlie looking to destroy any competitor. In my opinion, Charlie and his little nest of thugs will do anything to hold on to power. With this, he proves he is the Lehigh Valley’s #1 swamp monster & needs to go.

    1. LOL are you kidding? Simmons is a straight up scumbag. You want to talk about the swamp? This dude talks out of both sides of his mouth. He needs to learn that there is certain things he can’t do with his mouth, like put it all over a sitting Congressman and then come knocking at the door for his seat 11 months later.

      1. EvilBoBCaseyIV, you are really talking about Dent your boss. He is well known as, a snake.

        1. Solid comeback, Justin. Also, you’d think someone who wants to run for congress would know how to use a comma.

          1. So, Mark you comeback is weak. Try something else, like finding a new job after Simmons is elected.

          2. “You comeback is weak” man, I sure wish I worked for Dent. Obviously you’re no threat to him, Justin.

          3. Well Mark, you know what the three letters of assume spell. Yep, you are doing just that. You are making an a$$ out of yourself. And by the way, this isn’t Justin.

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