DGA Kicks off Two Ads Touting Wolf’s Term

The Democratic Governor’s Association launched two new ads touting Governor Tom Wolf over the holiday weekend.

According to the Patriot News, the ads are paid for by “America Works USA” a division of the DGA.  

“This is a significant buy on broadcast and cable in multiple media markets,” DGA spokesman Jared Leopold told the Patriot News.  

The first ad, titled “Independence” touts Wolf’s push to allow seniors to stay in their homes longer.  The ad features a couple from Brentwood.  

“Gov. Wolf fought to expand home- and community-based, long-term services for seniors,” the ad’s narrator says.  

The second ad, titled “Better Future” talks about Wolf’s push to increase education spending in Pennsylvania.  

“Tom Corbett and Harrisburg Republicans cut nearly $1 billion from our schools.  But Gov. Tom Wolf is taking us in a new direction.  Wolf restored Corbett’s education cuts because good schools attract good jobs,” the ad says.  

National Democrats will look to re-elect Wolf next year, coming off their win in the Virginia Gubernatorial race.  

You can view the ads below.  



Better Future:

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