Ellsworth Enters Governor’s Race

Ellsworth AnnouncementBusinesswoman Laura Ellsworth (R-Allegheny) announced today that she will be entering the Republican Gubernatorial primary next year.  

“I’m running for Governor of Pennsylvania because I’m tired of politicians treating us like we are stupid.  For too long, too many politicians like our Governor have fallen in love with their own voices and confused process with actual progress.  We’ve all heard enough talk – it’s time for action,” Ellsworth said in a announcing her candidacy.  

Ellsworth is currently first Partner-in-Charge of Global Community Service Initiatives at Jones Day, and has served on the board and executive committee of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and was chair of the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce.  

Ellsworth came under fire before she entered the race for donations to Democrats.

PoliticsPA reached out to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party for comment on this story.  

Pittsburgh businessman Paul Mango and state Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) have both entered the race.  State House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) is reportedly still considering a run.

You can view Ellsworth’s announcement video below.

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13 thoughts on “Ellsworth Enters Governor’s Race”

  1. TBone says:

    Career politicians are the WORST. Anyone that is an outsider should get serious consideration.

  2. BucksVoter says:

    What did I learn about Laura Ellsworth:

    1. She supports giving the rich every tax cut they want.
    2. She supports defunding our public schools.
    3. She has no idea how to deal with the opioid crisis.

    1. Charles Pont says:

      Does the amorphous talking point “defunding our public schools” means that Ms. Ellsworth supports funding more Charter Schools? If so I do not have a problem with that. The parents wishing to send their kids to the Charter schools my neighborhood in Philadelphia County greatly outstrips the number of seats available.

    2. Scoop says:

      Basically, if your kid is uneducated and ends up on drugs, she, Wagner and Mango believe tax cuts for the 1% and failing economics will fix it all.

    3. AlleghenyCountyVoter says:

      I think you’re using the verb “learn” pretty liberally.

      She brings a common sense approach that will be refreshing.

  3. EvilBobCaseyIV says:

    Mango is solid on paper but isn’t very enthusiastic, Wagner can’t control himself or else he would be a good candidate as well, there is absolutely still room in this race for Ellsworth. She needs to hit the ground running and do everything right, but we will see. If I have one piece of advice for her it would be make some trips to the Philly Suburbs.

  4. Henry Atkinson says:

    Some fresh ideas would be nice for a change. Interesting candidate…

  5. Mikey J says:

    This is nothing more than a ploy by using her to take votes away from another candidate. She doesn’t stand a chance to win, but she will get some support to thin out the vote and make it interesting. The Republicans use this tactic all the time to get their “chosen” person the endorsement. They did it with the judicial candidates this year. Let’s see where that gets them. I’m guessing DiGiorgio and a few of his cronies are somehow behind this so called strategic move.

  6. Laura4Gov says:

    When you get to know her you will be impressed

  7. The Answer Desk says:

    Well, that was awful.

  8. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Do Republicans allow women to run for office now in PA? WOW!!

  9. not Rick Santorum says:

    what a joke

  10. joe says:

    why even bother?

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