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Enviro Groups Launch Big TV Buy in Pa

Two major environmental groups are seeking to change the conversation about regulations and clean air standards. In a 30 second spot, the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Fund make the case that the top issue is children’s health.

The ad will appear in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre media markets as part of a seven-figure national campaign (in 12 markets total in Ohio, Pa., Virginia and D.C.).

“Updating air quality protections will allow the EPA to focus on the industries that create the lion’s share of the nation’s carbon pollution and will also help reduce life-threatening air pollutants like dirty soot, toxic mercury and the smog that triggers asthma attacks,” said Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club in a press release.

“Doctors and nurses tell us we save lives and improve our children’s health by reducing mercury, soot and industrial carbon pollution from power plants,” said Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council. “Yet many in Congress have tried to block efforts to continue cleaning up the air we breathe.  Clean air should be a birthright. Congress shouldn’t take that away.”

The ad is very similar to one aired by the American Lung Association over the summer, featuring a coughing infant in a stroller. The narrator in that spot makes the same argument. The ALA counts Chesapeake Energy as a major donor. The company, which among many other operations is active in developing Pa.’s Marcellus shale natural gas, has a shared interest in seeing a shift away from coal power.

The Sierra Club/NRDC spot seeks to combat what has been a rough few years for the environmental lobby. Republicans campaigning for and serving in Congress have found political success painting the Environmental Protection Agency as job-killers. Few Democrats – especially in swing districts – have put themselves at risk by defending the agency or environmental regulations.

5 Responses

  1. @fightinggranny and @Harish You’re right. Let’s instead believe all the advertisements from coal, oil and gas companies. They have absolutely no self interest in the matter and they have at least 20 times the budget (and that’s leftover after they paid for the campaigns of our elected officials).

    Remember why DDT was banned? It caused the eggshells of our birds to become so fragile that they couldn’t incubate them without breaking them. This nearly caused our national symbol, the bald eagle, to go extinct.

    I do understand about the potential benefits of nuclear. Now, would you two patriotic Americans mind clearing out some space in your storage sheds for the radioactive waste created?

  2. They falsify their statistics to make it work for them. How can you determine how many people will be affected with anything? They trot out numbers and expect us to be stupid and accept it, after all, “it’s for the children”.

  3. Here we go with the far left environmental terrorists spreading their lies ” about the children”

    These are the same people who hate oil, nuclear power, DDT, SUVs, technology, and Conservatives. This is the 10% of the population….. Obama Base.

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