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EXCLUSIVE: Clinton’s Pennsylvania Team

Hillary-ClintonThe Hillary Clinton campaign has unveiled their full Pennsylvania staff to PoliticsPA.

In an effort to both show that the Clinton team is serious about defending PA and contrast Trump’s more RNC-centric style, they’ve released their list of staffers for both Hillary for America as well as the coordinated party campaign.

“Building on her strong support in the primary, we’re in communities across the Keystone State energizing and mobilizing voters to elect Hillary Clinton in November,” said Corey Dukes, Hillary for America Pennsylvania State Director. “Our organizing team and dedicated volunteers are talking with voters across the state about her plans to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. As president, Donald Trump would tear this country apart and do serious harm to our security and our economy, which is why we’re taking nothing for granted in Pennsylvania.”

The full list, including biographies, is included below:

Hillary For America:

Corey Dukes (HFA PA State Director): Corey served as Clinton’s state director during the Pennsylvania primary. Dukes previously served for years under U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill as a Senior Legislative Assistant and Deputy Campaign Manager on her successful 2012 re-election bid. He also ran Allyson Schwartz’s gubernatorial run in 2014. He has consulted on statewide races in Louisiana, Colorado, North Carolina, Michigan, and other battleground states.

Erin Wilson (HFA Deputy State Director): Erin is returning home to Pennsylvania after serving as Northeast Political Director for the Democratic National Committee since 2014. Prior to her time at the DNC, Erin served as Deputy State Director and senior staff member to Senator Bob Casey Jr. Erin previously worked for Senator Casey on his 2006 campaign and throughout his first term in the Senate. She has previously worked for several senate, congressional and civic engagement campaigns within Pennsylvania. Erin is a Philadelphia native and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Brendan McPhillips (HFA PA Political Director): Brendan joins the Clinton team having most recently served as the Campaign Manager for John Fetterman in his campaign for U.S. Senate in this spring’s primary. Brendan also managed Helen Gym’s successful campaign for Philadelphia City Council, and Kevin Strouse’s 2014 congressional race in Pennsylvania’s 8th District in Bucks County. Brendan previously served as the PA Organizing Director for Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and is a veteran of the Obama Campaign where he served as the Regional Field Director for Bucks County in 2012.

Stephanie Formas (HFA PA Communications Director): Since joining Hillary Clinton’s campaign last April, Stephanie has served as the Communications Director in South Carolina, Washington, and Indiana during the primary election. In 2012, she was the South Regional Press Secretary at the DCCC. She has previously worked for Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18), Rep. Chet Edwards (TX-18) and Clinton’s 2008 campaign.  

Latoya Veal (HFA PA Press Secretary): Before joining Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Latoya served as Maryland Press Secretary and a national spokesperson for House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (MD-5). Latoya has also served as Communications Director for Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-43). She has previously worked at the National Organization for Women and in local government and television in Alabama.

Jaclyn Rothenberg (HFA Western PA Press Secretary): Prior to joining the Hillary Clinton campaign, Jaclyn served as a Vice President at SKDKnickerbocker, a public affairs and communications firm in New York. Jaclyn has also served as a Press Lead for the Clinton campaign Advance team since last April.

Gabrielle McCaffrey (HFA PA Digital Director): Gabrielle graduated with her MA in Political Communication from American University in 2012. She worked in both the private and public sector before joining Hillary Clinton’s campaign in June of last year. She has since served as the Digital Director in South Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania during the primary.  

Brenda Kole (HFA PA Trips Director): Since joining Hillary Clinton’s campaign last April, Brenda has worked in Iowa, South Carolina, Florida and California. Brenda also served on Clinton’s 2008 campaign, former Governor Tom Vilsack’s 2002 re-election campaign and other campaigns in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and West Virginia; She worked for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, NARAL Pro-Choice America and AFSCME.

PA Coordinated Campaign:

Ryan Matthews (PA Victory 2016 Coordinated Campaign Director): A Delaware County native, Ryan recently returned to Pennsylvania to coordinate the efforts of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association and the Pennsylvania Association of Justice to support the Democratic candidates for Supreme Court in 2015 and then served as GOTV Director for Katie McGinty’s successful Senate primary campaign. Prior to that, Ryan spent years as a field consultant to statewide and local races across the country. Ryan began his career working on several Pennsylvania congressional races including the 2006 race of Rep. Joe Sestak (PA-7).

Chelsie Ouellette (PA Victory 2016 Organizing Director): Chelsie most recently served as the Organizing Director for Hillary Clinton’s successful Missouri and Pennsylvania primary contests after serving as a Deputy Organizing Director in New Hampshire.  Before this cycle, Chelsie was the Field Director for the 2014 Massachusetts Coordinated Campaign and has previously worked for Senator Ed Markey and Governor Deval Patrick.

Liz Fishback (PA Victory 2016 Deputy Political Director): Liz joins Hillary Clinton’s campaign from the office of U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA),where she serves as Regional Director for Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Prior to joining Casey’s team in 2013, she worked for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and for the late U.S. Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) in his Pittsburgh Senate office.

Eden Tesfaye (PA Victory 2016 Special Projects Director): Since joining Hillary Clinton’s campaign last April, Eden has served as the HQ Volunteer Center and National Call Center Coordinator, National Campus Organizer – making her way to NH, MA, and PA for the primaries. In 2014, she was the Deputy Finance Director for Martha Robertson’s NY-23rd DCCC Red to Blue race.

Victoria Perrone (PA Victory 2016 Coordinated Campaign Operations Director): Victoria is a campaign finance reporting and accounting specialist. She served as Allyson Schwartz’s Compliance and Operations Director during the 2014 gubernatorial primary election and moved over to Tom Wolf’s gubernatorial campaign as his Deputy Compliance Director. After his victory, she served on his Inaugural Planning Committee and later served in his scheduling office in Harrisburg. Most recently, Victoria was at a campaign finance consulting firm in Washington, DC. Victoria is a fourth generation Pennsylvania native hailing from Nether Providence Township in Delaware County.

Josh Field (PA Victory 2016 Voter Protection Director): Josh is a campaign veteran, including work on the ’08 and ’12 Obama for America campaigns. In addition to his campaign experience, Josh was the Managing Director of Legal Progress at the Center for American Progress and served in the Obama Administration as the Press Director of the Peace Corps. He is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Law and represented indigent clients as a public defender and at the Innocence Project Northwest.

21 Responses

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  2. I am livid over TED CRUZ’s recent statement saying the Republicans are going to block any of Hillary’s Supreme Court nominees. Oh, did I just here a concession from him that she’s going to win.

    He should change his name to Benedict Arnold be cause he just comitted TREASON.

    I suggest we put all these malcontents in a lifeboat and let them drift out to sea.

    The congress and the senate have a 9 percent approval rating. People like Cruz Can get it down to 0.

    This election will prove by HILLARY’s landslide victory that people have finally had enough.

    The Internet and Social Media make it easy for a revolution. Unlike the past when you could cut off the head of a movement by assasinating its leader it’s hard to kill a billion people.

    That’s my SOUND BYTE For the day.

    Look up my videos on my YOU TUBE channel at Jerry the G man the Entertainet

  3. I have to tell you a story.

    Last weds. At 2:30 am I awoke from a vivid dream and I wrote this speech for Hillary. I have given it to the Clinton people. I have been contacted to possibly give the speech in Philadelphia on November 5th

    Here goes:

    I’m just an Everyman John Q Public An average Joe.

    Unfortunately, in this country at this time the USS AMERICA is floundering at sea. We seem to want to label everyone and everything. Friends, somehow we’ve lost our way in the world.

    We are at a crossroads in our history , so tread carefully because the next decision you make may be the most important one in your life.

    We democrats are about to make history , again.look to our recent elections. We elected our first black President and I’m confident because most Americans are fundamentally confident, we will elect our first woman President.

    But only with your support.Don’t become apathetic. Now is not the time for apathy or to shirk your responsibility as a citizen. This is the time to invoke your constitutional right to chose your leaders. It’s called, DEMOCRACY.

    100 years ago one of our greatest Americans,WILL ROGERS , said that in AMERICA we always strive to elect the most intelligent, experienced and qualified leaders to our highest office. Unfortunately , that man is not running. You know what friends, that’s because the most experienced and qualified person is a woman, HILLARY CLINTON.

    At this most critical of times in our storied history we need to reassert ourselves on the world,s stage.You know, this election reminds me of the story of the LION.

    On the plains of the Serenghetti a lion laid under the shade of a tree with his pride. After awhile the lion cubs started to bite his tail and his ears , HE DID NOT STIR . Then the LIONESS started to mess with him. Again, HE DID NOT STIR. The Jackels and the Hyenas noticed this and started to move closer and closer. They laughed at him and started to eat the food in his domain. Again, HE DID NOT STIR. They continued to move closer and closer, laughing.

    Suddenly, he arose and proceeded to destroy the Jackels and the Hyenas. He ran like the wind across the Serenghetti devouring and destroying everything in his path that challenged him. Sometimes the LION has to rise up and show the Jackels and the Hyenas that he is still the KING.

    But we don’t need a KING. We need a LIONESS who will gather our sustenance and protect the pride.She would give her life to protect her cubs.

    Friends, we can be great again if we go back to fundamental American values.

    Love thy neighbor, do unto others as you would have them do to you, pay it forward and help those less fortunate. Remember our history and our former greatness.We were once the PRIDE of the world.
    Together we got through the depression and together
    We saved the world from tyranny and fascism.

    The world has always looked to AMERICA as that bright shining light in the darkness, that calm eye in the heart of the ferocious storm.

    Let’s be that AMERICA again. If we all pull together we can do great things again.

    The USS AMERICA needs a great, competent person to control the tiller.



  4. We, Democrats, will loose the election if Hillary continues to handle Trump like an ordinary rival. This is different from any election that ever was. She must describe him in the terms he merits:


    Need I add more? Referring to him as “unprepared”, not having a suitable “temperament”, etc. is a joke, at our expense. You must call the devil by his name. If you don’t we will LOOSE.

    Further, Hillary should NOT debate him. He does not belong on the same stage with her. A debate legitimizes him. Hillary, please CANCEL your participation.

  5. Please discontinue running the ad with Trump talking about shooting someone, mocking a disabled journalist, etc. DURING THE HOURS THAT CHILDREN ARE WATCHING. Ad talks about what children are watching on TV and what they are seeing night after night is this ad. It is not appropriate until later in the evening, 9:00 to midnight.

  6. I would like to volunteer housing in Swarthmore PA 19081 for any of your out of state organizers; I am now housing a staffer for Leanne Braneky but have lots of room; housing includes bedroom, shared commons room; walking distance to the train. Now until November.

  7. Smart move getting Liz Fishback on her team – Ms. Fishback is eminently capable, well respected, and has a great track record in western PA!

  8. First, for all you ripping Corey Dukes and the HFA-PA team don’t understand that 2014 has literally nothing to do with 2016. The media and communications decisions will be run out of Brooklyn, not PA. Corey’s job is to make sure political and strategic goals are met here on the ground. Also, nothing Corey Dukes did or didn’t do could have mattered against the money and ads that Wolf ran in 2014. That race was over by February. None of those candidates in that primary had the resources to compete with Wolf’s self-funding.

    Second, for those who are saying that no one has “winning PA” experience, you clearly didn’t read the bios clearly. There are Casey ’06, Obama ’08 & ’12, and McGinty ’16 primary staffers on either HFA or the PA Victory organizations.

  9. trump’s pa team includes manny, moe and jack. he is considering manny for vp because at least pep boys has not yet declared bankruptcy.

  10. At least HRC has a team in every state, and a game plan in every state, and a budget in every state. Trump has none of that. He’s too busy looking for a sure-fire loser of a theme. “Law & Order!” From a man facing child rape charges! Congrats, we have a loser!

  11. Who looks at a political operation and says “what I really need are a lot of people who worked magic for Allyson Schwartz two years ago”

  12. What’s missing from Hilary’s team? Anyone who has actually working on a WINNING campaign in PA. Oops! Although I’m sure working on Allyson’s campaign was educational in lots of ways…

  13. Netflix, I suspect because to know Alan Kenndy Shaffer is to dislike him. Can’t speak for Cole.

  14. Why aren’t Cole Goodman and Al Kennedy-Shaffer leading one of these teams? Serious miscalculation by HFA.

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