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Federal Court Rules for Shapiro, Stops Trump’s Removal of Birth Control Mandate

A federal judge in Pennsylvania place an injunction stopping President Trump’s move to allow moral and religious exceptions to the Affordable Care Act’s birth control mandate after Attorney General Josh Shapiro challenged it in court.

Judge Wendy Beetlestone placed the injunction saying Pennsylvania is “likely to suffer serious and irreparable harm in the absence of a preliminary injunction” according to The Hill.  

Shapiro argued that Trump had overstepped his authority and was attempting to stop women from making their own choices about their health.

“If women forgo contraception because of cost, there will be more abortions,” Dr. Cynthia Chuang of Penn State testified on Thursday according to Courthouse News.

Federal lawyers argued that there are many exemptions in federal law and to not allow this one would be “extraordinary.”  

18 Responses

  1. What ever happened to the good old free withdrawal process of birth control…come on sissy’s… Toughen up…

    1. More correctly, the answer is “Just Say No” (also useable in this case) and “Just Don’t Do It”

      1. Next up, your new safe driving campaign:

        Seat belts? Who needs seat belts? The safest way to drive is not to drive at all. Stay home; stay safe.

  2. This will be overturned on appeal and everybody knows it, including Shapiro. The only reason he brought this suit was to pad his own resume for when he runs for Governor in 2022.

  3. Little Josh is all about whatever will get him the most headlines…In this new climate he’s another one who really needs to hope certain things don’t come out.

    1. Many on the other side are the same way, git to be doing something. A State Rep. from Berks County presented a House Resolution to a covered bridge last week.

  4. If men can always get erectile dysfunction medications, women should always be allowed access to birth control.

    1. Sean…The desired results of a man’s erectile dysfunction medication does not cause for society to pay for for it’s “upbringing” w/ one can not afford to “raise” it !

  5. I had the opportunity to interact with Wendy a few years ago; she’s brilliant…and a heartfelt Dem, impermeable to “discussion.”

    Thus, the appellate approach is undoubtedly indicated; the SCOTUS may harbor more conservative views.

  6. From the article: “The Trump administration rolled back the requirement earlier this year, arguing that it infringed on the religious and moral rights of some businesses. ”

    Um… businesses don’t have religious rights.

    1. Ever hear of Hobby Lobby? And are not churches businesses? If they are not, how do multimillionaire televangelists accumulate their wealth? And they avoid tax liability while engaging in politics. Clearly they contemporaneously exercise their religious rights while propagating their business.

      1. Churches are religious organizations, organized under 501(c)(3). They are by definition not businesses.

    1. Eyeroll
      Yeah still don’t care. No one they work with is forced to get it either.

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