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Feibush Launches Two Television Ads in Council Race (VIDEOS)

Insult Ori Feibush, and you might just serve as the fodder for his next political ad.

Feibush, who is challenging Philadelphia City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson in the May 19th Democratic primary, launched two television ads Monday.

In the first, Feibush speaks directly to the camera, addressing an incident earlier this year where city Mayor Michael Nutter bashed the developer.

“The political establishment called me a little jerk,” Feibush says in the spot, followed by a shrug and a smirk. “Thanks,” he continues.

Feibush then touts his accomplishments, listing off how he has helped catch criminals, created jobs in the city and “turned vacant lots into beautiful gardens.”

The developer admits his unpopularity with some city politicians, saying he “may have shaken up City Hall a little bit.”

“So the politicians, they can call me anything they want,” he closes out the spot. “Maybe they’re just nervous because I actually get things done.”

Feibush’s second ad takes a different approach, featuring the voices of constituents explaining why they’re “standing with Ori.”

“Ori’s never been afraid to take on City Hall,” one constituent says in the spot, followed by another, who adds “To get things done.”

“That takes some guts,” quips a third Feibush supporter.

Feibush’s ads follow Johnson’s release of his own ad last week, in which he outlined his focus as “better education and safer streets.” According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Feibush has spent $103,000 on ads to run before the primary, while Johnson is paying week-by-week and has spent $6,000 so far.

2 Responses

  1. 13th-
    “There were no non-black people in the first ad”

    Umm… Ori was in the ad 🙂

  2. A couple thoughts. There were no non-black people in the first ad. I’m sure that wasn’t an accident. Also I wonder how effective the second ad will be (I really liked the first). Will people care about political gossip “I’m a jerk”? If people don’t know that politicians think Ori is a jerk, is it worth it to bring it up? Ori’s campaign has money, so I’m sure they have polling data to support it, but that’s weird.

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