Fetterman Seeks to Continue Crusade, Endorses PA Candidates

John FettermanIt looks like John Fetterman is only getting started.

Ever since the Braddock Mayor overperformed his polls during last April’s primary, garnering twenty percent in his contest with Katie McGinty and Joe Sestak, political observers have wondered what the future holds for Fetterman.

Fetterman made his first move since the primary this week when he announced his endorsement of six candidates. While four of the six are in PA, he is also throwing his lot behind congressional hopefuls Lucy Flores and Tim Canova of Nevada and Florida respectively.

The plan appears to be to build up potential allies of the progressive Mayor into what he calls his “FetterTeam”.

Democratic nominee for Attorney General Josh Shapiro leads the PA class while congressional candidates Steve Santarsiero, Erin McClelland and Christina Hartman also got the nod.

If the outsider can make a difference for any of these nominees during the campaign it would significantly aid his efforts in becoming a major liberal force in the Keystone State.  

17 Responses

  1. Larry, you’re right that Fetterman isn’t like Bernie. Fetterman actually does what Bernie only says we should be doing from his perch in the whitest place on Earth.

  2. I still do not understand this guy’s appeal. He isn’t anything like Bernie other than both of them looking weird. He doesn’t come off as particularly smart despite the Harvard thing. None of his ideas show much depth of thought or subject matter understand. And everything he has done in Braddock has come from giving away free stuff with his parents money, not actually helping to legislate progressive change. Dems seem determined to commit fratricide and stay in the legislative minority in this country.

  3. I didn’t doubt that Lurch was the real deal when I voted for him. He just needs to come out early for Allegheny County Executive and put Phony Fitz’s stink behind us. Otherwise, we get Chelsa Wagner, the Zappala mob’s ready made go to girl, just another ditto like her Uncle Jack.

  4. Dontbelieverhehype, everyone knows Mikus shopped every bit of dirt on Fetterman they could, and the press picked it up. The funny part about it was that Fetterman came out looking better when they actually looked into the details in these smear pieces. Fetterman is the real deal.

    That’s a lie about Fetterman claiming to have bragged about the subsidy too. I never heard it and I can’t find any record of that and I suspect he didn’t take it either.

    More lies from the disgusting McGinty campaign. She represents the absolute worst in politics.

  5. I voted for Sestak in the Dem Primary but I like Fetterman. He’s a progressive with a bright future. Maybe a congressional run in 2018?

  6. Hey Jerry, here’s an idea — why not just save time and vote Republican, since you seem so hell-bent on helping them?

  7. The more I read about Fetterman the more I like him. I voted for Sestak because there is no way I could not vote for someone who is so despised by the corrupt Democratic machine. Maybe I’ll write in Fetterman in November since I won’t for Kate McGinty, the tool of that corrupt machine.

  8. Now every nut is going around saying they are revolutionaries… Thanks Bernie

  9. This guy is lucky he never had to respond to attacks. Know for a fact Mcginty had oppo research on him regarding lying about the 50k from his parents on obamacare application (he brags he took the subsidy) and tax liens on his non profit because it was never set up correctly at first. Never became enough of a threat to use it, but the fact that all of his financial disclosure filings were also late makes me concerned he doesn’t know how to manage his own finances, which R’s will love in a progressive.

    The Shapiro thing reeks of our fair Chairman

  10. If he ran for Allegheny County Executive, he would beat the mafia’s candidate, Chelsa Wagner. Since Phony Fitz has already sold out to the mob, his stepping stone to statewide office has become too greasy to stand on. All it would need is a one term cleaning by Featherman and he could be Gov. With a little 2020 vision.

  11. I hope he runs again. He would be a shoe-in for Congress if the incumbent retires.

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