Flaherty to Run for Allegheny Co. Exec, Regardless of Onorato

The Post-Gazette’s James O’Toole has the story.

According to a key adviser, Allegheny County Controller Mark Flaherty has decided to enter next year’s county executive race regardless of whether the incumbent, Dan Onorato, seeks another term.

Shawn Flaherty, a former state legislator and cousin of the controller, said Mark Flaherty would make a formal announcement for the Democratic nomination sometime after the first of the year. Mr. Flaherty said the controller planned to meet with Mr. Onorato before the end of the year, but said he was not sure whether Mr. Onorato had been informed of the decision. He added that the controller expected to report having approximately $500,000 in hand for the race in his year-end campaign finance report.

This would setup quite a showdown in a cycle which already appears difficult for Democrats.

December 29th, 2010 | Posted in Front Page Stories | 2 Comments

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