F&M Poll: Pres. Obama’s Approval Slips to 45%

ObamaPresident Barack Obama has come back to Earth a bit.

The latest Franklin & Marshall poll has Obama’s approval rating at 45%. That’s a decline of seven points, though it should be noted that last month’s was one of his best performances ever.

Of that 45% who approve, 19% say he is doing an excellent job and 26% call it a good job. On the other hand, 38% believe he’s doing a poor job and 16% only a fair job.

If you don’t include July’s results, these were the President’s best numbers since October 2012.

The 44th President is also still far ahead of his predecessor as you can see in the chart below:

Obama-Bush Sept 2016

This poll was conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College on behalf of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs. They surveyed 736 registered Pennsylvania voters from August 25th to August 29th. The margin of error is +/- 4.6%.

11 Responses

  1. Out of sensibility to those who have mental health issues let us recognize “hahaha and new liberal lion for what they are-jackasses::!makes sense so is their guru Obama – jackass in chief. All three are bigger losers than the Phillies

  2. New Liberal Lion= Old Nazi Filth. Only extreme left wing liberals need to swear. Obama is scum- nothing more or less.

  3. @ Huma

    Go f**k yourself, you ignorant Pennsyltucky hillbillie. I got the bone spur shaved off the underside of my collarbone because of this president. I thought you had Jesus in the Rescumlican party?

  4. Hillary will take over for the great President Obama in January. My daughters and I will be watching proudly.

    Rs better hurry up and confirm Garland before HIllary puts someone up who is actually a real Liberal.

  5. Who the fukkk cares about the haters!?!

    Not POTUS. I can tell you that.

    And Furtre POTUS -Hillary Clinton – doesn’t care either.

  6. President Obama has been a potent force for the growth of the careers of the people who absolutely hate him and Hillary will give them four more years.

  7. If it quacks like a jacksss- looks like a jackass – and walks like a jackass– it must be Obama. More corrupt than Nixon- more incompetent than Carter.
    He has been one of our Nation’s most divisive and poorest leaders. Still they love him in Tehran- at least he helped them.
    Good riddance on 1/20

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