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Folmer Charged With Possession of Child Pornography

State Sen. Mike Folmer (R-Lebanon) was charged with possession of child pornography Tuesday evening according to Attorney General Josh Shapiro. 

The Attorney General stated in a release that an investigation began following a CyberTip that Folmer uploaded an image of child pornography to Tumblr. The investigation led to Folmer’s home, where a search warrant on Tuesday found images of child pornography on his phone. 

Folmer was charged Tuesday evening with Sexual Abuse of Children, Possession of Child Pornography, and Criminal Use of a Communication Facility.

“This defendant serves as a state Senator and was entrusted to honor and represent his community in the Pennsylvania Capitol,” said Attorney General Josh Shapiro. “Tonight, our Office arrested Mr. Folmer for possession of child pornography and charged him with Sexual Abuse of Children, Possession of Child Pornography, and Criminal Use of a Communication Facility. I will continue to say it—no one is above the law, no matter what position of power they hold.”

Folmer has not issued a statement on the charges. 

Folmer has been removed as chair of the Senate’s State Government Committee, according to a joint statement from GOP Sen. President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson) and Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-Centre). 

Folmer has served in the state Senate since 2006.

17 Responses

  1. Not my fault the #Republikkklans are the #PedophileParty,… and the #PedophileParty is made up of #Republikkklans

  2. The stupidity of people who link this kind of accused behavior to one or another political party is clear, and disgusting. No wonder we have idiots in government; we have idiots who vote for them on the basis of party, not character or issues. Granted, these are just accusations; but Folmer has resigned his seat, and that speaks volumes — about the PERSON, not the political party. Chakka Fattah, anyone? I don’t blame Democrats for him. I blame him.

    1. Denny-

      I agree there are greedy @ssholes and degenerates on both sides of the aisle. (Look at Seth Williams stealing from his own mother.)

      But, when it comes to sex-scandals like child porn or sending dick-pics, there is a special EXTRA scorn for the GOP members who hold themselves as far-right, religious, family-valued beacons of virtue. So, when these jackholes get their comeuppance, party does matter, because moral majority/superiority is the GOP “brand”.

      The Dems brand themselves for civil rights, worker rights, etc. So, a scandal that violates the Dem party brand should get extra criticism.

      It’s about the hypocrisy.

      But, to make my point, look no further than Tim Murphy, an outspoken abortion opponent and family man. He did NOTHING illegal asking his girlfriend to get an abortion. But, having a girlfriend in the first place, then asking for the very thing he tried denying to every other woman in the state, merely to cover up an affair (sanctity of life? who me?) show what a complete fraud and hypocrite he was.

      If that was a pro-choice Dem, it wouldn’t even have been a story.

      Again, nothing illegal like child porn (which both parties are against). But, when one party identifies as pro-life, it’s career-ending scandal to ask your girlfriend to get an abortion.

      (And the kicker is, it was a false alarm. If she had waited a little longer, the whole situation/revelation could have been avoided.)

  3. Though so far we have an accusation and we don’t know all the facts, looks like AG Shapiro is going great guns here. Think he’s also interested in helping bring Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Obama criminal gang to justice, too?

    1. Sure seems to be a lot of criminals in the GOP. Remember when the party endorsed a pedophile a few years ago for senate?

    2. What a dickish comment. You’re either a complete a-hole or a Russian troll, maybe both.

  4. Just one more reason survivors of clergy sex abuse and cover-ups will never see SOL legislation in PA.
    If they can’t be bought they can be blackmailed or compromised.

    1. Abuse and exploitation are not partisan issues. We must all safeguard the children and punish the perpetrators together.

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