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Former Senior Deputy Attorney General Considers Run for PA-7

Former Senior Deputy Attorney General Pearl Kim is considering a run to replace retiring Congressman Pat Meehan in the 7th Congressional district on the Republican ticket.

“I am interested in effectuating change in Washington, and I was able to that on the Pennsylvania level and hope to do the same thing on the federal level,” Kim said.  

As a prosecutor, Kim sees an important role in the #MeToo movement in society.

“As a special victims prosecutor, I think the Me Too movement is very powerful.  I think it does illustrate the sexual violence that is occurring both to men and to women,” Kim said.  

Kim made history in Pennsylvania when she secured the first conviction under the state’s old human trafficking law.  After that conviction, she worked with lawmakers to write and pass new human trafficking legislation that she got the first conviction under as well.  

“I have a personal passion for human trafficking.  And when we are dealing with human trafficking I think you intersect naturally with immigration, with labor, and on the far end of that spectrum you are dealing with public safety you are dealing with foreign affairs and terrorism.”

Kim does not have an exact timeline of when she plans to make a final decision, with the Congressional maps for this year’s elections unknown.  She said she will wait until the final maps are drawn to make a decision and announcement.  

The seat became open after it was revealed that Meehan used his office budget to settle a sexual harassment claim against him by a staffer.

Volunteer firefighter Joe Billie, Radnor Township Commissioner Richard Booker, attorney Sean Gale, attorney Jeremy H. Gonzalez Ibrahim, tax attorney Greg McCauley, former Assistant U.S. Attorney Clare Putnam Pozos, and developer Wally Smerconish have all reported to be considering runs for the seat on the Republican ticket.

13 Responses

  1. If this turns into Pozos vs Lunkenheimer, it is the death of democracy. A bunch of entitled rich kids who no concept of what life is like for everybody else arguing over which tax breaks they should give themselves.

    For all that is decent in this world, please let the 7th be Kim vs Sheehan.

  2. Yeah — Claire really knows the real world…nothing says “real world” like Agnes Irwin to Harvard to Penn. Hasn’t known a day of hard work in her life. Time for Daddy Alfie to take the silver spoon out of her mouth!

  3. Greg Vitali knew he couldn’t win this race. So he bailed and went back to State Rep race. He wasn’t going to bring anything to this race. He also thought money would appear, but he’s alienated so many people that he could get the support and money he needed. Wonder if the Democrats who declared they were running will stay in the race. Should be interesting but in 25 years Greg Vitali has knocked on every door and got to know his constituents, but has done absolutely nothing for the 166th. Time for someone new!

  4. Pearl Kim is remarkably intelligent, reasonable, passionate, patriotic, and more than qualified to represent the people of the 7th.

    1. I read her background—8 years as an Assistant District Attorney who helped legislators craft legislation on human trafficking. Human trafficking is a very real international issue that is sadly, also big in Pennsylvania.

      1. Her trafficking work is all well and good. I’ve heard ADA positions are jobs for people who didn’t have good grades in law school, especially to spend 8 years as one.

        1. Ah yes, how dare this woman spend her life as a pioneer of fighting human trafficking. Sounds like a real slacker with no drive or ambition… ::eye roll::

    2. I hear she is not well-liked by a lot of the ADA’s she worked with — Self-promoter who doesn’t get along well with others because its always all about her. And both her parents are doctors, so I don’t see how she doesn’t get tagged with the priviledged upbringing label.

      1. I’m a Dem, so Reps can feel free to ignore my opinions here as it’s their primary.

        “Self-promoter” sounds like the exact thing women in politics need to be and usually have trouble with. Women to promote themselves are disliked, but it’s necessary to win and get ahead. It’s often a double-edged sword for women and I personally wouldn’t hold this against her.

        I agree on the privileged upbringing part, though not as filthy rich as Pozos.

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