Franklin & Marshall Poll: Pennsylvanians Speak Out On Marcellus Shale

Written by: Carolyn Ann Davis

The findings of Franklin & Marshall’s most recent poll show the majority of Pennsylvanians are in favor of the Natural Gas drilling industry:  65% favor it while 23% are in opposition of it.    Interestingly enough, 72% vs. 12% believe the taxes collected on the natural gas drilling should be shared by both the state and local communities instead of being used to directly benefit the local communities where the drilling is taking place.


The survey was based on the results of interviews conducted August 22-29, 2011.  525 adult residents of Pennsylvania were polled.  The sample error percentage is +/- 4.3 points.


It is probable that the current economic climate of Pennsylvania is giving this issue traction. Proportionately, when asked which is greater: the potential benefits or the potential environmental risk, the opinions are much less polarized at 39% vs. 35%.


You can see the poll here.


5 Responses

  1. those in the Nothern tier FINALLY deserve a Brake….The Phunk a delphians alwaYS GET THE WHOLE PACKAGE

  2. Anybody notice the banner ad at the top of the page is for Range Resources. A Natural Gas Drilling Co.

    I think that explains the state’s position rather clearly.

    From RR’s official website:

    “Range Resources seeks to consistently drive up production and reserves, while maintaining
    one of the lowest cost structures in the industry in order to increase shareholder value.”

    Translation from Corporatese to English:

    We only care about our shareholders and will do it at the expense of the environment, the communities we are drilling in, and our employees.

    Hmm I think it would be worth a look to see which of our PA lawmakers has connections to the board of directors for Range Resources.

  3. I don’t know what bar you took the survey at ,but i am talking to people 7 days a week in western Pa and they find it criminal to have their drinking water in danger. There is a sacred trust when you turn on the spigot that the water is fit to drink No flames, no suds, no radioactive isotopes, no benzine or other petro-chemicals,etc.The government has clearly dropped the ball on this one .. Criminal proceedings should begin on these irresponsible drillers that contaminate wells and vent toxic fumes into the air creating ground ozone.Impeachment should begin on the elected officials that have broken their oath of office to protect the health, safety , and welfare of the communities.

  4. I concur with the PA Person’s remaks above,but the outreach of technology like computer is international; 525 people in PA is an overwhelming number when 1 Person in this State impacts the entire International Community. Any selected few in this State apply to a single subject and/or a single zip code while One Person is exploited for expedience of any and everything anywhere all the time!

  5. How can you extrapolate results for the whole state from 525 people? This is a ridiculous report, not worth the time I took to read it or respond.

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