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Gale Enters Race for LG

Montgomery County Republican Commissioner Joe Gale announced he is entering the race for Lieutenant Governor.

Update: Gale, who is currently 28 years-old will not meet the Constitutional qualifications to assume the office if he were to win, according to WCAU.

“You do not have to be 30 to run or be elected — you just must be 30 at the time of the swearing-in.  So, I would have to wait only two months to assume office,” Gale told the TV station.

Gale cited two other cases on the federal level where candidates had to wait until they reached the Constitutionally mandated age, former West Virginia Senator Rush Holt Sr, who had to wait six months until he turned 30 to serve in the Senate in 1935 and former Kentucky Congressman John Y. Brown who was unable to take his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives until the second year of his term after being elected in 1859.

“I am running to be the next Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania because families and taxpayers across this great state deserve a proven conservative watchdog who can be trusted to clean out the cesspool in Harrisburg,” Gale wrote in an email announcing his candidacy.  

Gale has served as a Montgomery County Commissioner since 2015, when we beat the county GOP endorsed candidate in the primary.  

Gale touts his strong stance against tax increases, saying he is “the only Commissioner – Republican or Democrat – in over a decade to vote against a tax increase.”

Gale joins businessman Jeff Bartos, former state Rep. Gordon Denlinger (R-Lancaster), and former state Treasurer candidate Otto Voit in seeking the office.

46 Responses

  1. Girls all over are asking: are handsome and dashing Joe and Sean Gale, our princes of politics, America’s answer to William and Harry? Are the paparazzi sitting outside the Gale estate, waiting to see the lovely ladies that Joe and Sean bring home to mother? Will they be even more beautiful than Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle, fiancee of Prince Harry? Stay tuned, for the sky is the limit for the Gale brothers.

  2. Shills are making this website unbearable. Go through the names on this and several other articles on here pertaining to state politics. You will see a very obvious pattern of names and rhetoric. I guess at this point they think we are dumb enough to buy it, but a desperate establishment will do anything to maintain it’s relevance in tumultuous, changing times. Semper Fi shills, Semper Fi.

  3. This guy is nuts. He is citing cases from the 1930s as to why hes can constitutionally wait? LOL. This guy couldn’t hold Barto’s jock strap. Doesn’t he still live in his mom’s basement? How can we take you seriously if your mom still does you laundry and your friends have to be out by 11PM? He knew that Meehan would bury him, so he is looking for other options, but this. aint. it. He will eventually do something stupid enough that he iwll lose his commissionership. Just watch and see, shouldn’t take long.

  4. Serious question: can anyone name me an accomplishment of Joe Gale’s? I’m not talking about a political position (he fights for xyz!). I’m asking, as a commissioner, has he championed a cause that has benefited the county? Has he pushed a policy that has put the county in a better position than prior to his arrival?

    I feel like “vote for me” should be accompanied by “because here’s what I’ve accomplished” – but in his case I never see or hear any of that. Joe just seems like a candidate trying to fan the flames of culture wars to benefit his own candidacy and upward mobility, without the benefit of a track record of successful policy crafting. Seemingly Joe is always in “campaign mode” because he doesn’t have a “governing mode.”

    Can someone (anyone!) give me an actual reason to vote for Joe Gale that doesn’t involve the usual platitudes of “clean up corruption” or “ending politics as usual?”

    Thanks in advance for the replies.

  5. I see the Montgomery County GOP Civil War is not over yet . They will keep fighting each other until there is noting left of the GOP in Montco . Joe Gale bet some very powerful people He best The Beautiful woman that was The Gladwyne / Penn Valley Township Commissioner who is a Lawyer Joe Gale beat the entire Montgomery County GOP even The Guy who won in the Primary to go on to Win The Minority Commissioner spot . Y’all are a bunch of sore losers . Say whatever you want about Joe Gale but he is going places and will one day be president of The USA . The Montco GOP should finish licking their WOUNDS .

  6. I’m hearing from people in the know that Gale is looking for a way out of Montco Government because MCRC is planning to primary him in 2019. Nothing set in stone but I wouldn’t be surprised if they put up two women to take him out. Nancy Becker, Kate Harper, Marcy Toepel, and Sharon Thomas all have name recognition and held elected office in the county so i wouldn’t be surprised if two of them team up to take out Gale. With names like those, i can see why Joe is trying to flee Montco.

  7. Also, citing out-of-state precedent necessitates appreciation of their constitutional phraseologies.

  8. ARTICLE IV. THE EXECUTIVE § 5. Qualifications of Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.
    No person shall be *eligible* to the office of Governor,
    Lieutenant Governor or Attorney General except a citizen of the
    United States, who shall have attained the age of 30 years….

    It would seem that the Department of State would be making that determination @ the time when he files his papers.

    1. The rule would be rendered a nullity if anyone could run, regardless of age, even if taking-office was delayed, no?

    2. Don’t think there is a mechanism for DOS to do this check. They don’t verify that a candidate is a resident of the district in which they are filing. His petitions will have to be challenged, and as was noted by Mr. Otter in the story, he will most likely be removed from the ballot

      1. personal experience suggests otherwise; the DoS clerks simply wouldn’t accept the filing

  9. ARTICLE IV. THE EXECUTIVE § 5. Qualifications of Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.
    No person shall be *eligible* to the office of Governor,
    Lieutenant Governor or Attorney General except a citizen of the
    United States, who shall have attained the age of 30 years….

  10. good choice joe is to run for lieutenant governor but for I already did supported someone else in this race already, but I might support you maybe for a congressional run down the road from now.

  11. Paul Mango should pick this guy as his running mate. They’d fit right in together because neither are qualified to run for office, just for different reasons.

      1. Hes got to get his 3.50 for his post. Let him be. It’s a bid odd though when you can’t tell if the shill is shareblue or working for Wagner. Who knows, maybe both.

  12. From the Phila Inquirer story currently running online…”Gale, for his part, said he had consulted ‘a legal team of lawyers and retired judges’ and that ‘there is no question that I am eligible for Lt. Governor.’ He declined to provide us with any of the attorneys’ names, however.”

    Ah yes, the unnamed, unseen crack legal team! (Eyes rolling…)

    1. The article goes on to quote an actual lawyer who basically laughed Gale’s argument out of the courtroom. I’m not exactly sure where this guy is getting his political advice from, but he should fire that person. The moron will win re-election in 2019 as county commissioner in the 3rd largest county in the state. That could translate into bigger things down the line when he’s actually of age.

      The fact that he is so quick to run for higher office shows he is disingenuous. This is about Joe Gale, not about Montgomery County or Pennsylvania voters. I hope voters see through this and toss him to the curb! We don’t need career politicians like Joe Gale!

      1. He’s getting it from his brother Sean. Politics is always the last thing they talk about before they turn out my lights.

        1. I swear you make up 50% of the made up names on this website. It really is impressive. How do you manage all of the discussions? I can tell by your naming patter that you are phoning it in though… maybe take a couple weeks off to re energize, then you can come back fresh and really give the shilling your best effort.

    1. Not a fan of the people controlling the politicasl process eh? I’m guessing you work in Harrisburg or Philly, and you are in one way or another paid by politics. ammirite?

  13. What!?, that is his two examples of elected candidates who had to wait until they were old enough to serve?

    1. If this is true, it’s a disqualifying. Anyone who still pays for porn isn’t fiscally conservative enough to serve in government.

  14. Everyone on here is such a bully toward our next Lt. Governor, Joe Gale. Trump will endorse Joe in the primary and he will then win in May. The Gale Force winds are going to be blowing strong across Pennsylvania soon enough. MCRC team who have wronged Joe over the years should be worried. Joe will be appointed new leader of the state GOP and force all of them out. And if you don’t think he was keeping a list of all those people in 2015 who attacked him, you’re foolish.

    Joe is about to rid the PA GOP of all of its evils and restore conservative values to the state. I’m calling it right now. Trump will drop Mike Pence as VP in 2020 and he’ll want to pick a young conservative from a swing state to run with. Trump/Gale in 2020. Gale will be the 2024 GOP nominee for president. Go Joe! Montco Gale Force is with you!!!

    1. Joe is a crack pot who will never win a statewide race. The only reason he is a County Commissioner is because the configuration requires a minority party seat.

      1. Many a Democratic Montgomery County Commissioner was the beneficiary of that same provision for most of the 20th Century. I did not hear any one whining about it then. That being said I agree with you that it is pretty stupid idea that someone who is constitutionally barred from running for Lt. Governor would do so. If he may have had a statewide future before. He does not have one now.

      1. The only satire here is coming from the “Montco Watch.” You’re one of Joe’s Montco is enemies, probably working for MCRC.

        Joe will prevail and then expose you all

        1. Then his mom will tell him it’s bed time and he’ll have to put his light sabers away and put on his jammies. She’ll tell him bed time stories about how one day he’ll be elected LG, all the birdies will sing and there will be rainbows.

  15. This guy is a joke. Also that picture is horrendous, start by getting new head shots then come back when you’re older.

    2 months before serving? That’s great. Our commonwealth can really be put on hold for 2 months so this guy can switch out of his diapers.

  16. …is getting coffee for Josh right now. He’ll be back in a minute posting as Joe’s pajamas.

  17. I think it’s unfair to attack his age. If his policies and eligibility are questionable, that’s one thing, but it’s sort of low to hit the guy personally.

  18. I’m curious who vetted the legal issues surrounding Joe’s immaturity, er, I mean age. His flunky lawyer brother Sean? Maybe his silver-spoon sucking “spokesperson” Jeff Salvino for whom a gig in the LG’s office would be the first real job he’s ever had. It’s going to be enjoyable when this charlatan gets thrown off the ballot in mid-March.

  19. I want to move out, too. But that’s why I have a real job and am not looking for the taxpayers to put me up in Ft. Indiantown Gap. Besides, if he moves that far away from home, who will wash his undies?

  20. You people are nasty! Joe knows he’s not old enough for this job, but he really, really wants to move out of me before he turns 30. At least that what he says before he falls asleep in his racecar bed with the Disney sheets.

  21. I can’t wait for this pre-pubescent child to lecture the Commonwealth on their sex lives. That was his only issue in the Montco Commissioner’s race and that’ll be his only issue here. Te guy still lives in the same bedroom he grew up in. Does PA really need a Lt. Gov who prob still wears feety pajamas?

  22. What a waste of time. State statute is quite clear on this matter and Mr. Gale is not eligible to run. He can go waste his money challenging the case law, but he’ll lose. Guess Mr. Purity has tired of being Montco Commissioner since this want to be career politician is already trying to jump ship. Stop trying to suck the taxpayer’s tit, Joe!

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