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GOP Candidates Debate 3 Weeks Ahead of Primary

The three Republican Gubernatorial candidates met for a live TV debate just three weeks ahead of the primary.

Early in the debate, Paul Mango and Scott Wagner traded verbal blows over recent ads by Mango’s campaign.  Wagner and one of the panelists put forth an offer to refrain from personal attacks in the campaign.

“I’m not attacking anyone’s character.  What I’m doing is revealing my opponent’s character, and those are two very different things,” Mango responded to the panelist according to the Associated Press.

Mango had a shorter response to Wagner, saying “I’ll run my campaign, senator, you can run your campaign.”

Throughout the debate, Wagner countered Mango’s assertions that he is just like Governor Tom Wolf, pointing his opposition to Wolf’s proposed tax increases in 2015.  

Laura Ellsworth, the third candidate in the race, put herself above the fray of Mango and Wagner and said they are playing into Wolf’s hands.  

“When these two are doing what they are inevitably going to do in this race, they will have armed Gov. Wolf with a war chest on either of them that he does not deserve to have, but he will have it and you can’t correct that now,” Ellsworth said.  

The three candidates are scheduled to meet in one more debate ahead of the Ma 15th primary.

3 Responses

  1. Once again Mango displayed why he will and should be the next governor of Pennsylvania. Wagner is a loser he has no depth cannot answer the easiest of questions and looked like he was ready for a bar fight the entire night. Ellsworth is a liberal and let’s not forget the acting classes she took, they are coming in very handy during the debates. She could be worse than Wolf and that is pretty bad. Jump on the Mango train because next stop is 2nd street in Harrisburg at the Governor mansion.

  2. The reality is that Mango is not running in a gerrymandered district but rather statewide and his zealot like beliefs are NOT in sinc with the larger population. Tom Ridge was not a zealot and his everyman appeal was genuine. Clearly, there are no Tom Ridge’s here and no balance toward moderation in political views, plus, the candidates are flat with no charisma. This is a primary race for who will lose in November to Gov Wolf.

  3. Ellsworth donated to Obama and Clinton. Never gonna happen.

    Wagner was supposed to be the right choice cuz he was a “fighter”. Didn’t seem like much of a fighter to me. Also though it was hilarious when Mango asked him the 7 steps to successful Zero Based Budgeting, and Wagner didn’t know the answer.

    This race is Mango’s. He is the best candidate to beat Wolf and he is an actual conservative compared to the other two. This is probably why the establishment rinos are working so hard against him and trying to push Wagner. Go Mango!!!

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