Gov. Corbett “Doing A Good Job” According to Governing Magazine

Governing Magazine has declared Tom Corbett as one of six governors who is “doing well,” in a report published February 15th.

The 26 rookie governors throughout the country included in Louis Jacobson’s analysis were judged based upon expert testimony in each state, news coverage of their time in office, popularity levels and how much of their agendas were placed into practice.  Each governor was then designated as being in one of four categories: “doing very well,” “doing well,” “mixed results,” and “struggling.”

In the second of a four-article installment, Corbett joined Governors Susan Martinez (NM), John Kitzhabler (OR), Brian Sandoval (NV), Bill Haslam (TN) and Nathan Deal (GA) who have been “doing well” since taking office in 2011.

Here’s what Jacobson had to say about Corbett:

“Corbett has earned accolades for cutting the state budget — on time and without raising taxes — while also enacting a series of smaller policies like limited tort reform, making texting while driving illegal and allowing Pennsylvanians to cast votes on proposed property tax hikes. He also has won plaudits for his handling of two difficult tasks: the response to major floods along the Susquehanna River last summer and the alleged child sex abuse scandal at Penn State, which he had secretly overseen as attorney general before winning the governorship. But Corbett has earned criticism for appearing to be too close to the natural gas industry on the question of how to tax and regulate fracking efforts. (A Quinnipiac poll last year found that 62 percent of voters feel the economic boost from natural gas drilling outweighs the environmental risks, but 64 percent support imposing a tax on the extraction. The Legislature recently sent him a compromise bill.) He’s also avoided, for the most part, high-stakes battles over labor rights — indeed, he approved a 10.75 percent wage increase for state workers over four years. As a result, he’s fared better with the public than hard-line conservative governors in other swing states, such as Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and Ohio’s John Kasich. Corbett’s approval ratings stand — so far — at about 50 percent.”

5 Responses

  1. Elyse Clonan, you must be out of YOUR mind to write this article. Ask the hundred of thousands of children, women and those in proverty how Corbett has screwed them with decline in funding. Ask how he has ROB the state casino and horse racing fund to put in the general budget. Your really must be an idiot to write such and article and the publisher must be just as screwed up to allow your garbage to be published. And I hope and pray the Federal Attoney General exposes Corbett for the fraud he is.

  2. Shapiro fought against texting while driving all the way to the end. He wanted an overall ban and wouldnt concede to just texting. His fight against a compromise held up the legislation. You could make an argument that his fight cost lives. Classic case of not giving in. So don’t give him any credit. Texting while driving was a result of Rep. Kathy Watson and Sen. Tommy Tomlinson.

    Also, Shapiro left Harrisburg because he was a pariah. The Democrats disliked him as much as the Republicans. He was a classic case of the guy who could shake your hand with his right and stab you in the back with his left, kind of like steve santarsiero and curt schroder.

    So David, who doesn’t know his ass from the hole in the ground?

  3. I take issue with “has won plaudits” on handling the debacle with Sandusky.

    Please stop referring to it as a Penn State Scandal as it is really a State Of Pennsylvania Scandal.

    The recent Federal Subpoenas should prove interesting and I doubt Corbett is patting himself on his back right now. This all began under his watch as AG.

    Corbett fiddles while Rome burns

  4. And you, David, are clearly an unbiased view who reflects the views of those polled. I do agree Shapiro fought hard for legislation similar to that which passed. Wouldn’t this be something you applaud passage of? Passage of a fee, when he was adamantly opposed, was a compromise. Yet you insult the guy. Keep voting straight D and hate any Republican. Congratulations on your honesty and even approach to government in Pennsylvania. We need more people like you speaking your mind.

  5. Clearly Louis Jacobson doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

    The texting while driving was spearheaded by Josh Shapiro.

    Corbett’s handling of Sandusky scandal has been widely criticized for letting the abuses go on.

    The budget slashing has hurt families trying to send students to state schools.

    “Earned criticism for appearing to be too close to the natural gas industry” ???? He’s so far up their asses that he’s breathing nothing “but” natural gas. (pun intended). Corbett is such a shill and puppet for the industry that he should drop all pretense and just get office space next to the board room of a gas company so he can be even more at their beck and call.

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