Harper Poll: Majority Have Unfavorable Opinion of Kathleen Kane

Kane-sadPennsylvanians don’t have a high opinion of Attorney General Kathleen Kane and many believe she should step down from office.

Those are the results of the latest Harper Poll.

They began by asking whether respondents have a favorable or unfavorable view of the AG. 52% have an unfavorable impression of Kane with 30% viewing her very unfavorably and 22% somewhat unfavorably.

Meanwhile, just 31% have a favorable opinion (10% very favorable, 21% somewhat favorable).

There is also a relatively small gender gap. Among women, Kane’s numbers are 32/48 favorable/unfavorable. With men, they’re 31/55.

Eighty percent of respondents are aware of the allegations against Kane and 69% of respondents say that information has worsened their views toward her.


Finally, Harper asked the question so many others are asking, should the Attorney General resign.

A plurality, 39%, said she should stay in office. Yet if you combine those who believe she should resign, 30%, with those who think she should resign if formally charged, 25%, you have a majority that favors an indicted Attorney General stepping down.

Intriguingly, Harper found that young people are more likely to favor Kane’s resignation than older citizens.

The sample size for the survey is 503 likely voters in Pennsylvania and the margin of error is +/-4.37%. Responses were gathered through landline interviews conducted using Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The survey was conducted May 6-7, 2015 by Harper Polling.

16 Responses

  1. I am not going to get into a contest with bundy/Frank. I happen to be Italian. Evidently, someone must feel guilty.

  2. I am not a bitter friend or relative of anyone that Fina prosecuted. I would like to see justice and how can we achieve justice? If you have the answer Bungy/Frank, please let us all know. You seem to know everything else. By the way, if Frank Fina walked up to me today, I would have no idea what he looks like. I just don’t like his tactics. Reminds me of the Mafia.

  3. @ Whaaaat?

    For further truth-squad efforts triggered by Guzzardi, note how he was nudged to recant a false charge in the MontCo Commissioner-race by yours-truly; it’s on multiple Facebook pages.

  4. Hey Vanessa, now we all get it. Like I said months ago the people who come on here and bash Frank Fina are bitter friends or relatives of people Fina put in jail from bonusgate. Right Brett.

  5. How do you know so much Bungy unless you are getting your info from the King Frank. This whole mess makes me sick, to think a bunch of “so called” Prosecutors out to get the first Democrat Woman AG – key word Woman. Who is actually leaking? Who leaked the information from Bonus Gate?

  6. Yes the polling is from a Republican firm and therefore should be discounted completely. We all know Kathleen Kane is doing just fine, enjoys overall public approval and has absolutely no legal problems mounting whatsoever.
    (Walks next to Montco Dem, also plunges head back in to sand)

  7. C’mon, we all know it is a plot by the men, or the Republicans, or the real lawyers, or nitwits who who appoint someone under fire for sexual harassment as their chief of staff, who are somehow to blame.

  8. @ Whaaaat?

    I am functioning as a truth-squad, regardless of the origin of the concern; Guzzardi is praised [when he notes that the Prophet Muhammad adorns the SCOTUS] and scolded [when he relives his candidacy in a negative context].

  9. From this outfit’s own website: “Harper was the only Republican polling firm…”

    When a polling firm identifies itself by party affiliation, you better not take the results too seriously. And to report them as if they reflect reality is not journalism, it’s hype.

  10. I do agree, however, that there will be a deal that Kane is not charged in exchange for either a resignation, and a promise not to run…..with the beneficiary being Josh Shapiro.

  11. It’s refreshing to note the flip-flop on this issue by Guzzardi, who had been defending AG-Kane vigorously [and unjustifiably] perhaps because he had felt her anti-“politician” stance had channeled his self-image; perhaps he can now shed more of the detritus from last year’s personal-debacle in other realms of politics….

  12. In my view, the evidence, as we know it, compellingly points to criminal leaking of Grand Jury evidence. My expectation is that AG Kane will make a deal to resign in return for dropping of charges. But who knows? Ernie Preate went to jail for less. Leaking Grand Jury testimony is a very serious breach of Constitutional protections of the innocent. Including Jerry Mondesire.

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