HD-102: Rep. Gingrich Calls Out Diamond for Saying Cops are Pigs and Liars (VIDEO)

Things have turned ugly in Lebanon County.

State Representative Mauree Gingrich is condemning HD-102 GOP nominee Russ Diamond for remarks he was taped saying.


In the video, an unknown distressed woman films her conversation with Diamond, who appears to be pretending to be asleep.

At the end of the conversation, when the woman mentions that Diamond has lied to the police before and badmouthed them, Diamond mumbles “Every cop is a pig and a liar.”

“I am the proud daughter, sister and aunt of PA State Troopers,” said Gingrich, “this disgusting sentiment expressed by Diamond proves that he is unfit to hold any office.”

“Right now, as I speak, State Troopers and local law enforcement officers are searching for cop killer Eric Frein to try and apprehend him before he kills again,” Rep. Gingrich continued. “These brave men and women are risking their lives, only to be equated by Mr. Diamond to “pigs and liars.”

Diamond has a troubled personal history. Two separate women filed for protection orders against him eleven years apart (in 2002 and 2013).

These facts led the Lebanon County GOP to ask Diamond to take his name off the ballot in August, yet Diamond refused.

Russ Diamond has never been a favorite of the establishment GOP, ever since he started the “Clean Sweep” movement after the 2005 legislative pay raise.

Diamond is running against Democratic nominee Jake Long and independent candidate Robert McAteer for the open 102nd legislative seat. HD-102 represents part of Lebanon County.

Update: Diamond gave the following response to PoliticsPA (The link at the bottom accuses Lebanon County DA Dave Arnold of leaking the video to benefit McAteer’s candidacy):

This video is a purposefully edited piece intended to paint me in the worst light possible, for political gain.

The statement about law enforcement is not my sentiment. It is the sentiment of the woman recording the video, that I am repeating to her in response to a suggestion that she might call the police. She uttered that phrase to me hundreds of times.

The woman in the video sexually assaulted me by grabbing my private parts. I grabbed her wrist in self-defense. When she stated that she would call the cops, I repeated that her own sentiments to her in astonishment.

The Annville Township police were very helpful to me during my troubling time trying to help this woman, and I am grateful to them.

This video footage was recorded in the privacy of my home without my knowledge or consent. That is a violation of Pennsylvania and US law. Distribution and solicitation of such recordings are also violations of the law. All of the above are considered felonies.

More information is available at www.puppetlawyer.com

5 Responses

  1. Also – Mr. Arnold should be reported immediately to the PA Supreme Court Disciplinary Board. Mr/ Gingrich’s actions were politically motivated – and he was representing himself as an agent and essentially using the DA’s office and/or “the police” as his backup in dealing with the woman. Take notice in those emails, it was just back and forth criticizing Mr. Diamond and eventually leading to his real motivation: the video or whatever other dirt Ms. Devlin could spill. If she was in danger, instead of pumping her for information, Mr. Gingrich should have reported the matter to the police. The DA should be investigated for his actual role, and if there is none, than the DA should look into Mr. Gingrich’s dropping the DA’s name all over the conversation. Either way, it should be reported to the Supreme Court since Mr. Arnold is an attorney.

  2. I don’t know what is funnier, the video of Mr. Diamond and the goofy woman recording him, OR the Rep’s son? What in the world is up with the cigar toting, chest puffed out, curse filled tough guy act with a reporter? DUDE, get a grip, you are in L-E-B-A-N-O-N. That reflects so well on your mom.

  3. Lebco GOP is just disgusting. Why do the good citizens of the county tolerate such abuse? Do you know Arnold and he and FatMac’s (robert mcateer) police-liar Cassel (NoLo police) covered up the fact that one of their own–NoLo cop Fernsler, was a criminal child predator? Not only did they refuse to prosecute their cop-friend (and so he went on to molest at least two children), they intentionally destroyed the evidence of his heinous crimes. Yep, that’s right, instead of prosecuting him, they asked him to resign and told him that they would destroy the physical evidence of his predatory activity AND that they would keep silent about why he left NoLo popo.
    Snyder says–falsely, in a news article about the settlement, that he didn’t know. The lawsuit complaint shows that his statement is an outright lie. just google fernsler and snyder and cassel.

  4. It is unacceptably manipulative and unethical for the lebco GOP to make this claim against Diamond when they consistently endorse Arnold even though the scuttlebut on the street is that he is highly inappropriate, if not abusing his power, with his female staff members and he regularly sends a lebco judge’s wife money. (Well, that last act is not scuttlebut—its a fact.) Apparently, Arnold runs an unethical, if not, criminal, office, where his own male staff get to “do as I do” and have sexual relations IN THE WORKPLACE and with less powerful persons, like confidential informants. If Arnold has had affairs with staff members, oh, say like Judd and Hess, AND has a judge’s wife on his payroll AND has covered up his staff’s workplace sex with less powerful persons, why isn’t the lebco GOP demanding that he not ever run for office? Let’s find the moneytrail… oh, and anyone having any corroboratable evidence on these things and on Arnold’s wife’s alleged DUI stop that he had swept under the rug, post it as your opinion and we will follow up on it.

  5. Just like the crap they tried to use against Scott Wagner. If the GOP establishment fought the Democrats as hard as they fight members of their own party who dare to question them, the Tea Party wouldn’t be necessary.

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