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HD-134: Mackenzie Endorses Trump

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is the last Republican presidential candidate standing.

As GOP officials debate what to do about that reality, one PA lawmaker is jumping in feet first.

State Representative Ryan Mackenzie sent out his own personal endorsement of Trump today.

“Donald Trump’s message of creating American jobs, helping our veterans, and applying business sense to government has resonated with Pennsylvanians and people across the country,” said State Representative Ryan Mackenzie. “This message has attracted thousands of Independents and Democrats to the Republican Party and generated passionate support for the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump.”

“On April 26th I voted for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania’s Republican Primary,” Mackenzie continued. “Today, I endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States and I encourage everyone to rally behind Donald Trump in order to get America back on the right track after years of disastrous economic and foreign policy led by President Obama and Secretary Clinton.”

Mackenzie’s 134th district consists of parts of Berks and Lehigh Counties.

14 Responses

  1. Hahahahahahaha…whoever the lone Ryan Mackenzie hater is out there who keeps posting under different names…please stop – you are making my stomach hurt from laughing so hard at these dumb, made up stories/theories/fortune telling/political prognosticating!!!! If you just make stuff up and hate, but don’t post your name – you have zero credibility in my opinion.

    After I shot down your last items you just couldn’t help yourself and you had to reply days later by making stuff up in those last two posts. And you totally fooled me by just using different names! LOL All politicspa posts (and most boring blog posts like this) kind of die out after a day or two, but you keep checking back and posting more garbage. That is how you exposed yourself as the same lone hater. It’s like amateur hater hour around here – you aren’t even good at the most basic internet trolling!!! So sad. Hahahaha

  2. Ryan is a lot like Donald Trump. Been handed everything in life from his Daddy. Went to an Ivy League school like Trump because of his Daddy. The big difference is Trump isn’t an entitled little prick like Ryan and used his daddy’s help wisely. Ryan thinks he’s entitled to everything. Ryan will be a state rep forever until he’s gets primaried by Ron Beitler.

  3. Ryan Mackenzie is like a weak tea. Reminds me of that old Wendy’s commercial, where’s the beef? Endorsing after he’s the last man standing is weak. Why didn’t he commit when he ran for delegate?

    Mackenzie is too focused on running for leadership or higher office. Two things in which he will never win because he’s not liked in Harrisburg or his district.

  4. I’d actually say it was courageous to endorse, maybe even more so at this point. Look at all the other cowards who are running to save themselves and their establishment perks. 100% political? You do know this is politics and this is a political website… lol 😉 And, 100% selfish? Hardly. Looks like what he got in return for his endorsement was the anonymous ridicule from a 100% internet troll who posted under “Tired” and then again as “Too Tired.” 🙂

  5. Ryan is about and nice and helpful as they come. He does a good job for the community also. I may sit out this presidential election though.

  6. Thank you, Ryan. It’s gonna be great. With me as Prez, the country will be fine.

  7. With Cruz and Kasich out of the race, Trump is the last candidate standing. It’s time for the party to get behind him. It’s that simple. #NeverHillary

  8. Real profile in courage there…endorsing Trump after he’s basically the nominee. Not sure Mackenzie has a bone in his body that isn’t 100% political and 100% selfish.

  9. Trump will win PA in November in a nail-biter! Kudos to Rep. Mackenzie on the endorsement.

  10. If only Fascist dressed as a “moderate” Mike Vereb was running again in the 150th. Slam dunk foe the Ds there. Love to see how many Reps in purple districts embrace Trump.

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