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HD 164: Davidson Retains Control In Democratic Primary

834bd596c23a82c9653707304c1c4d94One of the most embattled incumbent politicians this cycle has survived her primary challenge.

Rep. Margo Davidson (D-Delaware) has kept her seat in PA’s 164th House District against opponents Billy Smith and Dafan Zhang.

With 55 of 56 precincts reporting in, Davidson snagged 53 percent of the vote with 2,675 supporters at the polls. Defense attorney Smith placed a respectful second with 42 percent of the vote, or 2,143 votes. Chinese immigrant Zhang came in third with 5 percent of the vote, or 241 supporters.

Davidson has made headlines before for voting against her party regarding abortion restrictions and school vouchers.

These decisions angered many progressives in the Democratic party who made Davidson a target. Nonetheless, the incumbent weathered the challenge from her two competitors and secured a majority of the vote.

7 Responses

  1. Margo Davidson? Isn’t she the Democrat who cast one of the deciding votes to pass the insane Republican gerrymandered redistricting? And Democrats reelected her? Unbelievable.

  2. I was at both campaign after-parties this evening.

    The EARLY returns showed Billy gaining or possibly ahead.

    For example, with half of Upper Darby reporting, Marge was ahead by 300 (so projected 600 once the other half came in). However, Margo won Upper Darby by around 1,000. The late precincts favored her heavily. Also, in Yeadon, Billy took an early lead, but wound up losing it once the votes were in. Billy’s strongest support was in Lansdowne, where he won by over 700 votes.

    Margo ground game in Upper Darby turned out a lot more voters than normal.

    Margo’s new district is 3-to-1 Democrat and does have a progressive constituency. Margo has come around on some bills, like HB 300. She was a little late to the party, but listened to LGBT members of the community and made the right decision.

    When Margo first came to office, her district was more conservative and her votes of a few years ago that upset progressives are less representative of the new make up of the district.

    I expect Margo to talk to progressive voters in the district over the next two years and educate herself on what issues they’d like her to represent them.

    Both candidates fought hard (and some insiders might say dirty), but the voters had their say, and everyone should come together to work on the next important races:
    1) ousting Landau as Delco chair
    2) selecting leadership/direction in Upper Darby
    3) electing John Kane to senate
    4) electing Vince Rongione to st leg

  3. Billy was backed by planned parenthood, psea, two of the biggest liberal groups in the state. Moreover billy sent mailers that repeatedly lied about billy’s record. That’s the story Phil.

  4. This is a sore loser article from a blog that supported billy the whole way through.

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