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HD-193: Gembusia Launches Ad Against Tallman (Watch)

Rep. Will Tallman (R-Adams) faces a motivated challenger this year for the Republican nomination after having comfortably held his seat in HD-193 since 2009.

South Middleton Township Commissioner Brian Gembusia is giving Tallman quite a run and recently, as part of a media buy, Gembusia released a television ad that centers on the hot topic of property taxes.

“It’s time to eliminate Pennsylvania’s broken property tax system,” Gembusia states in the ad.

During his time as a commissioner for South Middleton Township, Gembusia was able to completely eliminate the property tax. This led to Gembusia prodding Tallman with the comment, “One of us has talked about eliminating property taxes. One of us has done it.”

Tallman, of course, has also spoken about his desire to eliminate property taxes. In a recent article on his web site, Tallman wrote about how pensions have affected property taxes, especially of the school kind, and how he hopes to fix these problems.

gembusia adThe two have met for debates several times, the most recent one happening March 12. Looking at their answers and views on various topics discussed, it’s clear that both identify themselves close enough to the far right of the spectrum: both oppose increasing the minimum wage and identify themselves as Tea Party members, according to an article about the event from The Evening Sun.

Of the same debate, an article from The Carlisle Sentinel claimed that both Gembusia and Tallman had similar views on many things, and mostly attacked each other based on which candidate was more likely to put their views into action. The biggest subject of this contest seems to be the correction or elimination of property taxes.

Interestingly, conservative activist group, Citizen’s Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) chose not to endorse in this race.

Despite Gembusia’s confidence that he’ll be the first to knock Tallman down in several years, results of a poll released in March could hint otherwise. The York Daily Record Politics blog reported on straw polls conducted by the York County Chapter of ACTION of PA, a very conservative-values based PAC. Following a March 15 candidate forum, Tallman beat Gembusia with roughly 70 percent of the vote; however, in the new district, York is not included and 80% of the attendees are not in the new district.

4 Responses

  1. I may not be from this town but I live in PA and this year I am facing extremely high property taxes. I moved in 3 years ago and finally had a few dollars to clean up our yard. I made the outside nice and I was rewarded by a 6 percent increase in property tax this year. Mr. Gembusia’s ad may show an old woman in this video but I am only 40 and need to consider moving my kids and that hurts both emotionally as well as financially.

    If I lived in this town, I would have to vote for the person who shows proof and track record of execution. I haven’t vote in the past but this year, I am voting for anyone but the guy who has been in office talking and taking my hard earned money. I am going back to our local representative and asking him not to take a pension. Thank you for the idea Mr. Gembusia!

  2. This commercial is happening all over this state. Last year over 10,000 sheriff sales and over $1 billion in delinquent property taxes. To end this devastating funding we must elect the right people. If your candidates use the word reform, reduce or relief then reject them. The only word is eliminate! SB76, will do this. Contact your Senators get this bill passed and vote wisely! Brian Gembusia is the candidate using the word eliminate, vote Brian!

  3. The hill has already written Tallman off. He is going to lose. The members of the GOP caucus I know (including in neighboring districts) are excited that Bryan will be joining them. Tallman was worthless.

  4. York is in the old district, not even in the new 193rd, ACTION starw poll doesn’t matter.

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