HD-202: Solomon Knocks Off Cohen

SolomonIn Jared Solomon’s second try at beating State Rep. Mark Cohen, he succeeded.

With 99% of the vote in, Solomon has 4,980 votes or 57%, compared to State Rep. Cohn who has 3,763 or 43%.

Cohen has been in the state general assembly since 1974, and served many roles, including Majority Caucus Chairman from 1990-92, Majority Whip from 1993-94, Democratic Caucus Chairman from 1994-2006, and most recently as Majority Caucus Chairman from 2007-2010.

Cohen became a State Rep. just four years out of college, but now that will be no more.

There is no Republican running in the general election.

The 202nd district consists of part of Northeast Philadelphia.

10 Responses

  1. instead of Mark Cohen running for a rematch maybe for he could be a possible replacement for Josh Shapiro as Montogomery county commissioner in 2017 if he wants to.

  2. The 202nd district has been gerrymandered to keep Rep Cohen in power. He took more per diem than anyone in history. Year in and year out, he was at the top of the list. He used the system to line his pockets. Does Solomon inherit Cohen’s vast library purchased by taxpayers for 42 years? Does Solomon get the house Cohen bought in Harrisburg? Cohen’s staff was good at constituent service – agreed. But Mark was the worse ripoff legislator in the history of Pennsylvania. Solomon – you don’t have big shoes to fill — Cohen was a disgrace. Just do the right thing for PA, not for Solomon. Be a statesman unlike Cohen.

  3. Congrats, he is a nice guy, decided to volunteer for him when he moved from house to house personally in a drizzling rain,

  4. I guess the Democratic voters of the 202nd District wanted to give a younger person a chance. As a former constituent,civic leader in 202nd District and a Republican who never voted for Mr. Cohen in a general election, I can honestly say that Mark Cohen is class guy whose staff always did their best for the people of 202nd District when it came to constituent service.He will be missed when his current term expires in the State House.

  5. And the House loses one of its last liberal lions. Mr. Solomon has big shoes to fill. Here’s hoping he’s up to the task.

  6. I want to say Congrats to you Jared Solomon is to defeat the long time incumbent into the primary and I think is you will win the general election easily by my support.

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