Hidden Cameras Watch Over Sen. Wagner’s Office

iPhone camera
Photo by Kevin Zwick/Capitolwire

Scott Wagner is always watching you…at least when you’re near his office.

According to Christian Alexandersen of the Patriot-News, two iPhone video cameras now survey the posters outside of Sen. Scott Wagner’s Capitol office in Harrisburg.

Wagner, a Republican from York who represents PA’s 28th Senate District, is known in Harrisburg for his posters that poke fun at political opponents. The artwork currently on display depicts Gov. Tom Wolf as the Kool-Aid man.

According to Wagner’s Chief of Staff Jason High, the signs have been the target of repeated acts of vandalism or theft.

“We’d find it laying on the floor, we’d find them in the corner,” High said. “People were just walking by and smacking it. Scott complained and this was the solution.”

Even so, High said that the staff did not resort to camera use until Wagner’s office door was taken off its hinges.

High believes that the cameras, which are iphones, were installed about 30 days ago. He said that during that time, there have not been any acts of vandalism to the Senator’s office, but he did not identify the cameras as the causal factor.

“We actually haven’t had any problems in a while,” High said. “My understanding is that they’re actually not going to be up for a whole lot longer.”

18 Responses

  1. Seems to be a sad state of affairs when an elected representative feels he should put up posters that vilify the other side of the aisle. THAT is the childish act. What sort of idiots are we electing?

  2. This is just sad. Maybe he should duct tape a camera to his face in case someone has the temerity to disagree with something he says. I imagine he’ll want to have that on tape too.

  3. @ KSDF if you have personal knowledge that there is no audio. Do tell. Since it was placed In a public area then release the video for all the public to see! The Senate Seargent of Arms should confiscate the phones. Let’s all see.
    @ David Diano I moon you in spirit. Keep on trucking!

  4. If these cameras were more well known, many an activist would have dropped their pants and mooned the camera. 🙂

  5. Anyone know if they were State issued phones being used to do this illegal surveillance??? Has anyone filed a Right To Know request to determine if the Senate Communications office paid for the signs? Enough with the arts and crafts Senator ; do your f job and help pass a budget. !!!

  6. Matt-

    With the GOP in charge of the Senate, they are the ones who can fulfill the lobbyists desires. So, Dem cameras would be last, not first.

  7. It would figure that High is involved. He’s a former rightwing radio guy, with extreme views, and a huge self-entitlement problem.

  8. Not that vandalism is justified, but it sounds like Wagner was asking for it and now wants to play the victim.

  9. It’s too pervy that these cameras are at floor level. Upskirt much? I can’t believe this is allowed in a public building. Is Wagner having the Senate pay for his signs? Is he reimbursing them for the duct tape? This is so weird and ridiculous.

  10. If there was audio recorded, this was a felony. The Senate GOP must tell us who authorized the cameras, who installed them, what proof there was of vandalism, why they did not alert Capitol police, who had access to the recordings and whether or not they recorded any audio.

    Convenient that these illegal recording devices were up during the busiest time during budget season in one of the highest traffic areas. I don’t buy that no one viewed the footage.

    A legislative caucus has no legal authority to violate privacy nor engage in such surveillance. We can stop pretending that they do.

  11. When will there be a discussion about the legality of these cameras? Not only are they an invasion of privacy, but they may be illegal under the state’s wiretapping law. This story cannot go away. #cameragate

  12. No problem David…as soon as we put them in the office of every Dem. Senator so we can see who they’re meeting with!

  13. Sad state of affairs when a man can’t protect his own property without being vilified!

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