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How Deep Does Scott Perry’s Involvement Go?

Scott Perry

How deep does Rep. Scott Perry’s (R-York) involvement in former President Donald Trump’s efforts to shake up the Department of Justice go?

That was one of the main questions that arose from Thursday’s hearing of the January 6th Select Committee.

The committee revealed that Perry served as a go-between for Department of Justice (DOJ) official Jeffrey Clark and the White House.

Clark, an environmental lawyer that has never been before a trial or grand jury, was shown by the committee as willing to step up and fulfill Trump’s wishes in championing election fraud claims and cause doubts in the results at the highest levels.

Trump and Perry sought to install him as acting attorney general, as Jeffrey Rosen, who replaced Bill Barr as AG, and Richard Donoghue, his assistant, refused to sign a letter to Georgia officials stating that the DOJ was investigating irregularities in the election.

“Jeff Clark certainly was advocating for change in leadership that would put him at the top of the Department, and everyone else in the room was advocating against that and talking about what a disaster this would be,” Donoghue said, according to portions of his deposition and others that were released by the committee in a March court filing.

“He repeatedly said to the president that, if he was put in the seat, he would conduct real investigations that would, in his view, uncover widespread fraud; he would send out the letter that he had drafted; and that this was a last opportunity to sort of set things straight with this defective election, and that he could do it, and he had the intelligence and the will and the desire to pursue these matters in the way that the president thought most appropriate.”

Perry texted Mark Meadows, Trump’s chief of staff, on Dec. 26 encouraging him to “call Jeff” about why the DOJ would not “work especially with the FBI to enforce what needs to be done.” The 10th congressional district representative also sent a text to Meadows regarding a link to an unfounded conspiracy theory that Italy meddled in the 2020 election. “Why can’t we just work with the Italian government?”

Former Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson said in a video clip that “(Perry) wanted Mr. Clark – Mr. Jeff Clark – to take over the Department of Justice.”

Hutchinson also revealed under oath that Perry, as well as other Republicans including Reps. Matt Gaetz of Florida, Mo Brooks of Alabama, Andy Biggs of Arizona and Louie Gohmert of Texas, were asking for presidential pardons.

Perry responded Thursday night via Twitter that “I stand by my statement that I never sought a Presidential pardon for myself or other Members of Congress. At no time did I speak with Ms. Hutchinson, a White House scheduler, nor any WH staff about a pardon for myself or any other Member of Congress — this never happened.”

“The only reason you ask for a pardon is if you think you’ve committed a crime,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger, one of two Republicans on the Democratic-led select committee, said during today’s hearing.

10 Responses

  1. I live in Scott Perry’s district and while I’m more moderate and I don’t always agree with Scott (and have told him so in civil conversations, emails and/or texts), I respect him. I believe he believes in the Constitution, his duty and military service to country and day to day duties to his constituents. Because he tells it like he sees it, he is an easy target for those would paint him otherwise. I will proudly vote for Scott this fall.

  2. Scott Perry is an embarrassment to all Pennsylvanians. Republicans need to reclaim their honor, and vote him out. For the love of god and country, come to your senses.

  3. Scott just makes Pennsylvania proud. Indict this SOB. Looking at York County voters to do the right thing in November. Throw this seditionist out

  4. Scott Perry belongs in jail for his acts during the attempted theft of democracy.

  5. General Perry’s credibility is once again woefully inadequate. He habitually DENIES and casts aspersions against his accusers.

    1. That only indicts the stupidity of his supporters. Hitler had his supporters too.

  6. Perry has a long history of criminal behavior dating back to 1993 when his company Hydrotech Mechanical Services, Inc. was charged with altering sewage monitoring reports while doing work for the Memphord Estates Sewage Treatment Company.

  7. Look, Scott Perry refuses to cooperate with the committee and was knee deep in the Clark “DC Watusi” with all that horse manure about election fraud. How in this day and age election fraud could exist is beyond me. Electronic finger prints abound. Scott Perry was a sore loser in regard to Trump. He should be ashamed of himself being mixed up with Clark.

    1. How about Scott answering the question of whether he talked to ANYONE about getting a pardon ? his carefully-phrased lawyeristic answer was : “At no time did I speak with Ms. Hutchinson, a White House scheduler, nor any WH staff about a pardon for myself or any other Member of Congress . . ” . that answer leaves wide open whether he talked to Trump, Giuliani, numerous other paid legal advisors, Donny, Ivanka, Pillow man, Roger Stone. . . ‘ or other members of The Clown Car.

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