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Jason Richey and the Contract With Pennsylvania

Given the commotion surrounding the campaigns of Dave White, Jake Corman, Bill McSwain and Doug Mastriano to name a few, one name has been particularly inconspicuous – Jason Richey.

Richey, 50, entered the new year fourth among Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidates with nearly $1.5 million cash on hand. But unlike White, Corman and McSwain, you haven’t seen his name splashed over the airwaves. Yet.

Richey, who grew up in Aliquippa and attended Hopewell High School, is a partner and practices law at the K&L Gates firm in Pittsburgh, working on construction, energy and bid protest law. 

His decision to run for governor came about from two factors – an “abuse of power” by Gov. Tom Wolf and the economic decline he feels the state has been in for years. He told the Beaver County Times that he was unsettled by Wolf’s actions in the early days of the pandemic and his belief that the governor acted like a “dictator” with emergency powers, ignoring pullbacks from the state legislature.

Then there is the economy. Richey said for the past half-century, Pennsylvania has been in an economic decline, noting places in Western PA such as New Castle, Waynesburg and Uniontown that are struggling economically. He is proposing a gradual reduction to a zero percent income tax to retain residents and attract new ones. Richey added that an income tax penalizes people who work.

His “Contract With Pennsylvania” is a 10-point plan that Richey says not only lets voters know what his views are, but also to ensure accountability on what he promised if elected.

The plan includes protecting Constitutional rights and freedoms; establishing energy independence; ensuring election integrity; and eliminating “worthless commissions” such as the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and the Liquor Control Board (PLCB).

“I want people to feel comfortable that I will follow through on the promises,” Richey said. “I think the Contract With Pennsylvania separates me in a lot of ways from other candidates.”

He also said he would like to change the Department of Environmental Protection to be more “pro-growth” and less restrictive, remove the state from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), and implement a permitting system to where if no government action is done in 60 days, the permits are deemed approved.

Richey told KDKA he’s pro-life but would not enact Texas-style restrictions on abortion rights unless the Supreme Court gives the green light to do so.

“I’m running as a conservative political outsider who is not a career politician. I’m not connected to the political machine,” Richey said. “I’m someone who is running to become governor for the people, and to put Pennsylvania first for a change and not some political career.”

It was not lost on the former Allegheny College wrestler that since the 1960s, Pennsylvania has had four Republican governors – all from western PA. If elected, Richey would be the first Beaver County-born governor in Commonwealth history.

“I am a blue-collar kid from Aliquippa, Pa., worked in the steel mills, a three-time All-American academic wrestler, and I have never taken a taxpayer paycheck in my life. I have always worked in the private sector,” Richey said. “I don’t owe anyone anything, and I’m here to make a difference for the people of Pennsylvania.”

7 Responses

  1. He works for the law group founded by Daddy Gates. That’s not Shady AT ALL. Doug Mastriano will win by far. He collected a record breaking 29,000 signatures. (He only needed 2k)

    1. Rino Richie is no more likely to win than Fraud Mastriano. Take a look at these guys when the cameras aren’t there, and you’ll see who they really are. Dave White, the true blue collar working man is by far the most in touch with the everyday working men and women in Pa. He has lived the same struggles as the rest of us, and will turn Pa around by wiping away the 8 years of communist rule we have been forced to endure. And by the way…when the cameras are off, Dave is the most generous person you’ll ever meet. It’s to his credit that he doesn’t use his generosity for political gain.

  2. How about coming up an original idea instead of reheating Newt Gingrich’s “Contract With America” leftovers?

  3. A lot of under cooked red meat for the base there. These “Contract with…” are just campaign scams. He’s using ALL the right wing Fox News talking points. People have to wise up. If you like your roads paved and plowed along with schools, airports and services for the elderly, kids, veterans and BIG POINT HERE…. if you really BACK THE BLUE and support your police, you have to have taxes and proper funding.

  4. Jason Richey sounds like a dangerous man. He claims he does not owe anyone anything. LOL. He claims he will unleash “freedom”. He will only institute TX style abortion restrictions if SCOTUS “gives the greenlight”. Didn’t SCOTUS already do that to TX? Richey claims he will eliminate State income tax. Really? How then does he propose to fund govt? He does not say. But it sounds like he will eliminate much of govt. His big brag is that he’s a wrestler. OMG, another “Gym” Jordan.

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